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Experienced and innovative Biology teacher and a mentor. I love to teach Biology to students, ignite their young minds and help them achieve their academic goals.

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D Y Patil University - Biotechnology - Masters of Technology

Experienced and innovative Biology teacher and a mentor. I love to teach Biology to students, ignite their young minds and help them achieve their academic goals.

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About Me

I am a Mater's degree graduate in Biotechnology and my areas of interest are applied sciences like Microbiology, Plant and Animal Biotechnology, Clinical Biology, Genetics and Bioinformatics. Teaching is my passion and I have been pursuing it dedicatedly for the last 6 years. I am well equipped in teaching IGCSE, AS/A levels, IB, SABIS and Australian curriculum for the subject, Biology. I believe I can articulate my knowledge and expertise well. I have a deep understanding of a student's academic requirements and I mentor them well for competitive examinations and assessments.

Tutor Experience

My experiences from the most recent to the oldest ones:

1. Online Tutor-Biology at TutorComp (2022/05 - Present)
Exceptional experience and familiarity with online based teaching systems.
Reviewed Individualised lesson plans with international students(aged 14-18) of various academic boards like IGCSE/AS/A curriculum, Australian curriculum, IB board, CBSE Board(for medical entrance exams), SABIS, US and UK boards.

2. Secondary Biology Teacher - Witty International School, Mumbai (2020/06 - 2022/04)
Prepared individualised lesson plans and educational materials to structure biology curriculum to needs of each student in IGCSE and AS/A levels.
Scheduled appointments with parents to discuss student progress and classroom behaviour. Evaluated students' academic and social growth, kept appropriate records and prepared progress reports to gauge performance.
Developed materials for laboratory activities, homework assignments and handouts to facilitate learning.
Implemented new assessment technologies into classroom, boosting student understanding of subject matter by 20%.
Leveraged diverse learning strategies and extra-curricular activities(comedy clubs, school events etc.) to prepare students for higher-level education requirements.

3. Content Writer at Jaro Toppscholars Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai (2020/01 - 2020/05)
Utilized exceptional writing, editing and proofreading skills to produce engaging and error-free Biology and science content. Featured as Video Faculty for a few topics.
Wrote and edited high-quality content and visually impactful programs fro students aged 10-16.

4. Biology Faculty at Rao Edusolutions Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai (2017/12 - 2020/01)
Planned, developed and executed lessons reflecting high school curriculum and India's core educational standards.
Assessed student comprehension through regular quizzes, tests and assignments for Indian board exams and medical entrance tests (NEET).
Kept abreast of technological advances in Biology and adapted curriculum for individual, small group and remedial instruction to meet diverse needs of high school students.

Topic Expertise

I can cover Biological sciences for IGCSE, AS/A levels (CIE and Edexcel) , Combined Sciences, IB curriculum, SABIS and Australian/ QCAA curriculum.
My areas of expertise are:
1. Cell Biology ( Cell structure, Cell cycle, Differentiation, Stem cells)
2. Human Biology (Human Anatomy and Physiology),
3. Botany (Plant Morphology, Anatomy and Physiology),
4. Biotechnology (Processes and Applications),
5. Molecular Biology(Biomolecules, Biosynthesis, Photosynthesis, Respiration),
6. Genetics (Chromosomal and Molecular Basis of Inheritance),
7. Ecology and Taxonomy(Classification of organisms).

Background Checks



The relevant qualifications:
1. Master of Technology (Integrated): Biotechnology
D Y Patil University - Navi Mumbai, India
Professional development completed in Biotechnology.

2. Bachelor of Education: Pedagogy of Teaching - Science (Pursuing)
Mumbai University - Mumbai, India.