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American University of Beirut - Civil Engineering - Geotechnical Engineering Concentration - Masters

I have been teaching various subjects in civil engineering for over 9 years at a university level including foundations engineering, soil mechanics, soil mechanics laboratory and construction materials laboratory. I also teach structural software and fluid mechanics, among others.

Recent Students: 46 Total Hours: 1360 Last Online: 28 May 2023
All-time Students: 60 Total Classes: 765 Signed Up: 27 Apr 2022

About Me

I have a Bachelors degree in Biology and Civil Engineering and a Masters degree in Civil Engineering. I have a passion for teaching and I have been in this business for over 9 years now. I love the experience and I love the interaction with students and especially the satisfaction of seeing good results materialize in the work of the students I teach.

Tutor Experience

I have taught at the Lebanese American University (LAU) the following subjects:
Soil Mechanics Laboratory
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Structural Modeling Software: Etabs

I have taught at Phoenicia University (PU) the following subjects:
Foundations Engineering
Soil Mechanics
Soil Mechanics Laboratory
Construction Materials Laboratory
Engineering Ethics and Leadership
Engineering Management

Topic Expertise

My area of expertise:
Geotechnical Engineering - Soil Mechanics, Foundations Engineering, Engineering Geology, Materials and Soil Laboratory
Structural Engineering - Software Modeling, Concrete Design
Dynamics - University level Physics

Client Reviews

Very good teacher

- Civil Engineering

Hussein never failed to perform his job, he was always prompt, and his lessons were evident and detailed. He even explained the tasks that were taught. I strongly recommend Hussien for those who need PM, and I am sure your grades will be good.

- Management

Great and responsible!

- General Engineering

Hussein has demonstrated his lesson in detail, and I have improved a lot in understanding the syllabus that was taught. A good thumb for Hussein

- Management

Hussein is so helpful and actually help me understand what I’m doing I couldn’t ask for a better tutor 100% recommend

- Civil Engineering

good tutor which explains the theory in depth

- Civil Engineering

Thank you so much sir, much appreciate it

- Civil Engineering

I do really appreciate it sir, for everything I'm so grateful for teaching me and let me know what does actually this module means. Thank you sir, and wish you best day

- Civil Engineering

Hussein has been extremely helpful in assisting me as I progressed through my course. He had a complete understanding of the concepts and he was great at working through complex questions. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

- Mathematics

Hussein has been extremely helpful in assisting me with my coursework. He was very knowledgeable about the concepts and was excellent at explaining the concepts with meaningful examples/scenarios. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

- Mathematics

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Masters in Civil Engineering - Geotechnical Engineering Concentration
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