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Highly experienced Chemistry tutor for all levels including GCSE, A-Level, IB, University level

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University of Strathclyde, University of Dortmund - Chemistry - Ph.D

Highly experienced Chemistry tutor for all levels including GCSE, A-Level, IB, University level

Recent Students: 31
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All-time Students: 54
Total Classes: 642
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Recent Students: 31Total Hours: 596Last Online:
All-time Students: 54Total Classes: 642Signed Up:

About Me

My teaching style is student focused and I focus on making the concepts clear and then engage in problem and exam questions.

My first lesson is designed to evaluate the student learning and knowledge which provides me foundation to design my lessons. I prepare lessons by following the National Curriculum of different boards or I tailor the lecture as per learning requirements of students. This means the lessons can be fully personalised as per student choice.

I modify/update my lessons according to the needs and learning requirements of the students.

My priority is to make the topic easy to grasp for students which I accomplish by providing examples from surrounding systems and natural processes with which students are familiar.

I have deep knowledge of the topics set for different boards and I can prepare the students for best exam results by extensive exam preparation sessions

Tutor Experience

I have more than 15 years of experience of teaching Chemistry at all levels including from school level (GCSE, A-Level) to University level in Germany and United Kingdom.

Topic Expertise

Organic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Material Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Calculations for Pharmacy courses and related Chemistry topics in Medicinal Chemistry

Client Reviews

Clear explanations with many examples to further support understanding, and the lesson is carried out at a good pace. Thank you Nadeem !

- Chemistry

Very useful informations

- Chemistry

very helpful, clarified all my issues and confusions .

- Chemistry

Great class, with very clear explanations, thank you Nadeem!

- Chemistry

The lesson today (and always) are interesting and answer all my doubts about topics. Dr. Javid is great at explaining subjects that can seem complicated in a simple and understandable manner. Overall, the lessons are amazing and help my understanding of chemistry significantly.

- Chemistry

explains concept really well and is a great teacher

- Chemistry

Wonderful and well prepared lesson. Thank you very much

- Chemistry

Really really helpful and helped me figure out a whole topic I had been having trouble with!

- Chemistry

same as the previous reviews :)

- Chemistry

very good, everything was explained in detail and time taken to make sure that i understood.

- Chemistry


By Laura:

I really enjoyed my class, very easy to follow, and always double-checked to make sure I understood, and if I didn't then explain in a different way to ensure understanding.

By Ejeoma (A level Student):

Dr. Javid is a lovely teacher, very kind and understanding. H e also explains the concepts very well and helps me to feel confident in chemistry!

By Monsurat (A level Student):

Very good class, went through everything when I was unsure even though it was really hard content to get my head around he made sure I understood before he moved on.

By Richard (Undergraduate Student):

Nadeem is very clear in his lessons and goes very in depth even asking every time he has explained something if I have understood what he just explained. chemistry not being my strongest subject is being made easier with the help of Nadeem

Background Checks



1): PhD in Chemistry (Germany)
2): Post Graduate Certification in Higher Education (PGCHEP, UK)