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I‘m a recent Cambridge graduate with 5 years of tutoring experience in maths, physics and chemistry. I specialise in A-level maths and physics tuition, and can offer help with Oxbridge applications.

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University of Cambridge - Physics - MSci: Class I

I‘m a recent Cambridge graduate with 5 years of tutoring experience in maths, physics and chemistry. I specialise in A-level maths and physics tuition, and can offer help with Oxbridge applications.

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About Me

I'm a recent graduate of the University of Cambridge (First Class BA and MSci) with a passion for teaching and learning. I'm currently working as a full time tutor, whilst applying for a PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics. My final year courses included quantum field theory, advanced statistical mechanics, theories of quantum matter and more.

I've always loved searching for deep explanations of maths and physics concepts that allow me to get to an understanding without having to remember too many facts! The fact that everything we know about the world around us today boils down to just a hand full of equations, is the heart of why I love and love teaching people about maths and physics.

Tutor Experience

I have over 5 years of tutoring experience. I've tutored and mentored students of all abilities from GCSE up to undergraduate students from the natural science course at the University of Cambridge. I've also helped A-level students with the Oxbridge admissions process by covering some concepts outside of the A-level syllabi and working on mock interviews. This year several students I tutored went on to receive offers from Cambridge and Oxford.

My teaching philosophy lies in working through and attacking problems from different angles to help the student get to a solution using what they already understand. I like to provide deep explanations that really help students remember what they've learned. I believe all students can achieve their desired grades with the right explanations and work plans.

Topic Expertise

My area of expertise lies in tutoring maths and further maths A-level for any exam board. This includes focus on any statistics, mechanics or pure modules.
I also can cover most undergraduate physics courses including electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, special relativity, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics to name a few as well as applied maths courses that cover topics such as vector calculus, calculus of variations, ODEs and PDEs etc.

Client Reviews

Going over and practicing application of normalising wave functions was really useful!

- Physics

Gives very useful clear explanations!

- Maths

Was helpful to go through questions to better understand applications.

- Physics

Very useful.

- Maths

Fantastic lesson, great explanations concerning topics and good advice concerning A-Levels

- Physics

The class was good as he helps you understand your mistakes.

- Maths

Helpful and informative


Really Helpful, anything I didn't understand he used diagrams and asked questions to guide me and help me answer the exam questions.

- Physics

It was a great experience, Luke really helped me a lot in terms of refining my physics IA! He is very patient and professional, I really recommend his lessons.

- Physics

Very informative and helpful



"Hi Luke:
I have been offered a place from Magdalene college!!! I have done a lot of effort for this offer, and finally I get it. During my application, your help is very very crucial. I could even say that I can’t get this offer without your help, and I really appreciate it!" -
李 柏霖 , Lucas, received an offer to study Natural Science at Magdalene College, Cambridge

"I am so thankful to Luke for that he support he provided me during my application process to study Natural Sciences at Selwyn College, Cambridge, during our sessions he supported my preparation in the NSAA by working through similar questions with me and teaching me the different appropriate methods to solve a question, not just how to get the answer one way. Luke also supported me through the interview phase of my application and gave me a really good mock interview and amazing feedback on what I could improve on. I really appreciate how supportive he was throughout our sessions and I really liked the way he explained concepts to me, as well as explaining a lot of tips and tricks to excel through my application process." - Nikhil S, received on offer to study at Selwyn College, Cambridge

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MSci: Physics - First Class
BA: Physics - First Class
A- level: Physics - A*, Maths - A*, Further Maths - A*, Chemistry - A*
GCSE: Further Maths - A**, Maths - A*, Physics A*, Chemistry - A*