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Highly experienced Psychology and Research Methods Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Course Leader.

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University of Westminster - Psychology - PhD

Highly experienced Psychology and Research Methods Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Course Leader.

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About Me

I am a student-focused, senior lecturer in psychology with 17 years of teaching experience who is dedicated to enhancing student learning and confidence. I believe that learning to learn is the greatest gift that teachers can give to students, and I have a passion for scaffolding students' knowledge and progression to a point where they can continue on their own path to their goals. I particularly enjoy the challenge of teaching Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology in addition to my core interest in Forensic Psychology. I have published forensic and teaching and learning research articles in several peer-reviewed journals. I developed and I am the Course Leader for BSc Psychology and Criminology at the University of Westminster.

Tutor Experience

I have been teaching at Westminster since 2006 when I graduated with a 1st Class (Hons) in BSc Psychology. I moved straight onto MPhil/PhD study and I have taught on the following modules. Cognitive Psychology, Research Methods in Psychology, Advanced Research Methods, Project (dissertation) in Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Social and Developmental Psychology. I developed and led the Research Methods and the Forensic Psychology modules for a number of years. Four years ago I developed and now lead the BPS and QAA accredited joint degree, BSc Psychology and Criminology at the University of Westminster. I also have several years of experience of online teaching which I very much enjoy, particularly in a one-to-one setting. I am popular with students, and I have a reputation for being down-to-earth, approachable, patient and helpful. I am kind, motivational, and I get results.

Topic Expertise

Quantitative Research Methods, Qualitative Research Methods, Statistics, Academic Writing, Essays, Dissertations, SPSS, JASP, JAMOVI, Forensic Psychology, all at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level.

Client Reviews

The session was great. Came in not fully understanding my own project, what needed to be done with the data and where to go next, but that's all been made clear. I feel much more relaxed when thinking of my deadlines as now I feel as if I am back on track and have accomplished what needed to be done.


I can't thank Donna enough for her support and patience with me. She is amazing at explaining things clearly so that I can understand SPSS and my statistical analysis. She worked through everything with me, step-by-step, to construct my results section for my MSc dissertation. I have achieved more in two sessions with Donna than I have with my statistics tutors. Having Donna work 1:1 with me was a huge help and she answered any questions I had. I had a few issues with my statistical analysis and it was evident that Donna had done some further reading outside of our classes to research resolving this. She calmly reassured me and resolved these issues to construct my analysis and results with me. She is very very kind and helped me out so much. The session was amazing again, and we were able to share our screens and discuss things together in real time. Thank you Donna!!

- Psychology

Donna was absolutely amazing. She guided me through my statistics, using SPSS, and explained step-by-step. She explained so well that I could understand what I was doing and why. She was kind and patient, and validated how I was feeling. She was really clear with her explanations and helped me to conduct my statistical analysis over our call. The call was amazing and I was able to share my screen as we worked through it together. It is also great that the call is recorded so that I can watch it back again. It was clear that Donna had read over my notes prior to our session which also helped. This was the most productive statistics class that I have ever had, and it was tailored to me and my requirements. I am looking forward to another class with Donna and would definitely recommend her to anyone else needing support. Finding Donna on Spires was the best thing I ever did. Thank you.

- Psychology

Excellent! So understanding

- Statistics

Really takes time to explain process step by step

- Statistics

I really liked the class. She explained all the concepts slowly and had patience with me, even when I was clueless about most things. Step by step, she helped me understand everything.

- Psychology

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BSc Psychology (1st Class Hons) - (University of Westminster)
PhD Psychology - (University of Westminster)
Fellow, Higher Education Academy
Fellow, Royal Statistical Society