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87 hours in Spanish

David $55-65/hr

English language and literature - University of Seville

I am currently teaching English and Spanish in different companies, language schools and the most renowned tuition agencies in London on a freelance basis and occasionally working as cover supervisor in some schools. I am familiar and experienced with all ages and GCSE and A-Level boards (Edexcel, OCR, AQA, iGGSE Cambridge, IB) and exams (DELE...)

I am flexible with my time. I understand how it feels to learn a language that is completely different from the one you are used to, so I can definitely empathise with your situation and create a learning environment that will hopefully make you feel more at ease.
I encourage students to solve their own problems by guiding them with leading questions as this reaffirms their understanding of the subject matter. This method allows them to apply the same knowledge to different questions as they answer a question using their own words rather than mine.

David's last completed Spanish job with Finley: 1-2 hrs/week - Hello my name is Finley and I am taking a Spanish SL IB course. At the moment, I have a four in this subject and would like to improve it to a 5. My main areas of struggle are vocabulary and analysing texts and answering questions. Furthermore, I would like to improve my speaking skills.

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71 hours in Spanish

Marie $55-65/hr

postgraduate - Toulouse-Le-Mirail University (France)

I have a five years French degree in teaching languages and a three years degree in Spanish Language and Literature . I lived for 5 years in Spain. I also did my PGCE in 2002 and after completing the teaching period, decided it wasn't for me. I really like the privileged relationship the one-to-one tuition brings. I help the school students (GCSE, A Level, Baccalaureate etc.) to close the gap or excel in class, the adult to explore the language with all its diversity (structure and communication) and I also teach children with songs, enjoyable activities, it is also possible online.

Marie's last completed Spanish job with wenjing amber: 1-2 hrs/week - to enjoy the subject

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65 total hours

22 hours in Spanish

Elodie $30-40/hr

Modern and Medieval Languages - University of Cambridge

Having been tutored myself in the past, I understand what being in a pupil's shoes is like. From there I then started tutoring after having developed a passion in education and learning. I have since tutored children as young as five to adults from a wide range of ages. This means that not only have I learnt how to adapt my teaching from individual to individual but also to adapt my level of tutoring based on age and/or past experience in the subjects that I tutor.
The last student I tutored on Spires achieved an A at A level French.

Elodie's last completed Spanish job with Cameron: 1-2 hrs/week - I am looking for help with essay writing, I am studying La Casa de Bernarda Alba and La Lengua de las Mariposas. Im not very good at structuring my answers and would like some help with this.

Any other help in terms of the edexcel a level spanish course would also be great.

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10 total hours

9 hours in Spanish

Charlie $40-50/hr

Modern Languages - University of Oxford

Through my tutoring experience, I have learned to be a personable teacher and mentor. I have taught English for two months in Rio de Janeiro at a charity school called Solar Meninos de Luz. In London, I have several years worth of experience teaching French, Spanish, Portuguese and English (all as foreign languages). I have prepared students for exams at OCR and Edexcel GCSE, as well as AQA A-Level and Cambridge Pre-U. I aim to make learning fun and interactive, and so I use technology such as graphic tablets as well as word games provided by Memrise.

My Modern Languages course at Oxford University has prepared me for tutoring. Having benefited from weekly face-to-face discussions with tutors, I appreciate the value of personalised tutoring and committing to ambitious exam and university entrance objectives.

Charlie's last completed Spanish job with Hira : 1-2 hrs/week - I want an A/B in my exams

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73 total hours

4 hours in Spanish

Daniel $35-45/hr

Education - Baptist University of the Americas

I have plenty experience tutoring online. I have been working as a tutor helping prepare students for different international exams in the past 6 years. I also work with the goals of each student individually and help them achieve their desire score.

Daniel's last completed Spanish job with Zara: 1-2 hrs/week - We are looking for a Spanish teacher for 1-2 hours per week to teach one group of beginner boys aged 6,7 and 8 and an older group of boys aged 10,10 and 11.
We would prefer a native Spanish speaker.

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55 total hours

Luiz $25-35/hr

Biological Sciences - UFTM

I have been teaching languages for more than 15 years long and always improving and getting new ways and methods to teach.

Luiz's last completed Spanish job with Kate: Intensive - I need help in practising my Spanish oral exam (i.e. general conversation questions fluency, photocard and role play under timed conditions). Also, it would be very helpful for someone to mark my Spanish writing tasks. I am predicted a 7 (A) but really want an 8 (A*), but preferably a 9 (A**) as I want to do Spanish at A-Level. My exam board is AQA, and I am in Year 11, my GCSEs start in 5 weeks).

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72 total hours

Lizzie $40-50/hr

Chemistry with Spanish for Science - Imperial College London

I have years of experience both tutoring and mentoring young people, and am now working as a chemistry teacher, so I have access to useful resources, across KS3, 4 and 5. This means I can ensure the right support to help students truly understand the topic and get the best grade possible.

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51 total hours

Ignacio $46/hr

M.Sc. in Economics (c) - Private Bolivian University

Pamoja Teacher
IB Extended Essay Tutor
IB Examiner
IB Economics HL & SL Teacher
Undergraduate Economics

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59 total hours

Daniel $65-75/hr

Social and Political Theory - University of Birmingham

I have a BA in philosophy with first-class honours from the University of York, and an MA from the University of Birmingham. A number of my papers have been published, and I was previously an editor of a philosophical journal.

I have been teaching for over four years. I am reliable, dedicated and professional. I have an exceptional history of helping students achieve success.

I am a professionally trained, passionate philosopher. I believe in helping students to achieve highly whilst also imparting some of what makes philosophy a wonderful subject. Despite what some people think, you absolutely can maximise both simultaneously. Learning should be fun and rewarding, but still results driven.

I have excellent communicative and interpersonal skills. Philosophy is hard, we will look at things together that some of the greatest minds of the last two and a half thousand years have struggled to grapple with, so although I can never make it easy, I can certainly make it easier. I want to help you appreciate the satisfaction of understanding and working with something that was originally very challenging.

Daniel's last completed Spanish job with Priti: Intensive - I want to learn Spanish to be able to converse whilst visiting Spain.

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259 total hours

Marie K $50-60/hr

Neuroscience - University College London

I have tutored in person and online for over 10 years and receive great feedback with my students receiving mostly A*'s and A's. I believe that interacting and stimulation is the key to excellent tutoring.
I work mainly on perfecting exam techniques and how to answer the question for maximum marks. I have a lot of practice material and previous exam material.

I welcome inquiries from anyone who would like extra, on-going tuition, help with general revision or assignments, or preparation for exams.

I have experience with OCR, AQA and Edexcel syllabus.

Marie K's last completed Spanish job with rehan: Occasional - I need someone to help me do a coursework reading and writing.

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