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Experienced economics tutor. Economics and learning are my passions, and I would love to pass this to my students in a fun and inspiring way!

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Mahidol University International College - BBA - Bachelors Degree

Experienced economics tutor. Economics and learning are my passions, and I would love to pass this to my students in a fun and inspiring way!

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Total Classes: 1651
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Recent Students: 64Total Hours: 1895Last Online:
All-time Students: 132Total Classes: 1651Signed Up:

About Me

Education and teaching are an integral part of my life. I am hands-on and self-motivated and a passionate individual open to giving my students the best learning experience with an array of skills I have developed over the years, both as a student and a tutor. I believe that effective teaching must always focus on the students need and must be engaging and fun. I always strive to bring the best out in my students. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, trying out new food and content creating.

Tutor Experience

Total experience to date: I have approximately taught and delivered around 5,000 hours of 1:1 tutorials since 2016. I have been a tutor for the past six years. I have taught economics, English literature, business studies, and geography extensively in the IB, A-levels and IGCSE syllabus. I have also taught and helped students prepare for their foundation university exams and helped prep with college essays. Tutoring for these courses has been done from high school to the bachelors level.

Topic Expertise

IB Economics HL & SL Teacher
A-levels Economics - Edexcel A
Undergraduate Economics
Undergraduate Business Management
IGCSE Economics
IGCSE Business Studies

Client Reviews

Thank you Vanee for always finding time and helping with anything. All the lessons are always super productive and on top!!!!

- Economics

Vanee has been the best tutor ever. Can’t say anything bad about her because she is very genuine she is a very good person, patient, kind and funny. Of course she’s like smart smart therefore she explains very very well and you can ask her even the smallest thing and she will explain it to you in detail. Very happy to have been with her, thank you.

- Economics

Very very helpful in preparation for my exams. Literally best tutor ever

- Economics

Best tutor ever! She has google docs for everything which really helped me understand the content and allowed me to review things outside of class too. You can ask her literally any question you have and she will explain things in detail until you understand.

- Economics

Vanee is an amazing tutor and has greatly helped me with the content of my course as well as helping me structure and answer past paper questions. Vanee provides Google Docs on topics which are very detailed and well-explained, containing graphs and questions, additionally, the doc is organized and easy to go through which helps a lot for revision. She provides helpful feedback and shows areas to improve and ways to expand your answer, which has greatly helped me in my classes and exams.

- Economics

Amazing teacher, honestly has helped me so much. Provides clear, full notes for each subunit with everything to know that help a lot. She's so patient and will explain anything you are struggling with a million times and will go out of her way to make sure you understand. She's has a lot of experience with the IB, which makes her teaching even more precise and helpful :))

- Economics

Very helpful and good resources

- Economics

Vanee is the greatest I have ever had. I was able to improve my grade with her help. I trust Vanee with my whole heart and I believe with her assistance I will be able to gain a 7 in my IB HL Economics exam. Vane knows her subject very well, she knows what she is talking about and she is a professional. I am very happy to have her as a tutor. The lessons are great and I start to feel a lot more confident in the subject than I was before.

- Economics

Very nice and always easy to organise classes with Vanee

- Economics

Super helpful! She checked in consistently to make sure I understood what she was teaching me and if the pace of teaching was too fast or slow.

- Economics


Vanee is an excellent tutor. I am a student who struggled a lot in economics and was at a C in February, but ever since Vanee has tutored me economics has been less of a struggle and I have been predicted to get an A next year. Vanee provides me with so much information from her google docs and always marks any work I have done. She always makes sure I challenge myself and will always reexplain anything I don't understand. Thank you so much for all the help

Libbi, Spires

We are thrilled to share that our son achieved a 6 in his economics exam, and we owe a tremendous thank you to Vanee for this success. Vanee's dedication and expertise were invaluable to Jake, and he was overjoyed with his results.

From the beginning, Vanee established a fantastic rapport with Jake, working seamlessly across different time zones. Her ability to connect with him and provide tailored support made all the difference.

It has been a pleasure collaborating with Vanee, and we can't thank her enough for the positive impact she had on our son's academic journey. Highly recommended!

- Catherine (Parent, Spires)

I am delighted to share that I achieved a 2:1 overall at university! I couldn’t have achieved this without Vanees exceptional help and guidance throughout my third year! I gained all 70+ marks in all modules due to her dedication and teaching style, which pronounced my ability to understand concepts in more depth. Vanee is very productive and is always there at any time to answer your questions, going above and beyond for my success!!
- Ellie C. (Spires)
Leeds Beckett University

Vanee's teaching outshone all my previous instructors. While tackling Higher Level Economics in school, she laid the groundwork for my current studies in Accounting and Finance at the University of Melbourne, ranked 14th globally. Her approach emphasized true comprehension over rote memorization, equipping me with a deep grasp of the subjects. This foundation has proven invaluable, making university topics that she taught a breeze. Thanks to her, I excelled in the IB program and continue to thrive in university.

- Tetahi C.
The University of melbourne

I have been learning economics with you for over a year and it has been an incredible experience. Your lessons and your teaching styles were very useful and effective. I appreciated that all of your classes were aimed towards specific areas of my weakness. Also, your summary sheets in every contents were very well organized and easy to understand. Overall, I have learned so many economic core concepts from you and it significantly has helped me through my final exam. Thus, I would highly recommend it!!

- Panissara L.
University of Bristol

Vanee is an amazing tutor. I've been working with her for around eight months, and I can confidently say that she is hands down the best economics tutor out there. Vanee has a remarkable talent for teaching. Her explanations are clear, concise, and easy to understand. She makes things I don’t understand in economics look and sound easy and then she is able to make me apply it to exercises with ease and consistent practice.

With her guidance, I've been able to develop a solid foundation and grasp the fundamentals of economics and I was able to improve my grades and prepare myself very well for my end of year exam which was in June. I also really like how she always has pre-written explanations and worksheets for my IB economics course. These resources have been a game-changer for me. Her worksheets are comprehensive and well-organized, while her explanations provide valuable insights that make it better for me to learn well. Vanee takes the subject beyond the theoretical realm and helps me apply it to real-life scenarios and exercises. It's given me a deeper appreciation for economics and its relevance in everyday life.

Also Vanee's responsiveness and flexibility are very good. She always answers my questions promptly and finds a way to accommodate my schedule for our lessons. In conclusion, I highly recommend Vanee as an economics tutor. Her exceptional teaching skills, comprehensive resources, practical approach, and prompt responsiveness make her the go-to tutor for anyone looking to excel in economics. I am immensely grateful for her guidance and the positive impact she's had on my understanding of the subject. Thank you, Vanee, for being an outstanding tutor. You're the best!

-Orso V.
Institut Le Rosey

Ms. Vanee has helped me through Higher level Economics and she helped me achieve a 7! Her lessons have always been so enjoyable yet they’ve helped me so much with how to write essay structured exams and overall exam and content. I really found her notes useful during the class, they’re very in detail and really helped with my revision!

-Aya N.
The University of melbourne

I found Vanee my Econ Tutor through a friend and I must say that it's been one of the
most helpful academic finds I have had. I took HL Econ and English for my IB and Vanee helped me to achieve my goal with a solid 6 (A). Vanee made complex topics easy to understand with lots of patience and dedication. She made herself available for me most of the time. I always felt safe and knew I could count on her tutoring to complete my knowledge and assist me with difficult subjects. I highly recommend her as a tutor for all your Econ and English studies.

Lihi and Hanan R. (Student + Parent)

Throughout my journey in the International Baccalaureate program, Vanee played a vital role in my academic success and overall understanding of economics concepts. Vanee guided me through complex theories, principles, and real-world applications and with her deep understanding, I was able to achieve more than I expected I could. What sets Vanee apart is her teaching approach. Fostering an engaging and comfortable learning environment, her friendly and warm personality made me approach our tutoring sessions with ease and optimism. Beyond Vanee’s teaching abilities and knowledge, she was a supportive mentor to me. Constantly providing encouragement and support, Vanee genuinely cares for her students.

Thanks to Vanee’s guidance and dedication, my confidence in economics grew exponentially. I witnessed a remarkable improvement in my grades and my overall understanding of the subject matter. Vanee’s deep knowledge, effective teaching methods, and unwavering support make her an exceptional tutor and mentor.

- Yoedchen T.
London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London

Throughout my IB experience, Vanee played an integral role in guiding me through the intricacies of the subject and helped me prepare for my final exams. Her dedication, expertise, and personalized teaching methods have truly made a remarkable impact on my understanding and performance in IB Economics. From the very beginning, it was evident that Vanee possessed a profound knowledge of the subject matter. Her comprehensive understanding of economic theories, concepts, and real-world applications created a solid foundation for my learning journey. An area where Vanee truly excelled was in her utilization of past papers and practice exams. She recognized the importance of exam preparation and actively engaged me in solving numerous past papers. Through these exercises, I gained invaluable insights into the structure of the exam, the types of questions I could expect, and the time management skills necessary to excel. Moreover, she meticulously reviewed my answers, providing constructive feedback and offering strategies to enhance my performance. In addition to her academic expertise, Vanee demonstrated reliability and strong communication skills. She consistently maintained a punctual and organized schedule, ensuring that our tutoring sessions were productive and focused.

Furthermore, her willingness to answer questions outside of our scheduled sessions and provide additional resources showcased her commitment to my success. Moreover, my grades experienced a remarkable transformation. Prior to working with Vanee, my average grade in IB Economics hovered around 5. However, through her guidance, my performance skyrocketed to a 7, the highest possible grade in the IB grading system, with a few notable 6s along the way. This significant improvement, from a struggling average to consistently high marks, not only reflects her exceptional teaching abilities but also highlights her dedication to helping her students achieve their full potential. I am truly grateful for her invaluable contributions to my academic success.

- Kesdechen W.
King’s College London

Vanee is the BEST tutor and mentor ever. She is truly inspiring and makes every lesson interesting and informative. Throughout my economics A-level course Vanee taught me so much. I went from C grades in Lower Sixth to A* grades in Upper Sixth and I couldn't have done that without Vanee! She always made time for our lessons and also kindly set and marked so much of my work outside of classes which really supported me through my revision. Vanee uses google docs which were great as we could work collaboratively and I could do more work after the lessons which she would efficiently mark for me (in great detail too!). My confidence for all my exams in general improved so much as well with Vanee's support. I definitely will keep in touch and good luck with everything Vanee! Best wishes, Syd x

We are super grateful to Vanee for her dedication and professionalism. She went above and beyond in her support for Syd during her A-Level Economics preparation. There is no question she is a truly first class tutor and an inspiring person. Helen (Sydney's mum)

- Sydney and Helen (Spires)

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Bachelor of Business Administration, Mahidol University International College Bangkok, Thailand
• Relevant coursework: Managerial Accounting: A, Strategic Management: A, Business ethics: A, International business negotiations: A, Global leadership development: A

St. Andrews International School Bangkok, Thailand
International Baccalaureate Sept 2014 - July 2016
• Relevant coursework: Economics: Level 6/7, English literature: Level 6/7, Higher Level Geography: Level 6/7
• IB Economics Achievement Award (2016), Runner up for the Global business development program (2016)