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Aleta $40-50/hr

Modern Languages - University of Oxford

I worked as a tutor in the past for students in school, covering everything from basic maths to complex Spanish grammar. My greatest skill as a tutor is helping students break down a subject into its component parts. When a student can clearly visualize all the parts of a problem, they can tackle it piece by piece. Breaking down a book, a language, or a maths problem into smaller manageable portions is one of the best ways I have been able to teach my students to tackle their most challenging subjects. I help students learn new ways of approaching school work; no matter how difficult it may seem, it is always possible to learn something new!

Sobia $40-50/hr

Mathematics - Warwick

I absolutely love maths. So whether you just want a better grade or you're looking to study it at University level, I'm always here to help. I'll go through many examples, as from my previous tutoring experience, I find that practice makes perfect!

I believe that everyone learns in a unique way and am ready to tailor to your needs. I'm patient and will motivate you to realise your potential!

Drew $40-50/hr

Biochemistry - University of Texas at Dallas

I have many years of experience as a tutor, working at various universities, companies, and even privately. I provide tutoring in subjects ranging from elementary math to Calculus, earth science to chemistry, grammar to essay writing, and foreign languages like French and Spanish. I specialize in tutoring math and science. I am equally as helpful in language studies. I have a great grasp of English, having spent many years as an ESL instructor. I am fluent in Spanish and conversational in French. I am always inundated with students hoping to prepare for and improve scores on PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, and GED.

I enjoy what I do, especially having the satisfaction of helping others achieve success in academics. My method is geared towards understanding of the material, rather than just rote completion of homework. This is, as the story goes, like "teaching the man to fish." While it may sound cliché, this goes a long way in helping students to achieve true success in their studies.

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Ameya $40-50/hr

Comparative Literature (English and Spanish) - University of Columbia

Double First in English literature at Cambridge and winner of a fellowship in English and Spanish at Columbia University.

4 years of teaching experience in a variety of academic contexts and for different educational levels from pre-secondary, GCSE, A Level, IB, BA and MA level teaching.

Detailed feedback on written work with a mix of encouragement and critique.
Experience in public speaking and debating.

Familiarity with the one-to-one Oxbridge tutoring system.

Genuine enthusiasm for teaching.

Ameya's last completed Spanish job with David: 1-2_HOURS - I would just like to be able to speak Spanish. I've got the first few words and concepts down... ish. I can speak Russian, learned in school. I used to be able to speak German reasonably too, but have not practiced in years so barely can now. I intend to brush up on that alongside these lessons.

Claudia $40-50/hr

Philosophy and Modern Languages - University of Oxford

I have experience with teenagers and children, and the most interesting and rewarding part of tutoring is seeing as the student gradually becomes more independent with their learning. Seeing as someone gradually realises what they are missing and what they need to do to improve is especially challenging: but it is the key to having better results!

Claudia's last completed Spanish job with Klaudia: Occasional - I've done Spanish AS by my own last year and I got an A. However, I need help for preparing for A level, especially for the oral part.

Jack $40-50/hr

Modern and Medieval Languages - University of Cambridge

It's safe to say that tutoring and teaching are my passions. My first move after graduating in 2015 was to Spain, where I taught English and French to all ages and ability ranges: one-to-one lessons for adults looking to improve their linguistic abilities for professional reasons; private tuition and group lessons for sixth formers wanting to study English at university; and games for hordes of cheeky Year 1s at the local primary school! I most enjoyed teaching the sixth formers. They reminded me of myself at their age (it feels so long ago!), and their lively, inquisitive intelligence is what motivated me most as a teacher - I would look forward to the lessons every week.

The culmination of my year in Spain was obtaining a Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate after a course I took at an academy in Barcelona. I saw this certificate as a great way of formally recognising all the experience I had gained over the past year, and my pass at Grade A - the highest mark - is testament to my abilities. What's more, I was praised as an 'excellent teacher' on my letter of recommendation from the academy!

I have four years' experience assisting Oxbridge applicants from my former sixth form by conducting mock interviews and giving feedback on personal statements, so have a solid understanding of what is involved and what will make you stand out to the admissions off...

Paulina $40-50/hr

Education and Teaching Spanish - Universidad Camilo Jose Cela

Hi, my name is Paulina. I have experience teaching the IB course for Spanish Ib Initio, Lengua B, and Spanish GCSE. I can also work helping students at unviersity who are doing Spanish and need help with theirs essays. I have also worked with IELTS exams.
I a have a degree on Education and English and a Master in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language .
Happy to work with you.
Kind regards,

Paulina's last completed Spanish job with Zhenyi: Intensive - I would like intensive preparation for my Spanish oral exam in 3 days as well as some preparation for the written exam in 2 weeks.

Saskia $40-50/hr

Modern and Medieval Languages - University of Cambridge

A years experience in private tutoring in French and Spanish, and Maths A level, and Physics, Chemistry, and Biology IGCSE. During secondary school I was a student social mentor and was chosen to aid students in lower years struggling academically. I have been tutoring for three years in total.
Having worked and studied in France and Russia respectively over this summer, I believe I am in a position to offer knowledge and insight that cannot be found in a textbook. With this experience and a hard-working ethic, I would provide a hands on approach to tutoring so that my students feel supported rather than lectured.
I am also very friendly and cooperative, and I love to help people reach their potential!

Saskia's last completed Spanish job with Hassan: -

Ryan $40-50/hr

Modern and Medieval Languages - University of Cambridge

I have a wealth of experience in tutoring, teaching and working with children. I am the current Access Officer for my Cambridge college, meaning that I receive lots of school visits and help students to understand the Cambridge admissions process, so we can encourage lots of applications from a wide range of people. I have worked with Adventurous Education in Cambridge during their Summer Camps for visiting Chinese students, providing English language lessons, guidance for university entrance and cultural activities. This has helped me to gain cultural awareness and to cater my teaching to different students' needs. I also spent the last year teaching English in Barcelona to secondary school pupils. I was in charge of leading lessons independently, as well as preparing my own curricular material. This helped me to become more proactive and independent in my organisational abilities. As well as this, I have volunteered at a play centre for children with special needs in my home region.

Ryan's last completed Spanish job with Lorri: 1-2_HOURS - To be able to communicate in Spanish

Michael $40-50/hr

Psychology with PGCE - Ulster University

I was a professional primary school teacher and enjoyed every second of my time in primary schools teaching 8-11 year old pupils. I later became a producer of educational radio and television programmes for the BBC, both in Belfast and London. For this I needed to understand both local and national curricula in all subject areas at both primary and secondary level. I am well aware of the difficulties that children can come across in both mathematics and English at primary school level and can offer solutions to those difficulties with a smile, patience and understanding. I also tutor for the Northern Ireland transfer tests for both AQE and PPTC.

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