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Pharmacology MSci 1st Class Honours

One of my greatest passions is furthering my knowledge and understanding of science through my work and being able to pass that knowledge on to ambitious students.

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University College London - Pharmacology MSci - 1st Class Honours

One of my greatest passions is furthering my knowledge and understanding of science through my work and being able to pass that knowledge on to ambitious students.

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About Me

I am a Pharmacology MSci graduate from University College London where I achieved an overall first class honours and multiple awards in recognition of my academic achievements. I also achieved A grades in A-Level Biology, Chemistry and Physics and have a strong understanding in these subjects. I have a strong passion for scientific research, particularly in the biological sciences.

Since graduating, I held a Research Assistant position also at University College London, which involved researching new treatments for Alzheimer's disease. I then moved to Yale University where I held a Postgraduate Associate position in which I was involved in the study of the the brain's waste clearance system, the glymphatic system, in the context of its potential role in the treatment of various neurodegenerative diseases. I most recently held a Research Assistant position at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory where I was involved in the research of 'mobile genes' know as transposable elements and their role in embryogenesis and cancer.

Tutor Experience

I have a friendly, patient and enthusiastic approach to teaching. I believe each student learns differently and I can adapt my teaching style to suit their needs. I am able to explain particular concepts in a very clear and concise manner that has been well received by both my peers at University and students that I have tutored in the past. Furthermore, I believe the use of past examination papers are a fantastic tool in preparing for exams as well as reinforcing a student`s understanding of any topics they may find difficult.

Having mentored students throughout my A-Levels whilst at secondary school, I have since gained over 9 years of experience tutoring GCSE and A-Level students. Many of my students went on to achieve their desired grades and enter university. All feedback I have received has been positive with my teaching style being highly commended.

Topic Expertise

Given that my research experience since graduating from university has largely been involved in the biological sciences, my main expertise is in tutoring Biology and other related subjects. However, my experience has allowed me to embark in research projects that involved much interdisciplinary work such that I am more than comfortable in also tutoring Chemistry and Physics at least up to A-Levels. Throughout my tutoring experience, I have gained extensive experience in the OCR and AQA A-Level exam boards as well as Edexcel at GCSE level.

Client Reviews

Practiced questions and revised some biology

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Helped me understand very well

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really nice trial lesson!!

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A very helpful and friendly tutor, highly recommend

- Biochemistry

Explains tricky concepts in and easy to understand fashion.

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My son thought Stefan was a really great Tutor

- Physics

Stefan, is absolutely outstanding Tutor. Very patient, inspiring & motivating style makes learning for young people very engaging & enjoyable. I would highly recommend Stefan to any student who may be struggling with Biology. Thank you Stefan and well done for your help with our Son Alex.

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Great ways of developing my understanding of the topic

- Chemistry

So helpful with explaining everything so that i can understand it better! Very helpful as exams are soon:)

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A Level - Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Pharmacology MSci - 1st Class Honours