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First-class Master's grad and award-nominated tutor with 6 years experience. Boost your grades, confidence, and have fun while you're at it!

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University of Edinburgh - Informatics - Master

First-class Master's grad and award-nominated tutor with 6 years experience. Boost your grades, confidence, and have fun while you're at it!

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All-time Students: 6
Total Classes: 63
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Recent Students: 4Total Hours: 55Last Online:
All-time Students: 6Total Classes: 63Signed Up:

About Me

I'm a graduate of the University of Edinburgh, where I earned a Master of Informatics, First Class. For my dissertation, I adapted a neural model of the insect brain to build a dung beetle biorobot -- yes, you read that right! I even received a grant to pit my creation against real dung beetles in South Africa. The robot rolled away victorious, but rest assured, no beetles were harmed in the making of this story.

I have a track record of improving student's confidence and grade outcomes, and you can usually expect to gain around 1 grade per 3-4 months of weekly tuition (so long as you do your homework!). Still, at heart I'm just a fellow traveller on this grand learning journey, so you can bet I'll arrive to every lesson prepared and ready to tailor the session just for you. Whether you're a beginner who still thinks Python is a snake, or already a code conjurer in the making, I'm here to help. I firmly believe that every skill in computer science can be learned by anyone, even you! It's my mission to show you that however big the problem, you can always break it down into "byte"-sized chunks, and yes, even have fun while you're at it!

Tutor Experience

My teaching skills were first sharpened in the battle trenches of the university classroom, where I was trained and employed to tutor 1st- and 2nd-year informatics courses: in total, 11 groups of up to 20, plus ~50 hours for those who needed more 1-on-1. My teaching achievements were rewarded with 3 nominations for the university's Best Student Who Tutors Award, plus a shiny Associate Fellow badge from the UK's Higher Education Academy.

My methodology is simple: practise what you'll be tested on. Whether it's wrangling through exam questions or throwing down with a programming project, I'll be by your side, nudging you forward with hints, examples, explanations, and encouragement. Plus, I've got a treasure chest brimming with study skills, revision techniques, and time management secrets just waiting to be found. But don't worry, our sessions are 100% pressure-free. If you find yourself stuck in a coding conundrum, I'll always throw you a lifeline. Gradually, you'll find yourself relying on me less and less until -- bam! -- you're doing it all by yourself.

Topic Expertise

Since 2019, I've been spreading the joy of programming online like a digital Santa Claus. To date, I've tutored 2000+ hours, helping 30+ GCSE and 30+ A-Level students ace their courseworks and final exams with AQA, OCR, Cambridge, Edexcel and SQA. I've also helped 40+ university students with general programming, OOP, web development, databases, data science, functional programming, assembly programming, and certain topics in algorithms and data structures, theoretical computer science, artificial intelligence and machine learning. My languages of choice are Python, Java, C#, SQL, PHP, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, MATLAB, Haskell, and C/MIPS.


"Ramsey is an excellent teacher. He raised my score 30-some points. Without him I would have never gotten the credits I needed. He was always prompt and polite, and always ensured I understood a topic fully before moving on. He never made me feel silly, even if I had a silly question to ask. He is in general a very kind, patient, and intelligent person. If you are in need of an excellent tutor, look no further - you've found him"

"Ramsey is multifaceted, with clear talent in both computer science and teaching. Ramsey is very patient and kind - he guides you to find answers independently but does not micromanage. He is passionate about what he does and uses his strong knowledge of core principles to help you to uncover your misconceptions. We always learn at a steady but manageable pace and for the first time, I feel as though I can actually learn to code!"

"I believe that Ramsey is an excellent tutor. He was very helpful and productive in the lessons that we had, and explained things concisely in a way that was easy to understand. He provided a great deal of assistance in working with Python, Matlab and SQL. He was able to help me in these areas by using various online resources, exercises and exam-style questions. I would thoroughly recommend him as a tutor."

"My daughter was really struggling with her Computer Science A Level coding project. Ramsey quickly established the necessary goals and steps to achieve success. He made my daughter feel in control of her project and was endlessly patient as she struggled with certain parts of the task. He always ensured she understood what she was doing and got the balance right between explaining and encouraging her to find the answers herself. I honestly do not think she would have achieved the outstanding result she did without Ramsey's expert guidance. On top of that, he was flexible, kind, knowledgeable and compassionate. I think my daughter is very likely to reach out to him again if she ever needs help once she moves on to University. Ramsey is quite simply a brilliant tutor!"

"I was studying Computer Science OCR at A-Level using Python and was struggling on a number of topics. By February, just 4 months before the exam, I was starting to get really concerned and decided that I needed help from a tutor.

As soon as I had the initial call with Ramsey to discuss where I needed help, I immediately felt really confident that he had the personality and knowledge to get me to where I needed to be. I had recently been diagnosed with dyslexia and I felt he had the patience and understanding to work with me in the weeks ahead.

My main knowledge gaps were around algorithms, Big-O, Data Structures and web technologies. Ramsey covered these topics from foundations right through to past paper questions with real focus on exam and revision techniques.

I did 33 lessons in total with Ramsey. In every lesson his combination of preparation, clear explanation and patience enabled my understanding and confidence to grow. By the time the exam came around I was as well prepared as I could possibly have hoped to be and that showed in my final result which was higher than I was predicted !!

I can honestly say, without Ramsey I would not have got the grade I achieved which in reality, would probably have meant that I missed out on the University I am now going to attend. I cannot recommend Ramsey highly enough and am massively grateful for the help he provided me."

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Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

University of Edinburgh:
Master of Informatics with First Class Honours

Scottish Advanced Highers:
Biology: A
Chemistry: A
Mathematics: A
Music: A

Scottish Highers:
Computing: A
English: A
Physics: A
Technological Studies: A