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Professional geoscientist with 30+ years teaching experience at professional, postgraduate, undergraduate and A-Level, covering a wide range of geoscience subjects, from basin analysis to petrography.

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About Me

I am a passionate Earth Scientist, wildlife photography and musician (hurdy-gurdy and bagpipes), with a passion for learning and teaching (the best way to learn is to teach!). Recently I have specialised in teaching critical thinking and problem-solving in geosciences, which has allowed me to focus on how we learn and hence how to help others learn more effectively.

My geology career began when I was around 7 or 8, collecting fossils on the South Coast of the UK. I decided then that I wanted to be a geologist. At age 13 I convinced my friends to take geology O Level. Before I selected my A Levels, I contacted the geology universities to find out what it was best to take. They said chemistry, physics and maths, so that is what I did!

My University career began in Sheffield, with the BSc Honours Geology course, followed by a PhD in Liverpool focusing on the reservoir geology of the Brent Formation in the UK Northern North Sea. From the PhD I went straight to work as a petroleum geology consultant, undertaking studies for the exploration industry. I took some time out for postdoctoral research on coastal management in the 1990s, then returned to work as an industry consultant, the second time round as the Technical Director.

After several years I had a health scare, and we gave everything up in the UK to live a more relaxing life in France! Unfortunately renovations of old stones houses quickly use all your money, so I went back to work as a consultant, specialising in delivering professional courses to the industry.

After 15 years of travelling the world, teaching industry courses, I am slowing down again and do a lot more tutoring, hopefully for you!

Tutor Experience

A-Level - Tutoring UK OCR A-Level curriculum

Undergraduate - Demonstrating to undergraduates during my PhD studies. Teaching at undergraduate level at he University of East Anglia (UK), during a period of postdoctoral study in the 1990s. Recent tutoring of undergraduate students needing guidance on essays and dissertations.

Postgraduate - External examiner for MSc geology programs in the UK (Royal Holloway University of London, UK - Basin Analysis), which included quality assurance of exam question design, and examination of geology and geophysics MSc dissertations. Tutoring of postgraduate students requiring guidance with their PhD research planning, implementation and delivery.

Professional - Last 15 years creating and delivering professional classroom and online courses to industry in geology, geophysics and petrophysics. Over 150 courses delivered to over 3000 students throughou Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Topic Expertise

Undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral studies have included: Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary Geology, Petroleum Geology, Environmental Sciences (including geology, botany and zoology), coastal management, heavy metal contamination of coastal sediments, various field and laboratory techniques (e.g. mapping, coring and core sampling, thin-section analysis, x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy etc).

I am currently teaching the OCR A Level Geology curriculum to several students.

Professional analytical skills include: core and outcrop logging and description, petrographical analysis, geochemical analysis, seismic interpretation, petrophysical interpretation, basic reservoir engineering

Professional taught courses have included: Basin Analysis, Structural Geology, Clastic and Carbonate Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy, Petrophysics, Geophysics, Reservoir Modelling, Project Management.

I specialise in teaching critical thinking in geoscience, in particular how to employ critical thinking in your dissertation, and make sure that your dissertation demonstrates the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that employers are looking for.

I also specialise in teaching people how to learn, and helping them to learn how to teach, which is the best way to learn! We are all told we need to learn, but we are rarely taught how to learn. I have spent the last 30 years developing my accelerated learning skills, which I can now teach to you. For example, how to write and read a paper (the two are closely linked!), the power of well annotated illustrations, using story-boarding as a planning tool for your writing, mind-mapping, process mapping, systems thinking, causal link diagrams and much more.

Reports and Publications:

I have written and edited 100s of technical reports throughout my career, and published several papers on petroleum geology and environmental sciences, including a chapter on coastal management in apopular environmental management book - "Environmental Science for Environmental Management" (Ed. By Timothy O’Riordan).

ANDREWS, J.E., SAMWAYS, G., DENNIS, P.F. & MAHER B.A. 2000. Origin, abundance and storage of organic carbon and sulphur in the Holocene Humber Estuary - emphasising human impact on storage changes. In: Holocene Land-Ocean Interaction and Environmental Change around the North Sea. (Ed. by I. Shennan and J.E. Andrews), Geological Society Special Publication No. 166, 145-170.

GILES, M.R., STEVENSON, S., MARTIN, S.V., CANNON, S.J.C., HAMILTON, P.J., MARSHALL, J.D. & SAMWAYS, G.M. 1992. The diagenesis and reservoir properties of the Brent Group - a regional perspective. In: MORTON, A.C., HASZELDINE, R.S., GILES, M.R. & BROWN, S. (eds). Geology of the Brent Group. Special Publication of the Geological Society, 147.

JICKELLS, T.D., ANDREWS, J.E., SAMWAYS, G., SANDERS, R., MALCOLM, S., SIVYER, D., PARKER, R., NEDWELL, D. TRIMMER, M. & RIDGWAY, J. 2000. Nutrient fluxes through the Humber estuary – past, present and future. Ambio, 29, 130-135.

O’RIORDAN, T., ANDREWS, J., SAMWAYS, G. & CLAYTON, K. 2000. Coastal Processes and Management. In: Environmental Science for Environmental Management (Ed. By Timothy O’Riordan), Prentice Hall.

RIDGWAY, J., ANDREWS, J.E., ELLIS, S., HORTON, B.P., INNES, J.B., KNOX, R.W.O’B., McARTHUR, J.J., MAHER, B.A, METCALFE, S.E., MITLEHNER, A., PARKES, A., REES, J.G., SAMWAYS, G., & SHENNAN, I. 2000. Analysis and interpretation of Holocene sedimentary sequences in the Humber Estuary. In: Holocene Land-Ocean Interaction and Environmental Change around the North Sea. (Ed. by I. Shennan and J.E. Andrews), Geological Society Special Publication No. 166, 9-39.

SAMWAYS, G., HAUGHTON, P., BOWMAN, M., SMALLEY, C. & PAYNE, D. 1996. Porosity Evolution in Compacted Lithic-rich Sandstones, Jurassic, Western Siberia. Presented at the Russian User Group II Meeting (RUG2) convened by the London Petrophysical Society at the DTI Conference Centre, London, November 1996.


"just want to let you know I secured a 2:1 for my overall Geography BCs grade and 64% in my dissertation. I am so pleased. When I first came to you I really didn’t feel I was in the right place and was slightly behind, however you inspired me and gave me so much more confidence. Thank you!"

“ Initially when I began writing my dissertation last year, I thought the structure was piecing together well. However, I was far from right. It became apparent after one session with Greg that I was approaching my dissertation the wrong way. Whilst most websites state what goes into each section they rarely go deeper and give you the what, why and how. This is where Greg’s knowledge and experience in the teaching industry have been invaluable. With his help I manage to secure a first-class honours however more importantly I have developed the skillset and understanding to be able to reproduce other scientific reports to an equivalent standard. I would wholly recommend Greg’s book to any Earth Science student as the concepts detailed in this book can not be matched by an internet search”

“Greg is a highly competent reservoir geologist and sedimentologist with a wide ranging experience and exceptional knowledge of workflows and project organisation. His broad understanding of the industry, allied to specialised knowledge, makes him a very valuable team member and his skills in training are widely acknowledged.” Industry Service Company Director

"Dr Samways was very helpful in teaching me a new approach to tackle project work through clear and concise explanations, highly recommend!"BSc Geology Undergraduate

“Greg’s positive engagement and expertise within the geology field made him a great success during the Project Management workshop at RHUL. Greg is very good at getting you thinking and working through the problem for yourself. He assisted individuals in line with their skill sets and project goals and paid special attention to our development areas. His enthusiasm was captivating, and he built my confidence immensely prior to starting my dissertation. Greg is very committed to helping young professionals which was projected throughout the workshop. ” Petroleum Geoscience MSc

“Greg has been absolutely invaluable for inspiration and guidance throughout my studies in geoscience. He is very engaging and is fantastic at getting you to think through a question of your own accord (with pokes in the right direction!) Would highly recommend for anyone who not only wants to dig into their subject but also into their learning process as a whole.” MSc in Engineering Geology

"Hi Greg, just want to let you know I secured a 2:1 for my overall Geography BCs grade and 64% in my dissertation. I am so pleased. When I first came to you I really didn’t feel I was in the right place and was slightly behind, however you inspired me and gave me so much more confidence. Thank you!" BSC Geography Undergraduate

"Greg was a supportive and enthusiastic teacher who supported me in my work. I was really struggling with an assignment. Greg helped me to plan my dissertation proposal. The support and insight Greg gave meant I was able to able to feel more confident in my work and allowed me to achieve a high grade."

“I met Greg as a instructor once in a training course for Project Management Program in Vietnam. Beside knowledge and skills he conveyed to me, I also learned from him enthusiasm, professionalism and especially creative and inter-person approach to common issues. It’s was the most exciting course for PM that I ever have! ” Project Manager at PetroVietnam

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