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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Mathematics - B.S.

I offer customized lessons in secondary and university subjects. I also have years experience performing financial mathematics for two multinational consulting firms.

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About Me

I am an American living in Spain teaching at a British school. This situation has helped me adapt to international students who come to me for tutoring.

My international experience began in 1986 when I lived in youth hostels for two months and visited four countries after obtaining my B.S. in mathematics. This journey has lasted 35 years.

I like sports and watching professional teams draft or trade for new players in order to improve their rosters. I follow the NBA, NFL and MLB. My favorite teams are from Philadelphia and I would recommend Moneyball, a film about professional baseball and mathematics.

Tutor Experience

Private tutoring
12 years.
Approximately 3000 hours.
Cambridge,Edexcel,IB and SAT.
Years 8-13.

Teacher of Mathematics. Canterbury School of Las Palmas. Spain.
Cambridge IGCSE AS AL. Pearson Edexcel. IGCSE AS AL.

Teacher of Mathematics. British School of Tenerife. Spain.
2013 2014.
Cambridge IGCSE.

Mathematics Tutor.
Community College of Philadelphia. USA.
Calculus and Statistics.

Mathematics Tutor.
Rutgers University. USA.
Operations Research and Calculus.

Topic Expertise


Core maths: Cambridge 580 papers 1 & 3
Extended maths: Cambridge 580 papers 2 & 4.
Additional maths: Cambridge 606
IGCSE Further. Edexcel
Other exam boards

Pure maths: Cambridge 9709 papers 1 ,2 & 3
Statistics: Cambridge 9709 Papers 5&6
Further Pure: Cambridge 9231 Papers 1,3 & 4 maths
Pure maths: Edexcel C1, C2, C3 & C4
Further Pure: Edexcel FP1, FP2 & FP3

USA, SAT, ACT, Advanced Placement maths

IB Maths Applications and Interpretation SL & HL
IB Maths Analysis and Approaches SL & HL

University & Postgrad

Quantitative methods in business/finance
Actuarial mathematics

Client Reviews

great class

- Mathematics

Great class as usual. very patient when I get lost or don't understand and explains step by step. very great tutoring.

- Mathematics

Really detailed discussion on the application of linear programming to real-world business problems. Stared discussion on matrices to be continued next week.

- Mathematics

Stephen made difficult linear programming questions (from a postgraduate operations research module) much easier to understand. He is very patient and very easy to follow and gave me lots of useful links and PDFs to check out for easier understanding.

- Mathematics

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