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Experienced online A-level, GCSE, IB Physics tutor. 10+ years of teaching experience. Taught 2000+ hours of online lessons. 50+ positive reviews from parents and students.

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Pavlodar state pedagogical university - Physics - BA

Experienced online A-level, GCSE, IB Physics tutor. 10+ years of teaching experience. Taught 2000+ hours of online lessons. 50+ positive reviews from parents and students.

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Total Hours: 101
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All-time Students: 14
Total Classes: 101
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Recent Students: 6Total Hours: 101Last Online:
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About Me

• I am an experienced and certified Physics teacher and online tutor. I have been successfully teaching students for more than 10 years. My students show significant progress in conceptual understanding of Physics and as a result get better exam grades. I am well familiar with major British and International qualifications like A-levels, GCSE, IGCSE, IB, Advanced Placement.

Teaching approach:
• My teaching style is interactive. It includes discussions, Q&As. During sessions I dedicate time for practicing exam-style questions. I always ask students for their needs and we together design our study plan.
• Students often describe as a patient tutor. I always try to work with students at their level. In pedagogy they call it 'zone of proximal development'. No worries if you think your brain is not for Physics. I will do my best to change your mind.
• Students also describe me as really knowledgable in Physics. I usually don't take long time to answer questions and can explain concepts from different perspectives.

Tutor Experience

Work experience
• Online tutoring. I have been tutoring online since 2018. So far, I had hundreds of students from 30+ countries of the world including the UK, the US, Europe, China, Russia.
• Classroom teaching. I worked as a Physics teacher at international and boarding schools in Kazakhstan for 7 years. I taught courses like IB DP Physics, A-level Physics and IGCSE Physics.
• Olympiad preparation. I trained students for national and international Physics olympiads.

Topic Expertise

A-level Physics | all exam boards | all papers
GCSE / IGCSE Physics, Science, Combined Science | all exam boards | all papers
IB DP Physics SL/HL | all papers | IA assistance
Admissions | Physics exams
University | Physics and related courses (Circuits, Mechanics, Fields etc)
Any Physics topic: Motion, Forces, Momentum, Thermal Physics, Electricity, Nuclear Physics, Energy, Measurements etc.

Client Reviews

Galym is an incredibly talented educator! My son enjoys every lesson with him.

- Physics

My IB Physics tutor, has been fantastic. His teaching style simplifies complex topics, and he's patient, always willing to explain until I understand. He's made me more confident in the subject, and I'm truly grateful for his support. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a great tutor.

- Physics

Super as usual

- Physics

Galym is very good at explaining difficult concepts and it is clear that Galym knows what he is explaining as well. Generally very happy.

- Physics

Galym is a wonderful teacher! My daughter really enjoys working with him. Very patient, empathic and professional. Calmly and very accessible explains the content, moving towards the intended goal. I am very glad we got a luck meeting him! Despite the difficult task, my daughter is not going to give up on an idea to do a 1 year course within a very short period of time just because she is confident about her result thanks to the amazing teacher she has!

- Physics

very helpful and a patient teacher, Galym helped me understand concepts and tackled questions nicely

- Physics

I am an DP year 1 student. I just had my first class with Mr. Galym. He teaches very efficiently breaking down and explaining questions in simple terms, easy to understand. He gives good advice and provides good resource material for independent study. His lesson was flexible and student-centered so all my needs and objectives for this session were met.

- Physics


Parent Kimberly:
My son who studies IB Physics HL with Galym appreciates his teaching so much. Galym is very professional, highly knowledgable on the subject and wastes no time, direct to the point in all levels. Yet, he is very patient and always answers the same question with different approaches. Highly recommend Galym!

Student Theo:
Am an IB student in year 1, and my experience is that Galym was the most helpful tutor I cold wish for. He is organized, fast, and clear. He knows where I can improve and pin points my problems so I can understand.

Student Jack:
Really good teacher, has helped me through GCSEs, IBs and SAT subject tests. Communicates without any issue in English and explains the concepts in a way anyone can understand. Very familiar with the syllabi we worked with, would recommend

Student Jasmine:
I am an IB M21 student taking Physics HL. Galym helped me improve in my y1 finals by giving me past papers. After each lesson, he would send me a set of past papers, he would circle the questions that I have learned and help me tackle the questions I did wrong, or don’t understand. In three weeks' time, I demonstrated significant improvements and a more in-depth understanding of all topics. Currently, I am having regular lessons with him and he teaches the IB topics using one of the textbooks. I hope to get a 7 in my IB finals by learning with him.

Student Leonardo:
Galym really helped me develop an intuition for all the topics I struggled with! He is very familiar with IB-specific content and questions, which helped a lot for my physics exam!

Student Meli:
I am an IB student and I was struggling in physics just until recently! I just had my physics mini mocks and it went really well with Mr. Galym’s help! He has helped me understand the subject on an in-depth level! He makes physics look much easier than how the teachers at school portray it to be. He is always open for questions and if you don’t understand after the first explanation he will try and come up with new ways to explain the problem to you. He even gives out homework from past papers in order to make sure you cover as much exam-style questions as possible! I highly recommend this tutor!

Student Tarik:
Galym tutored me for my revision for my IB Physics HL exams in November and I must say that he was incredible. He is extremely familiar with the IB and its small intricacies. He went above and beyond with our revision and explained everything that needed explaining incredibly well and patiently.

Student Marija
Galym is a great tutor for IB Physics. He helps me to prepare for tests at school, as well as gives important insight regarding tasks from IB exams. Also, he is very knowledgeable about internal assessment and helped me to improve mine. Strongly recommend him!

Student Stefan:
I am currently studying A-level physics in the UK and found it quite challenging, but these sessions have been very helpful in understanding areas of the course. The explanations have been easy to understand and I find myself being able to easily deal with problems I may not have been able to before.

Student Randy:
Great help with everything A-Level Physics related. Answers all questions in a way that is understandable to anyone regardless of knowledge. Have been doing electricity and FEM and my grades have never been better!

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BA in Physics
BSc in Electrical Engineering
IBO certified teacher