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Specialise in Econometrics and Statistics. Author of 5 books on Amazon (2 for Statistics and 3 for Econometrics). Ask me a doubt ten times, I would still be patient and would come up with new examples to make the concept simpler to understand.

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Best Selling Author - Econometrics and Statistics - Masters

Specialise in Econometrics and Statistics. Author of 5 books on Amazon (2 for Statistics and 3 for Econometrics). Ask me a doubt ten times, I would still be patient and would come up with new examples to make the concept simpler to understand.

Recent Students: 39
Total Hours: 3579
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All-time Students: 235
Total Classes: 4223
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Recent Students: 39Total Hours: 3579Last Online:
All-time Students: 235Total Classes: 4223Signed Up:

About Me

Author of 5 books on Amazon (2 for Statistics and 3 for Econometrics). I have 3500+ hours of teaching experience in the field of Econometrics, Statistics and Microeconomics. I became an online tutor in 2015 and have been teaching full time since then.

I have worked with students who were complete beginners, as well as those who were facing challenges in mastering advanced topics.

I completely understand the initial struggle in decoding the concepts and formulas. I am adept in breaking down difficult concepts with the use of simple examples. I don't encourage memorisation and simply recalling the formulas, instead, I focus on the 'why' and 'how'.

I understand that every student has a different way of understanding things. Some students understand the concepts when explained through analogies, others when shown mathematical foundation behind them. I modify my teaching methodology depending on what the student is comfortable with.

Tutor Experience

I have worked with students from 85+ universities.

Here are some of the courses I have catered to:

6012B0453Y : Econometrics (Amsterdam School of Economics)
EC226: Econometrics (University of Warwick)
EC203: Applied Econometrics (University of Warwick)
MG205: Econometrics - Theory and Applications (London School of Economics - LSE)
EC3301: Statistics and Econometrics (University of St Andrews)
ECON W3412: Introduction to Econometrics (Columbia University)
BEE2031: Econometrics (University of Exeter)
Econometrics: University of Birmingham
BEE2006: Statistics and Econometrics (University of Exeter)
EC3303 : Statistics and Econometrics (University of St. Andrews)
EC304: Empirical Economic Analysis II (Boston University)
FR2202: Financial Econometrics (Cass Business School)
EC220: Introduction to Econometrics (LSE)
EC221: Introduction to Econometrics (LSE)
5SSMN932: Introduction to Econometrics (King’s College London)
5QQMN938 : Intermediate Econometrics (King’s College London)
5SSPP213: Econometrics (King’s College London)
BEE1023 : Introduction to Econometrics (University of Exeter)
6012B0212: Econometrics (Amsterdam School of Economics)
EC2605: Introduction to Econometrics (Brunel University London)

Topic Expertise

Introductory Econometrics
Applied Econometrics
Intermediate Microeconomics

Client Reviews

Throughout my time being tutored by Shubham he was extremely helpful, making sure I was able to fully understand the content and I am now feeling so much more confident in my Econometrics ability. A great tutor and I would recommend to anyone.

- Econometrics

Shubh has been so helpful, warm and friendly and has taught and supported me with the content so well, cooperating with me at whatever pace I needed to learn at. Highly recommend!

- Econometrics

Very informative and helpful.

- Economics

A very efficient tutor, went through the content in a thorough manner and addressed any queries I had regarding exam questions

- Econometrics

Just finished my last session with Mr. Shubham and I wanted to thank him for his efforts, understanding, consistency, and overall fun experience. Entering my last semester as a Senior II, I was very stressed about my Econometrics course because I am a Finance major so I didnt have a great deal of knowledge on this course. However, Shubham catered to my every need, supporting me in every lesson for countless hours during the day especially when my midterms were coming up. He would take very early morning sessions as well as very late night sessions with me and for as long as i needed until he made sure i fully understood and learned the material. His teaching methods are sublime, I loved his interactive teaching methods and the video courses he offered that saved me so much time when I really needed it. I went from thinking that i was going to fail my Econometrics course, to getting an A in the course. So if you're reading this and looking for an Econometrics tutor, I can whole heartedly recommend Mr. Shubham to you because he is an amazing teacher and person.

- Econometrics

Very efficient and insightful, and provides students with all the materials they could ever need. Great help.

- Econometrics

Very clear and good explanation but session was short of 15 minutes.

- Econometrics

Great sessions! Super clear and helpful!

- Econometrics

Teaching was great but there was some noise that caused some disturbance that I had to refresh the page to get rid of.

- Econometrics

he is the best teacher!!!!

- Econometrics


By Riz, Econometrics – University of Warwick

This was my last session with Shubh, and I could have not wished for a better tutor. I was preparing for my Econometrics re-sit, and was looking for a tutor to get ready. I found Econometrics, as many would agree, a really challenging subject, and needed some serious help. There were a lot of tutors to choose from, but I went for Shubh, and honestly, that was perhaps the best and wisest choice I have made in my entire life (no jokes). Shubh taught everything in Econometrics from top to bottom. He made me understand things, that I thought I would never be able to understand. He showed me ways to solve equations, to read questions, to do questions, in the best possible manner. His teaching skills are seriously impressive. As stubborn as I am, it can get quite tough for tutors to deal with my arguments and claims, but he would deal with that. He is one of those tutors that no matter what question you ask, he will always know an answer to it, and for me, that is quite important as it makes you feel that this tutor knows literally everything. Great person, amazing tutor and simply professional in Econometrics.

By Yifan, Econometrics - King’s College London

Really enjoyed all the lessons, clear and detailed explanation of the theories. Great help, thanks a lot!

By Gulnara, Introductory Econometrics – University of Nottingham

My tutor, Shubh, has been terrific and I'm really happy with the level of tuition he has given, as well as his friendly manner and professional approach) I will look to further bookings next term.I would have no hesitation in recommending Shubh to anyone else for tutoring in Econometrics. Thanks for your support!

By Yingzhi, Statistics and Microeconomics - UCL

The lesson was really well explained in detail and I learned a lot. It was not only informative but also engaging, he taught me how to interpret the concept rather than spoon-feeding me. I have a much deeper understanding of the topic now and I am able to answer the questions on my own. Many thanks for Shubh, very appreciated.

By Marc, Econometrics – The University of Jordan

If you're struggling with Econometrics, you no longer have to worry. This concludes the 3rd lesson I have taken with Shubh. My experience was excellent. Shubh knows how to teach what you're struggling with and he can do so in a highly efficient matter. In my case, we completed multiple weeks of theory within only a handful of hours. I am now confident about by knowledge on the subjects that were discussed. 5 stars do not do the immense value of taking courses with Shubh any justice. Overachieved in every session and there is no way I would recommend or use any other tutor for the subject of econometrics. I knew close to nothing before meeting Shubh and now I feel not only comfortable about econometrics but also well-prepared to achieve high grades.

By Jameelah, Queen Mary University of London (Statistics)

This was my final lesson with Shubham, excellent tutor. I highly recommend as he is efficient, prepared and very knowledgeable in his tuition.

By Jay, Cass Undergraduate School (Financial Econometrics, FR2202)

Really thorough and concise tutoring. He was able to teach me degree level econometrics using very understandable methods with the use of diagrams & explanations. Covered a lot in very short space of time. Also very polite and speaks really clear english!

By Mia, London School of Economics (Econometrics, MG - 205)

Shubham is a great Econometrics tutor. He has every features by that a great tutor is measured: Patience: I've been tutored by Shubham more that 10 hrs, not a second he showed impatience. At the beginning I am afraid to ask silly questions, but his patience brought me the courage to ask every small or stupid questions. Enthusiasm: Shubham teach Econometrics not only for finance, instead, he showed really interest and enthusiasm in this study and the experience of teaching. He would like to spend much extra time to study my materials, syllabus and past exam papers without payment. Responsibility: In every lesson and work checking, he did his best to help me and made sure that I did benefit from them. He made plan for my exam revision together with me, as long as I was a bit off the track, he would feel really worried with me and tried everything he could to pull me back, for example, adjust his personal timetable for my exam deadline. There are much more to say, but I believe everyone could discover more quality he has by working with him. I would introduce my friends to seek for his help for sure!

By Monika - NOVA IMS (Inferential Analytics)

Shubham is a fantastic instructor. I felt that he really cared that I learned and he put a lot of extra effort into preparation for our classes. I came a long way in understanding the material all thanks to Shubham! He really takes the time to give clear explanations. He has exceeded my expectations.

By Twinkle Katkar, Columbia University (Intermediate Microeconomics)

Intermediate Microeconomics is one the hardest classes I've taken at Columbia University. When we began our classes I was doing terribly. Homeworks, the lectures, the professor- nothing made sense and I had tried everything from referring different textbooks to tutors. But Shubham helped me gallop half way through the semester and catch pace with the lectures. I think one of the best things about his lectures is he understands what method works for the student and explains it in that manner, he definitely doesn't follow the " one size fits all policy." Unlike other tutors I've had, Shubham actually prepares for the sessions and makes notes and doesn't hesitate explaining something over and over again. He always gave me extra practice to affirm my understanding and he wrote questions that are like the questions I got at University - usually other tutors don't put in the effort to match the line of questioning given at school. He altered the lectures timing in a manner that was most efficient for me ( I have the worlds smallest attention span). Not to forget he was awake with me all nights of my exam (thanks Shubham), I mean do you know a tutor that would do that? Overall he is amazing and he knows his material. Without him I wouldn't even have been able to pass my course and his tutoring not only helped me pass but actually do extremely well in class.

By Anirudh Narula, University of California, Berkeley (Econometrics)

Shubham is an excellent teacher! I am a student at the University of California, Berkeley and I am taking Econometrics at Berkeley this semester, and taking the online course with Shubham over the summer has been very helpful; Shubham not only helped me build my intuitive abilities in the subject, but also provided examples that explained the material more clearly. He also has a vast array of online lecture tools that were very helpful in helping me understand and recall statistical concepts and ideas. Furthermore, each lecture video online is illustrated with an example which is very helpful. I would say that if anyone needs help with econometrics, statistics, micro-economics or macro-economics, they should definitely take Shubham's help.

By Shivika Bhasin, Masters Candidate at Yale University, (Microeconomics and Econometrics)

Shubham has a great command over the subject matter, both concepts and application. He is flexible in his teaching approach based on the situation and is always extremely patient with doubts!

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