Spires Tutoring Reviews

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Spires Tutoring Reviews

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Live Class Reviews

Student Date Subject Rating Comment
Midad 27 Feb 2021 Statistics
Very good
Ilinca 27 Feb 2021 Theory of Knowledge
The feedback is very thorough and clear. Mr. Thiago doesn't just tell you what you are doing wrong, but he offers clear solutions and suggestions for your writing. You can clearly see from his feedback that he takes his time and puts a lot of effort in what he writes down.
Mohammad 27 Feb 2021 Finance
Aljoharah 27 Feb 2021 Law
it was amazing and he genuinely helped me a lot. he boosted my confidence regarding my essay.
Sephora 27 Feb 2021 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
Thank you David. Very clear and I like how he structures the class. I look forward to the next one
Angelica 27 Feb 2021 Economics
fahim 27 Feb 2021 Mathematics
slight technical issues, but overall it was a fun session.
Isabella 26 Feb 2021 History
Really effective session - went through everything really quickly but still with enough detail for each section within the Topic
Artem 26 Feb 2021 Business Management
The class went great. The teacher has awareness and experience of teaching, and I could feel it. Pooja helped me to understand marketing more deeply in detail with examples.
Tracie 26 Feb 2021 Science
Marvellous as ever
Abi 26 Feb 2021 Nursing
The class was very straight forward and the tutor explained things very well. The tutor prepared in advance and that made the class very easy to follow. First time meeting him but knowledge base was great.
Gurneet 26 Feb 2021 Medicine
Joseph was supportive in listening to my motivations and ambitions concerning Medicine. I appreciated his lesson to ensure I make the best choices concerning my future.
Mohammad 26 Feb 2021 Accounting
Jacinda 26 Feb 2021 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
An Excellent introduction and very insightful
Lily 26 Feb 2021 Theory of Knowledge
Robert gave me constructive feedback that helped me improve my essay
Milkessa 26 Feb 2021 Computer Science
He is an extraordinary, smart, and friendly tutor.
Denise 26 Feb 2021 English
Amy is extremely helpful with exam technique and the English HL Essay!
bharti 26 Feb 2021 Computer Science
So helpful !!
Mohammed 26 Feb 2021 Economics
Excellent class
Stella 26 Feb 2021 Econometrics
I always feel progress coming when having my class with Shubham, I find econometrics to be a rather complex field so I enjoy understanding everything after he's explained it to me!

Spires Testimonials

Chemistry A-Level

4 days ago 25 hours of classes

"We really struggled to find a good online tutoring site and decided on Spires. Nicholas has really helped our son prepare for his A levels this summer. Thank you!"

Jane, London UK

Physics GCSE

1 day ago 15 hours of classes

"Alex was an incredibly helpful physics tutor! She really knows her stuff and wants to make sure my son leaves the lesson with an understanding of the core concepts."

Rahul, Newport UK

Oxford Entrance

2 days ago 15 hours of classes

"I have just received my offer to study Physics at Oxford University. Spires really help me through the whole application process and I can not thank them enough."

Julia, London UK

Maths Adult

5 days ago 50 hours of classes

"I never managed to get my head around maths at school. With a new job offer, I found myself looking for online maths tutoring. I was connected with a great online maths tutor."

Ahmed, Windsor UK

Biology AS Level

1 week ago 22 hours of classes

"We were skeptical about online tutoring at first. Mahima is such a great online biology tutor that we quickly fell in love with the idea. Thank you Spires for helping me succeed!"

Paul, Basildon UK

Modern Greek

6 days ago 19 hours of classes

"I married a Greek woman and had to get my language skills up to scratch before the wedding. The platform was easy to use and I think it works great for online language tutoring!"

Alex, Somerset UK

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