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I have a PhD, MA and BA (Hons) in History and I am an experienced A-Level lecturer in History and Politics

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University of Portsmouth and University of Reading - History - PHD

I have a PhD, MA and BA (Hons) in History and I am an experienced A-Level lecturer in History and Politics

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About Me

I have been lecturing in History for the last 4 years in both AQA and Edexcel A-level. I also have experience of teaching at undergraduate level. Prior to working within education, i worked within the heritage sector.
I am passionate, engaged and enthusiastic about history and politics and can help adapt my tutorials to individual needs and requirements.

I also taught remotely during the pandemic, so have experience of online tutoring and lecturing.

Tutor Experience

I have taught for the last 4 years as an A-level lecturer in History as well as Politics and English Literature. I also taught undergraduates whilst undertaking my PhD.
I have taught on Communist states in the 20th century (Edexcel), Tsarist Russia (AQA), Rebellion and disorder in Tudor Britain (Edexcel) as well as A-level Politics (Edexcel).

However, through my academic experience, I also have a wealth of experience in the following-

In Ancient History, I have extensively studied the following-

The Roman invasion of Britain, Rome in the Augustan age, the Civilisation of Fifth-Century Athens, Transformations of Helen (of Troy), Roman Cities, Greek History from the Archaic Age to Alexander, the Roman Republic, Ancient Egypt, Roman Religions, Alexander to Cleopatra: History of the Culture of the Hellenistic world and Ancient Biography.

In Modern History, I have extensively (to postgraudate (MA) level) studied the following-
Intelligence in WWII (Including, but not exclusively Operation Fotitude and ‘Station X’ at Bletchley Park). War and Society (with 3 key themes; Civil War and its impact in France, Britain and Germany 1560-1648, Total War and Modernity 1700-1900 and The Memory of War 1945-2000), History Research Skills and War, Culture and Leisure c. 1860’s-1960’s).

For my PHD, I specialised in Naval Warfare. Therefore I am confident in tutoring between Tudor to Modern Naval and Maritime history.

In addition, I also have experience in tutoring in academic writing, exam skills, VIVA practice, Major review preperation, presentation skills, study skills aswell as pastoral tutoring such as CV writing and university application. I have as a tutor got students successfully accepted to Russel Groups and Oxbridge.

Topic Expertise

Naval History, WWII history, Communist states (Edexcel and AQA), Rebellion and disorder in Tudor England, War of the Roses and Tsarist Russia, Ancient History and Classics.

Client Reviews

Exceptional. Helpful, supportive and knowledgeable. Top choice if you are looking for a tutor

- History

Outstanding. Helpful and supportive

- History

I found the session really helpful. We went through some of my my previous History essays from sixth form and I now have a much better understanding of the mark scheme and how to structure my answers to gain the best marks.

- History

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PhD (Naval History), MA (History of War, Culture and Society) and BA (Hons) (Ancient History).