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Dr Jon

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Dr and fully-qualified teacher, with experience in enthusiastically teaching History of Art, Education, and Academic Writing across a variety of subjects and disciplines.

Dr Jon
309 classes

University of York - History of Art / Academic Writing - PhD

Dr and fully-qualified teacher, with experience in enthusiastically teaching History of Art, Education, and Academic Writing across a variety of subjects and disciplines.

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All-time Students: 26
Total Classes: 309
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Recent Students: 3Total Hours: 393Last Online:
All-time Students: 26Total Classes: 309Signed Up:

About Me

After completing my PhD in History of Art in April 2022, I moved on to my current role as Researcher at the National Gallery and Ben Uri Gallery & Museum, both in London. In these positions I specialise in women in the arts and immigrant artists in Britain since 1900. I have previously had roles in school teaching, university teaching, gallery volunteering, and youth work. I am a hard-worker and high-achiever, with the additional ability to transfer knowledge and expertise in an engaging, accessible, and friendly manner.

I found my way into teaching through my love of sharing knowledge, and encouraging discussions that develop the understanding of both the student and myself. No longer teaching full-time, private tutoring is the perfect way for me to continue teaching while flexibly working alongside my post-doctoral research projects.

Besides continuing my love of teaching and research, my ambition is to publish books on my specialism.

I am very honest and fair, and I take this quality to my tutees!

Tutor Experience

I have delivered over 2,000 hours of teaching and tutoring over 7 years.

Between 2016-2018 I taught at three state secondary schools, and in 2019 taught undergraduates in the University of York's History of Art department; receiving 100% positive feedback from students. Since tutoring on Spires in 2020, I have also helped many A Level, undergraduate, and postgraduate students with their Academic Writing across a variety of subjects including Politics, Education, PGCE, Business, Marketing, and History of Art.

My approach to tutoring is to help students become self-learners, and I do this by offering valuable resources, advice, and asking probing questions. I set meaningful tasks that are carefully levelled to the student and prior knowledge, presented in a structure that makes the most of the lesson time, and go through written pieces of work to offer valuable feedback. I believe it's crucial to have fun while learning, and that there are no stupid questions!

Topic Expertise

Academic Writing (across all arts and humanities subjects).

History of Art (A Level): Edexcel, EPQ (all periods and both papers).

History of Art (Undergraduate and Postgraduate): dissertation; art and visual theory; critical readings in art history; photography and its theories; Victorian art and sculpture; Arts and Crafts; modern and contemporary art; Postmodernism and Pop Art; Modernism and its movements (across Europe); museology and curatorship; classicism and neo-classicism; London and Paris circa 1840-1920; British art history.

Education (Undergraduate and Postgraduate): PGCE, Essay/Assignment.

Client Reviews

Jon was incredibly helpful, as always. We looked at breaking down my workload into smaller, more manageable tasks, and ways to combat learning difficulties. Jon's approach is incredibly flexible to meet my learning needs. 5 stars all around!

- History of Art

Really productive and helpful!

- History of Art

Always an absolute pleasure !

- Academic Writing

Jonathan is very patient and understanding. Highly recommended

- Academic Writing

Very helpful, informative, and I really like how Jonathan asks questions that probes me to think through the parts of my thesis that are difficult.

- Dissertations

The session today was really helpful, I feel motivated and inspired to continue- and I really appreciate the amount of effort you put in to every class!

- Dissertations

Extremely productive

- Dissertations

The class was very informative and I gained a lot of understanding around the structuring of paragraphs and layout.

- Dissertations

Fantastic. Gave detailed and improvement focused feedback on an essay and I left with a very clear idea of what I needed to do to improve my marks.

- History of Art

Jon has been so helpful, thorough and understanding, feeling so much more confident.

- Dissertations


"Jonathan is clearly a seasoned teacher who understands the structure and delivery of a good lesson, centred on thoughtful discussion and dialogue. The lesson started with a choice made by the pupil who selected which artwork they’d like to discuss; this tailored the lesson to their interests. Jonathan demonstrated terrific use of detailed questioning and had the pupil use a spider diagram to expand on their own questions and to use as a reference throughout the lesson. Jonathan possesses in-depth subject knowledge and elaborated on the relevance and context of the chosen artwork. He regularly checked the student’s understanding as the lesson progressed and, at the end, asked the pupil to complete an exit slip which asked them to reflect on: what they’ve learned, what they’d like to know more of, etc. A wonderful lesson and I’d be happy to recommend Jonathan as a tutor!"

- Cheryl Moss, Tutor Assessor.

"The atmosphere was very supportive and students were quite willing to speak. There was a good variety of exercises, and Jon returned frequently to the central question of the session which worked really well."

- Teresa Kittler, Peer Observer of Teaching, University of York.

"A natural in the classroom!"

- Elizabeth Morris, PGDE Tutor, University of Sheffield.

"Jon's humour, positivity and creative flair have made him a fabulous contributor to history sessions."

- Sally Davies, PGDE Tutor, University of Sheffield.

"Jon's earlier experience of teaching in schools led to lots of good classroom practice at the University of York, and I'll be forwarding Jon's really helpful mark-sheet revisions to the department, because they are sure to be more useful across the History of Art degree."

- Jason Edwards, PhD supervisor, University of York.

Background Checks



University of York
PhD History of Art, (remaining time on dissertation)

University of Sheffield
MA Applied Professional Studies in Education (APSE)

University of Sheffield
PGDE Secondary History

University of York
MA History of Art, Distinction

University of York
BA History of Art, First-Class

Rochester Grammar School
A Levels
Geography (A*), English Literature (A), Fine Art (A)