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Computer Science tutor and trainer with many years of experience in teaching GCSE, A-level and undergraduate students. I am an expert in teaching all the theory as well as programming content of different syllabus from AQA, OCR, CIE, and any independent university module. Develop customize lessons depending on student requirements, learning abilities and objectives to build their confidence as well as knowledge on the subject. Give training to Computer Science teachers in equipping them with necessary skills and pedagogy techniques to deliver effective and engaging in-class lessons at different schools in UK.

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About Me

I have done my BSc (Hons) in Computing and Information Systems with First class honours and since then I am engaged with my subject in the form software development, teaching and training. I have worked as a Java developer and have analysed, designed and implemented many systems from simple database applications to web based enterprise applications. I have tutored numerous school, college and university students in the subject of computer science and particularly programming in Java & Python. I have a passion of my subject and love to share the knowledge with others.

Tutor Experience

I have many years of experience in teaching Computer Science to undergraduate, A-level, and GCSE students. I am an expert in equipping the learners with the required knowledge and understanding to succeed in the subject and achieve the desired result.

I provide help and guidance on all the components of the subject like the theory topics, programming, and practical project. Teaching different concepts and terminologies with real world examples that can be used to develop practical computing solutions.

I am also a specialist tutor for university students in Computer Science related modules to help them understand different topics and the overall syllabus content.

Arranged and delivered many programming courses at different institutes and academies to train and prepare the students to initiate and build their careers in programming and software development as well as people who want to switch their careers into programming/development.

Conducted numerous teachers training workshops for different schools and colleges when Computer Science was introduced as a new subject in schools curriculums. I have trained many teachers in computer science subjects specifically programming with Python and Java and provides help to understand specifically the AQA and OCR specifications.

I constantly seek ways to improve my teaching skills and philosophies and strive to make and deliver engaging lessons to students with varied background and knowledge on the subject.

Topic Expertise

I have experience of teaching different UK Computer Science specification some of them are AQA, OCR, CIE/Edexcel, any independent boards and any University programming modules at undergraduate level.

For GCSE/A-levels any exam board specification (e.g AQA,OCR, Cambridge and more), I am fully familiarize with the latest curriculum and have plenty of experience in teaching the required syllabus content for example:
Computational thinking, algorithms and programming, Computer systems and Programming Project.
Similarly for A-levels provide complete help in understanding and gaining practical knowledge of Programming , Data Structures, Algorithms, Database and Networking.

Have more than 8 years of experience in teaching undergraduate students in the Computer Science beside general programming concepts and specifically Object Orientation methodology, Distance Metrics, Recommendation Algorithms, Graphical User Interfaces, Developing Frameworks like (Spring, JBoss(Wildfly), J2EE Jakarta, Django)

Provide first class help and guidance in analysis, design and implementation of the Programming/Software project.

Machine Learning/Deep Learning with Python

Start your journey with me to learn the new and exciting paradigm of programming and build intelligent programs.

To get started, you can pick any of the popular ml/dl frameworks and slowly build your knowledge and enhance your skills: Popular frameworks are:

- Tensorflow
- PyTorch

Currently teaching Computer Science for Data Analysis and Machine Learning that includes different techniques/algorithms as regression, classification, clustering and developing recommendation systems. As well as deep learning to develop deep neural networks for different problems.

- Object Orientation Concepts:
Learn how to use Encapsulation, Inheritance, Abstraction & Polymorphism with practical examples
Specifically designed programming specifications to understand how to use OOP concepts practically in the given problem/scenarios

Other different programming frameworks:
-SOA, Spring, Struts, Maven
- Java (SE, EE, JSP, JSTL, Tomcat)
- Python (Django, Flask, Jupyter, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning)
- Javascript (Node.js, React JS, Vue.js, jQuery, Angular, Blockly)
- R (Data Analysis, ML, Statistics)
- C#, C++ and VB (Desktop and Web Apps)
- DBMS (MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, PostgresSQL & some others)

Client Reviews

Very friendly, clear instructions and explanations, ... 100/100!

- Computer Science

Shahid was very helpful. Definitely makes intricacies very understandable. Thanks :)

- Computer Science

Extremely helpful

- Computer Science

True professional

- Coding

What a great session it was! 10/10

- Coding

Absolutely brilliant. My son had given up hope with his computer science lessons at school and Shahid managed to install his confidence back after only 1 lesson. We are now not dreading the GCSE exam but actually looking forward to a good grade. Highly recommend.

- Computer Science

it was very helpful.

- Computer Science

Very helpful classes. Shahid always explains everything making it easy to understand and makes sure I get everything before moving on. Learnt a lot about HTML and some JavaScript to improve my website. Big thanks.

- Computer Science

Very Helpful!!

- Computer Science

He was very guiding and kind and i understood what he tought.

- Computer Science


Shahid has been an excellent tutor. His programming knowledge is impressive as demonstrated by solving challenging technical problems such as complex interaction of Java, Python, and MySQL. He is up to date and also has been flexible with time. He always explains what he is programing and teaches as he goes along. Shahid is highly recommended as a Computer Science tutor. It will be difficult to find another person as knowledgeable, flexible, kind, willing to explain everything, and willing to research new up-to-date techniques to implement for various projects. Undergraduate Computer Science Student

This was the last of my 10 lessons with Shahid. He has really helped bring me along in my machine learning journey. I started by just knowing the basics of numpy and pandas and progressed week by week to being able to build neural networks to classify the mnist dataset. Each week I got activities to complete at home to reinforce what I had learned in the lesson. We covered many different machine learning algorithms and their uses. Shahid is a great teacher

“Absolutely brilliant” “Excellent – many thanks for sharing.” “Very useful and great idea. Thank you.” “GREAT” “Thank you, a very helpful resource.” Publication (Problem Solving with Python - Worksheet) on Times Educational Supplement (TES) Computer Science Teachers (GCSE)

“I am a long time security engineer with an immense frustration with the inability to script. Read a good few Python books . Got the concept. Just couldn’t code. Lead to a lot of frustration . I wen to Shahid’s class . He was able to teach with exercise that made the coding straight forward. Simple examples which got the concept across . Once you get the concept then your’e off. Well one Shahid, excellent course , excellently prepared and delivered. Can’t wait for the advanced one.” (Student: Greg Collins, CISSP (Banking IT & Cyber Security Professional))

“Pace, scaffolding, smaller group” “Really clear, the theory was also discussed” “Tasks with elements of challenge” “Printouts, good explanation, good assistance” “Very well, enjoyed the session as I am familiar with Python” “Broke new concepts down with practice tasks and challenges that scaffold learning. Using examples that pupils can relate to. Building up knowledge where they are writing programs that solve problems” “You engaged with the class and made everyone feel good even if they did it wrong. You also helped us when we needed help” (Python and Java Lessons/Sessions)

“Engaging team teaching” “Good explanations, lots of exercises” “Good course content, knowledge of topic was very good” “Friendly, helpful and easy instructions to follow” “Go right from the beginning. Also good to know about the help utility as I didn’t know about that before” (Python Training, Computer Science)

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