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Shams Tania

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Experienced teacher in Maths, Chemistry and Biology at both levels of GCSE and Alevel.

Shams Tania
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University of Oxford - Chemistry - DPhil

Experienced teacher in Maths, Chemistry and Biology at both levels of GCSE and Alevel.

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About Me

I am an experienced teacher with background in Academia and Industry (Pharma).

I was faculty member of Univ of Dhaka, Bd, before I moved to the UK to do my PhD. I was extremely lucky to do this at the interface of Biology/Chemistry at Univ of Oxford. I was a postdoc for a year, developing bio-devices at Univ of Oxford before I had to leave for NL with award under Marie-Curie. I moved back to the UK to take up a job as Senior Scientist with Pfizer. After almost 3 years there, I am doing a career change to take up teaching, which I had been doing on-and-off throughout my career. I thus bring unique insights on how the world uses science to the classroom, giving space for the student to be inspired by them.

I have a daughter who is young enough to not care about studies at all. However, my two older boys are another matter. They have to as they are both in secondary schools. They are at two different Grammar schools with very different approaches to study as well as in the board they choose to follow for some of their subjects. My two boys are also very different in their personalities, which is making it a very interesting phenomenon to observe as they begin to tackle their own GCSE issues.

Tutor Experience

I have been teaching on-and-off for more than 20 years. I specialize in teaching students who have 'fallen behind'. I will work according a schedule catered to the students' needs. I am also happy to conduct GCSE assessments.

I have experience teaching GSCE/A level Maths, Biology and Chemistry. I have taught 1st year Chemistry students their Maths in tutorial sessions (Univ of Oxford). I have also taught Chemistry at University level as well as done research at the interface of Chemistry/Biology, both in Academia (Bd, UK and NL) )and Pharma (UK). This gives me unique insights/anecdotes in teaching which enable students to be excited about the subject.

Topic Expertise

Chemistry, Maths and Biology

Client Reviews

Ms. Tania is a great teacher! I am in year 12 and wanted to get ahead on the subject material for A-level chemistry. Ms. Tania has been helping me get through the topics thoroughly and efficiently with direct referencing from the specification, allowing me to learn the things that are important and not the fluff that comes with textbooks. She is also very patient and lets me ask a thousand and one questions in order for me to understand the topics. Her answers are always very well thought-out and allows me to have a deeper understanding of Chemistry which I very much appreciate. I would highly recommend her as she takes the time to tailor her teaching according to the correct board and ensures that you understand the topic before moving on.

- Chemistry


- Chemistry

Very detailed class, you can have topics explored in great detail to understand!

- Chemistry

I highly recommend Tania, she is very effective and approachable teacher. We were looking for a Biology tutor for my son just before his GCSEs this year; mainly as a confidence boost but also to ensure any knowledge gaps were covered. Tania has only been working with him a few weeks but but both have improved greatly!

- Biology

Very clear demonstrations and explanations

- Biology

amazing! went through all struggling aspects on the topics i wanted to cover

- Chemistry

Great. My exams are soon and i feel very prepared having gone over all difficult content within these sessions and gaining a deeper understanding of chemistry as a whole.

- Chemistry

Great. Very willing to arrange lessons around my exam schedule to accommodate my needs as well as organising lessons in a way where i can complete prioritised tasks as soon as possible!

- Chemistry

Very patient with my learning needs, there were occasionally times where I lost track due to the working being a bit too fast for me but she did not hesitate to go back and explain it again and again until I understood.

- Maths

Tutor is knowledgeable and was able to break down the concepts using her own words instead of sticking to the lecture slides provided.

Lessons were well planned to ensure that sufficient time was allocated to re-explain certain concepts I was unclear about. I was also able to ask questions from my own tutorial set and clear any doubts along the way. Tutor summarised and formed connections between certain diagrams so that I was able to understand the overview of the topics.

Overall, it was a fulfilling experience. Thank you, Dr Shams Tania :)

- Biology


Shams makes maths understandable and even fun for my fourteen year old. After years of losing his confidence, he now enjoys lessons and his grades are improving a lot. I highly recommend this tutor.-Louise King

Tania is very effective and approachable teacher. My son is studying for his GCSEs this year; only a few weeks after started working with Tania improved his grades significantly in both chemistry and biology. Highly recommended!- Eirini Saratsi

Tania is an inspiring and committed tutor who is knowledgeable about the GCSE curriculum and how best to build confidence in students. My son enjoys the lessons and his chemistry has improved immensely.-Katie MacDonald

Tutoring was very helpful for my olevels. The attention to details given and care in ensuring I understood concepts was crucial in helping me get all As during- Farah Siam.

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I have a PhD in Chemistry.