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Child and Adolescent Psychology Masters degree (Pass with Merit)



Lessons with me as your tutor will be interactive and dynamic. I have a plethora of experience and ready to assist you in any way I can.

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University of Greenwich - Child and Adolescent Psychology - Masters degree (Pass with Merit)

Lessons with me as your tutor will be interactive and dynamic. I have a plethora of experience and ready to assist you in any way I can.

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Recent Students: 10Total Hours: 119Last Online:
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About Me

Hi there, my name is Emily and I am from the United Kingdom. I have over 3 year’s experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language coupled with an undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology and a Master's degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology. In my spare time, I like to read, and keep fit and in particular, I enjoy the simple, light-hearted fun of spending time with my nephew and nieces. I hope to see you in my class soon!

Tutor Experience

I have over three years of experience working as an Online English as a Foreign Language Teacher. This led to me interacting and positively engaging with children as young as four years old through to mature adults in a learning activity, something that I knew I wanted to pursue further.

I possess one and a half years of experience in tutoring psychology, media studies and sociology online for a range of levels and exam boards. For example, AQA, Edexcel and Eduqas.

During lessons with me, we will be utilising a variety of learning techniques, such as discussions, case studies, quizzes and powerpoint lectures. Personalised feedback will also be offered for each student at the end of each lesson as well as notes based on the topic covered so that exam preparation is easier.

Topic Expertise

My postgraduate degree equipped me with the knowledge to tutor developmental psychology, SPSS, quantitative methods, educational psychology, research methods, delinquency and psychopathy to university level standard. Similarly, using the knowledge I acquired from my undergraduate degree I am able to assist in the psychology of wellbeing, contemporary social inequalities, psychology and mental health and finally critical addiction. I am also able to offer specific support on improving students academic writing style and critical thinking which are beneficial for both exams and essays across different exam boards.

Client Reviews

Very useful and helped me a lot for my exams!!

- Psychology

Although we only had 1 lesson, the lesson boosted my confidence and was very centered around my needs in the subject which I feel only made me more ready for my exams than if the lesson wasn't had. A strong tutor who I'd definitely recommend and have again if I could.

- Psychology

Very in-depth feedback which really helped improve my piece of work. Very helpful.

- Psychology

The revision session was very helpful and Emily explained all the concepts with great detail with examples for each one. Thank you so much

- Psychology

Detailed feedback given to help get the best grade

- Psychology

Excellent and in depth guidance on my essay plans. I had a target grade I was hoping to achieve when working together to plan my essay, and Emily helped me to surpass it! Her timely responses made the process so efficient too

- Psychology

Emily provided an amazing revision session and I feel much more confident on unclear topics.

- Psychology

Excellent teacher with a well planned lesson that covered exactly what I needed!

- Psychology


- Psychology


"Hi Emily, I hope all is well with you!! I have received the feedback for my masters thesis, and I got a 75%! Thank you very much for your feedback. It really helped to improve my paper! Thank you!! :)"

"Excellent and detailed guidance on my critical review project!"

Background Checks



GCSE's: English Language (B), English Literature (B), Maths (C), Physics (B), Chemistry (B), Biology (A), History (A), Religious Studies (B), Media Studies (A), Physical Education (B), Spanish (A), French (B)

A Levels: English Language & Literature (B), Media Studies (B), Sociology (A)

Undergraduate Degree: Applied Psychology (2:1)

Postgraduate Degree: Child and Adolescent Psychology ( Pass with Merit)