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Hello! I have taught Economics, Statistics, Econometrics modules at the Undergraduate/Postgraduate economics & Business programs such as Microeconomics, Quant Methods, Data Analysis, Statistics and Econometrics.

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Recent Students: 35 Total Hours: 3158 Last Online: 07 Jun 2023
All-time Students: 193 Total Classes: 2631 Signed Up: 01 Sep 2019

About Me

I have been tutoring online for 10+ years now. The subjects where I have gained considerable specialization are Econometrics and Statistics taught in Econ and Business programs. I am also good in teaching Introductory Microeconomics and Macroeconomics courses taught in undergraduate programs and Statistics/Econometrics courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Below are some of the courses (among many) that I have tutored on Spires are-

- LSE: EC221, MG205, MG207, ST107, ST109, PP455

- Loughborough university: ECB003/ECC011: Introduction to Econometrics, ECC038: Applied Econometrics

- Warwick: EC226

- Bristol: Econometrics I & II

- KCL: Intermediate Econometrics - 5QQMN938

- Exeter: BEE1023: Introduction to Econometrics

-UCL: ECON0019: Quant econ

- Bayes Business School -FR2202

Tutor Experience

Most of tutoring experience lies in teaching Quantitative courses such as - Statistics. Econometrics. Macro/Microeconomics. STATA.

Topic Expertise

Economics, Econometrics, Statistics

Client Reviews

Singh can be easily mistaken for Prasanta Mahalanobis... 10/10

- Statistics

The true professional as always

- Statistics

What a great lesson on Economics! Singh teachers very thoroughly and I really recommend him.

- Economics

Singh is a fantastic tutor. He is very patient and diligent with his teaching methodology, knows the material exceptionally well and always makes sure you understand it. I couldn't thank Singh enough.

- Statistics

Best tutor ever!

- Statistics

Brilliant tutor, prepares very well for the lesson too. Highly recommended.

- Economics

I walked into financial econometrics at a masters level with no mathematical background whatsoever. I struggled severely in my lectures at uni and decided to seek help. I reached out to Singh who was extremely welcoming, flexible and patient. He structured the lessons and tailored them in the most appropriate way to help me build my knowledge and confidence. He is very knowledgeable and his teaching style is easy to follow. He helped me build my confidence and a strong understanding.

- Econometrics

Excellent. Simple and clear

- Quantitative Methods

Attentive and very knowledgeable tutor. Helped me greatly with my post-grad econometrics course, especially with understanding concepts that were not intuitive and very complex.

- Statistics

Mr Singh, always provides engaging classes, always looking for the simplest way to explain concepts to me that I don't quite organize.

- Economics


I just had my last class with Singh after 10 intense weeks of Statistics. I must say he is an amazing tutor that definitely knows his stuff! Extremely thorough in his explanations and very clear in his approach. He is the real definition of a stats and stata pro! I couldn't have wished for a better tutor. For someone like me that had only knowledge of high school basic math, I passed my stats mid term exam and stata exam thanks to him. Now I will be preparing for my finals and he has definitely provided me with all I need to ace it as well. I highly recommend! He is super! Obiananma | Graduate Institute, Geneva

Singh is an amazing tutor, and I'm very lucky to have stumbled upon him on Spires. He explains everything in-depth and is always ready to answer any of the questions you might have. I definitely recommend him. Thank you Singh! (: - Ana | Econometrics| Aarhus University

Singh has been endlessly helpful and patient! He tailored each lesson to my learning requirements, and in a very short time frame. He explained tricky concepts using simple and engaging examples that was easy for me to comprehend. Overall a great tutor, I highly recommend. - Hannah | Regression Analysis and Statistics| LSE

He makes the concept very easy to understand even when it seems quite complicated. -Yujin (Econometrics)

Singh is really helpful and knowledgeable. He is patient and answered all my questions. I am really glad that I was able to meet with him and am looking forward to the next session. Anna - Econometrics Modelling (LSE)

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