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173 total hours

153 hours in Accounting

Dhanesh $50-60/hr

Doctorate - FMS, MDS University, India

I have been teaching accounting and finance courses for last twenty five years. The subjects which I teach are :
(a) Corporate Finance, (b) Financial Accounting, (c) Managerial Accounting, (d) Investment Management,
(e) Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, (f) International Finance, (g) Project Finance, and (h) Derivatives.

I teach in student friendly language and help my students learn calculative finance in step by step manner. This helps them in scoring good grades in their exams and assignments.
Basis my academic and teaching credentials Tata McGraw Hill Education, India has appointed me as subject matter matter expert for Accounting and Finance courses of MBA program.

Dhanesh's last completed Accounting job with aaa: Intensive -

Dhanesh's last review in Accounting from Robert: for your homework Very helpful and intelligent

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52 total hours

27 hours in Accounting

Michael $80-90/hr

Distinction - University of Manchester

I've worked with a range of students during my time as a tutor - some of my favourite success stories include:

• Providing essay and dissertation support to an MBA student at Birkbeck. The student had been scoring C grades for much of her course but wrote an excellent dissertation, deservedly receiving an 'A'. Having been awarded a "merit" for her overall qualification, she is now considering embarking on a PhD.

• Supporting an ICAEW ACA student at a Big Four firm, who was in danger of dismissal for exam failure. Having helped the student pass his next exam and avert the immediate danger, I supported him to a pass in each of his subsequent exams. He is now on the verge of completing the qualification.

• Helping a Big Four trainee who was on her "last chance" at the firm to pass her ICAS CA advanced stage exam.

• Working with an undergraduate at East Anglia University who needed to repeat a failed module in order to move onto his final year of study. I re-taught him the module over the course of the year, helping him to a strong pass.

I have extensive experience supporting students who speak English as a second language. I have also worked with a number of dyslexic students.

Prior to becoming a tutor, I acquired a range of teaching experience in a professional context including graduate training, course development and delivery, and creation of e-learning modules.

Michael's last completed Accounting job with Ruby: Intensive - I’m a 2nd year undergraduate student doing accounting and finance, because of some personal reasons, I missed quite a lot of lectures, and I’m very struggling with this course. I do need a systemic catch up and practices to ensure I will be able to pass all my exams and hopefully achieve a 2:1 degree. The subjects that I’m struggling is such as management accounting, Fiancial report and accountability etc. Thank you !

Michael's last review in Accounting from Sarah: Great lesson! Went through ACA Accounting Certificate Level MCQ's that I was struggling with. I enjoy lessons with Michael because he is extremely patient and explains concepts very well - and shows me how to approach questions properly. Always leave class feeling more confident!

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20 total hours

20 hours in Accounting

Lester $40-50/hr

B.Sc.Accountancy & Financial Management USJ Masters of Financial Analysis Latrobe University - Latrobe University.Universtiy of Sunshine Coast,Federation University

I have a great deal of experience in teaching Accounting related subjects within the spectrum of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Finance and Auditing subjects since 2006. I am currently a sessional lecturer/tutor at the La Trobe University.

In the mean time I have been teaching mathematics subjects for high schools in Melbourne since 2013

I have very awesome feedback from the students I taught since 2013.

Lester 's last completed Accounting job with Robin: 1-2 hrs/week - I have an exam coming up in two weeks that I need help preparation with.

To help understand what kind of exam it will be, I have attached a practice exam.

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26 total hours

16 hours in Accounting

Connor $65-75/hr

Masters in Accounting Sciences - University of the Witwatersrand

I studied accounting and finance for four years at university, constantly placing within the top ten of my classes. During my university time and my training as an accountant I have been tutoring both accounting and finance students. For the last two years I have also tutored numerous students in preparation for professional chartered accountant exams. I am young, dynamic and have a passion for young people succeeding. Accordingly, I am fully committed to the success of my students and require the same level of commitment from them to ensure their success.

Connor's last completed Accounting job with Niraj: Intensive - I am a final year degree student and am struggling with financial markets, financial crisis and management accounts for strategy.

I’m looking for 2/3 hours maybe more support a week.

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273 total hours

13 hours in Accounting

Trevor $65-75/hr

Business and Economics - Nottingham University

I passionately believe in students achieving their potential and enjoy the role of personal tutoring to further aid students learning. I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business and Economics (2:1) and have worked for a number of large organisations offering a variety of depth and experience. Online tutoring is about helping students form around the world to access education via the platform of the internet, to help them succeed at their studies. Firstly, I like to make an initial meeting to understand the needs and objectives of the personal tutoring before developing a detailed plan of the outline of personal tutoring support. I am keen to ensure that both parents and students alike are happy with the service and will accommodate additional requests. I like to ensure that the learner is both enthused and engaged in the tutoring sessions and have a range of resources and assessment techniques.

Subjects and levels taught:
Economics: A Level and GCSE (Pearson, AQA and OCR)
Business Studies: A Level and GCSE (Pearson, AQA, OCR and WJEC)
BTEC Business: Level 2 and Level 3
Cambridge Technicals: Level 2 and Level 3

Trevor's last completed Accounting job with Zahir: 1-2 hrs/week - I am seeking tuition for my final year of accounting A’level. My target grade is A, but I am currently working at D, thus need significant help.

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27 total hours

13 hours in Accounting

Mick $60-70/hr


I have over 25 years experience in preparing students for success in professional accounting exams

Mick's last completed Accounting job with Charlotte: Intensive - I need help with a managerial accounting module called Managerial Decision Making and Control, which I have a resit for on 27th August at Newcastle University. Although it is for a MSc, the MSc is for people who have never studied accounting or finance before, and have attached several of the notes for the module given to us during the year, as well as previous past papers.

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11 total hours

5 hours in Accounting

Giovanna $115-125/hr

PhD - Florence

I have been a full time tutor for over 7 years building on my long professional teaching and training experience. I have therefore thousands of hours of teaching experience, so I can quickly adapt to what each student requires. In addition, my 10 years working in the City (Morgan Stanley, equity research) gave me a lot of practical experience with finance in general and valuation in particular.
I have built a large library of teaching aids (including spreadsheets, summaries, key graphs and sample essays) that I use during my lessons and share with my students. I also have lots of practice exercises, from short MCQ to long exams, and can prepare bespoke graded practice material just for you.

Giovanna's last completed Accounting job with Truc: Occasional - I am struggling with Accounting In Context module that is at level 3 Undergraduate. I need to take a resit in mid July, so I need you teach, and support me to prepare for a resit. A case study already uploaded. And there are 4 questions about Financial Reporting, Financial Management, Accounting Management and Ethic- Corporate Gorvernance.

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28 total hours

4 hours in Accounting

Aayush $50-60/hr

MBA Finance - Institute of Management Technology

My earliest stint with teaching dates back more than a decade when I helped my mother take private tuition at home. Fast forward to 2017 when I was conducting workshops in my MBA school to help students prepare for their semester exams (in subjects such as Financial Markets, Corporate Finance, etc.). In order for me to be able to explain the subject matter, I need not just be well read. I need to be well spoken as well. I am a voracious reader and a passionate public speaker and have represented my school and college at the national level in different competitions. Brewing my interest in the incessant world of finance, I cleared my CFA and FRM Level 1 exams in the very first attempt and am currently awaiting the results for my CFA L2 exams. I have been a subject matter expert reviewer (Finance) for wherein I reviewed 2500 questions in a span of 6 months (of which 2499 reviews were correct). Of late, I have been a finance tutor on Chegg USA and have completed 200 odd lessons with a 100% success rate.

Aayush's last completed Accounting job with Sandy: Occasional - I have an assignment to do, which I am doing at present. I have completed the journal entries, adjusted the P&L, made assumptions. Plus I am writing my short report. Are you able to check my workings and suggest any improvements?
The document attached is the Task I have been given.
Happy to send you my answer. I do need it reviewed asap once it is done, ideally by Sunday night, but there is some flexibility in that.

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10 total hours

4 hours in Accounting

Darren $45-55/hr

AAT NVQ Level 4, ICB NVQ Level 4 - AAT & ICB

I have experience assessing students for AAT to ensure they are competent. I review student portfolios and hold professional discussions to sign students off.

I write & deliver online training courses for those wanting to know more, or those who are currently studying Accounting qualifications.

I also write exam questions for ICB.

Darren's last completed Accounting job with Rhys: Occasional - I am struggling with my excel spreadsheet. Some stuff isn’t adding up and as the deadline is soon I need some help

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33 total hours

Enrique $55-65/hr

Economics and Finance - Ibmec Business School

I have a target-centered approach that focuses on devising strategies for studying concepts and answering questions. I use all available resources to ensure that my students get the most out of my experience and knowledge. I am always concerned with tracking my students` progress and assessing them to achieve the best results.

Enrique's last completed Accounting job with AH: Occasional - Grad School :Financial Accouting, Managerial Economics. Evenings weekday, some times weekend is also possible. Asap

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