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Experienced Mathematics and Physics tutor, with a passion for sharing knowledge, exploring nature and playing music.

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Imperial College London - Computational Physics - PhD

Experienced Mathematics and Physics tutor, with a passion for sharing knowledge, exploring nature and playing music.

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About Me

I have a PhD in Physics from Imperial College London, with a background in Materials Science (BEng) and Physics (MSc). Prior to that, I studied in France, where I was awarded the French Scientific Baccalauréat with Highest Honours.

I received prizes for highest performance at the French Baccalauréat in Normandy (FR), highest academic performance in both undergraduate (BEng) and postgraduate (MSc) degrees, and finally a special award for outstanding performance in undergraduate mathematics examinations.

My PhD research was in computational condensed matter physics and has led to 2 publications and 2 presentations & posters at international conferences in the USA and Switzerland.

These experiences have given me extensive practice with academic writing. I have written 4 literature reviews on various topics, a Master's and PhD thesis, and two academic papers. All assessed pieces have received above 79%, and my PhD thesis was accepted without corrections.

Tutor Experience

NEW TO SPIRES: I have 900+ hours experience tutoring but have recently joined the Spires platform, hence the lack of client reviews and lessons.

My teaching experience is tailored to developing deep understanding and excelling in assessments for Physics, Mathematics, Programming and Academic Writing. My previous experience has covered from pre-GCSE level Mathematics to Master's level Physics.

As a Graduate Teaching Assistant (Imperial College London), I taught Advanced Calculus & Linear Algebra, Python programming and Bash / Scientific Computing to 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates. I have edited and proof-read lecture notes for an undergraduate Quantum Mechanics course.

I tutored courses on Partial Differential Equations (analytical and numerical) to several tutees, leading to First Class grades in the assignments, and undergraduate Maths.

I taught undergraduate and Master's level Atomic Physics and Quantum Mechanics courses. The first course became the tutee's favourite subject and helped her get 87% in her final examination.

My approach is to first understand the tutee's comprehension and learning style via probing questions and an exploration of the material. Then I build a learning plan where we go through key concepts in the notes punctuated by significant exercise and practice sections. Guiding and facilitating the learning process during practice questions is the key part of any lesson to develop understanding.

ACADEMIC WRITING: I have written 4 literature reviews, 60+ lab reports, various research-related documents, and a PhD thesis (accepted without corrections) . All pieces of academic writing have led to very high grades and positive feedback and I understand the requirements of academic writing. I wish to share this with students.

Topic Expertise

- Mathematics: Undergraduate level for Natural Sciences and Engineering subjects (Linear Algebra, Calculus, Complex Analysis, Ordinary & Partial Differential Equations, Fourier / Laplace transforms, Calculus of variations, Numerical Methods)
- Physics: (Quantum Mechanics, Atomic Physics, Analytical Mechanics, Condensed Matter Physics, Solid-state Physics)
- Programming: Python, MATLAB
- Dissertation help / Academic writing: Undergraduate, Master's, PhD level
- Materials Science & Engineering: Phase diagrams / phase transformations, Steel metallurgy, Solid Mechanics


"Christopher was a fantastic Maths, Physics and Chemistry tutor for Caroline in her penultimate school year. Caroline made great progress in these subjects with his help. Christopher is very knowledgeable about these subjects; he was really able to convey this to Caroline with patience and enthusiasm. Caroline became more confident and felt more able to tackle her exams."
- Mother of French Baccalauréat Student @ Lycée Français (London)

"Hi Christopher, I just wanted to thank you again. My grades just came out and I got 86.87 for Atomic & Molecular!! It was my most difficult module but your help made it my favourite!" - Undergraduate Physics Student @ UCL

Background Checks



- BEng (1st, 81%) Materials Science and Engineering (Imperial College London)
- MSc (Distinction, 81%) Computational & Theoretical Physics (Imperial College London)
- PhD (Pass, no revisions) Computational Physics (Imperial College London)

Prizes & Awards:

- Thomas Young Centre Mathematics Prize (2017): highest grade at undergraduate mathematics examinations (98%)
- Governors' BEng Prize (2018): highest graduating student in the BEng
- Dean's List 2017 & 2018: top 10% of cohort in BEng
- Sutton Prize (2019): highest overall performance in the MSc