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Lebanese American university - Masters Degree - Computer Science

I have 22 years teaching experience in 2 universities. I can teach computer and Statistics courses. I have a very good experience in SPSS to help you in your statistics courses and in your research. I am very patient, dedicated and ready to assist you to understand key concepts

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All-time Students: 525 Total Classes: 1977 Signed Up: 14 Aug 2020

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I can teach the following:
- Biostatistics
- Statistics for psychology
- Probability and Statistics for Engineering
- Applied Statistics for Business & Economics,

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I tutor university students online
I have 22 years teaching experience

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Statistics for psychology,

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Very good explanations and knowledgeable additions to questions. Thank you so much for making this subject feel less daunting!

- Statistics

Ruwada was fantastic - very patient and knew exactly what to teach me


Very helpful and it's making me feel more confident for the exam

- Statistics

It was very clear and helped me understand the concept better. Thank you for taking the time to explain it in such detail. I'm very grateful.

- Statistics

Very helpful and really takes the time to look at your questions.


Exactly the help I needed to make things clearer - thank you!


Ruwayda is so knowledgeable and skilled, she has helped me so much already! I'm looking forward to our next session.


Always great help.

- Sports Science

Absoluting amazing!!

- Statistics

Such a smart lady ! :)



SPSS- 07/04- Nia - Outstanding knowledge of SPSS. Explains things very well! I've learnt so much in a short space of time. - Dissertations- 07/04- celeste - hugely appreciate your expertise thank you - Research Methods- 27/03- Diana - Best tutor ever - Statistics- 24/03- Annie - She is an awesome teacher. She explained everything very clearly. - Quantitative Methods- 23/03- Randall - Very knowledgeable of both statistics and SPSS. Explained very clearly how to set up SPSS and interpret the output of my analysis. Highly Recommend - SPSS- 16/03- Charlie - Ruwayda is extremely knowledgeable and quick with SPSS. She helped me with my dissertation statistical analysis when I had no idea what I was doing! Thank you!!

- SPSS- 05/09- Lien - Ruwayda was an absolute godsent. The amount of things I learned easily within an hour was beyond what I had learned during lectures for a whole semester. If you need any help with assessments, or course work content, Ruwayda is to your rescue!

Psychology- 25/08- Chantelle - Ruwayda really supported me in understanding the statistics and correct reporting for my thesis. I really appreciated her patience and good humour - I highly recommend!

Quantitative Methods- 21/07- Kate - Ruwayda is a fantastic tutor who is very patient and clear when explaining concepts. I have just completed my first session with Ruwayda and I'm already feeling so much more confident about my future studies and using SPSS within my research.

Psychology- 04/06- Orla - I have been trying to get my head around SPSS for weeks and Ruwayda explained it so simply in 2 hours. She is an expert at SPSS and gives very clear explanations and instructions. I recommend anyone who is struggling with SPSS to have a class with Ruwayda!

- SPSS- 06/05- NICHOLA - Ruwayda is an amazing tutor, very patient and extremely helpful. Ruwayda explained everything so that I could understand perfectly. - Econometrics- 03/05- Aditi - Ruwayda is a life-saver!!! Her explanations are so helpful and she helped me understand the task at hand with step-by-step patient guidance, not rushing the explanations and not making me feel bad for having no prior knowledge of statistics. She also gave me advice on which statistical tools are the most sophisticated and advanced in carrying out the research and analysis that I want to, going above and beyond to help me understand the process of data analysis and what each tools have to offer. Sincerely grateful.

- Quantitative Methods- 10/08- Kate - After just a couple of classes Ruwayda has given me so much confidence in feeling more competent using SPSS. I can't recommend her enough! - SPSS- 09/08- Sara - you are the best!! SPSS- 10/01- Alessia - Top-class teacher, Ruwayda gave me extremely clear explanations and made SPSS and statistics easier to understand! I strongly suggest Ruwayda as personal tutor. She is kind, funny and also very professional but more importantly very very good at explaining SPSS concepts.

Trina - I LOVE her teaching! She is very articulate and easy to understand. I feel so much better about my class, assignments and tests. I am very thankful. SPSS- 28/11- Spiros - Ruwayda was very lovely and with very high levels of knowledge in statistics. It was a pleasure having her as my tutor. I will miss our interactions each week with her. I enjoyed statistics but Ruwayda made them easier to understand and much more pleasant. I cannot rate her high enough. Any student will be very lucky to have her as their tutor.

- Statistics- 22/02- Dana - Brilliant tutor. Extremely patient. I have learnt more in 5 hours of lessons with her than I have done in 5 months at university! Dana - Very patient tutor! Ruwayda Explains everything very clearly. Today was the first time I started to actually understand how to use SPSS! -Aude - Ruwayda grasped the aim of my work quickly and gave me clear instructions on how to conduct statistical analysis. She also gave me insight into deepening my analysis and presenting the results. Prompt and cordial tutor! Justine - I just wanted to say how patient and clear Ruwayda is with her lessons and how helpful she has been to a mature student trying to learn statistics in a Covid lockdown situation, Thank you

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