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Experienced tutor in teaching Civil Engineering courses, mathematics, statistics, programming, mechanics

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Imperial College London - PhD in Civil Engineering - PhD

Experienced tutor in teaching Civil Engineering courses, mathematics, statistics, programming, mechanics

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Total Classes: 29
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Recent Students: 7Total Hours: 53Last Online:
All-time Students: 8Total Classes: 29Signed Up:

About Me

I am enthusiastic about teaching quantitative courses to university students, a passion I have been pursuing since 2018. Holding an MEng, MSc, and PhD from Imperial College London in Civil Engineering, I have consistently demonstrated excellent performance in competitive academic environments.

I firmly believe that success in university exams requires a profound understanding of the background theory coupled with hands-on experience in solving multiple variations of exercises. This principle guides my teaching approach, emphasizing interactive sessions and providing guidance to lead students toward the right solutions. I closely monitor my students' progress, tailor lessons to their specific needs, and incorporate multiple repetitions during classes to ensure a comprehensive understanding of key elements.

I am delighted to assist students in any civil engineering subjects, including structural mechanics, structural dynamics, geotechnics, soil mechanics, soil dynamics, earthquake engineerig and numerical modelling. I also possess a keen interest in mathematics and programming, and I am more than happy to help students from any field.

As a person, I am always optimistic and encouraging, and I am keen on sharing experiences and common interests with my students.

Tutor Experience

I have been engaged in university-level teaching since 2018.

From 2018 to 2022, I delivered courses for both Undergraduate and Master's programs at my university. During this period, provided guidance and supervision to students undertaking dissertation projects at both academic levels. In addition to my university teaching experience, I have been offering private classes to students since 2018, enhancing their comprehension of subjects, tracking their progress and assisting them with their projects.

The students I have supported primarily come from the field of Civil-Engineering, although I have also worked with students from other engineering disciplines.

Topic Expertise

Civil engineering
Geotechnical engineering
Earthquake engineering
Structural engineering
Numerical modelling
Data management and post-processing

Client Reviews

Very patient. Explains all solutions very well. Thanks

- Civil Engineering

To be honest I wouldn't be able to put it in words how much Marios has helped me with FEA. I had this big project and was working towards a deadline, albeit not successfully, Marios has managed to make such progress as to finish no just on time, but even beforehand !!! THANK YOU


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PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering
MSc in Soil mechanics and Engineering Seismology (Grade: Distinction)
MEng in Civil Engineering (Grade: 9/10)