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Striving hard to Empowering students with finance, math and programming skills to excel in their academic and professional pursuits.

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EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht, Germany - Finance - MSc in Finance

Striving hard to Empowering students with finance, math and programming skills to excel in their academic and professional pursuits.

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About Me

Until a few years back, I would have never imagined myself pursuing a PhD in Finance and also carrying out teaching tasks for students in my University. As semesters have passed and having taught courses for both Undergraduates and Postgraduates, I have realized that I have a knack for teaching and sharing my knowledge with students. It has made me realize that there is so much latent knowledge that is present in various subjects, that can be analyzed more deeply during my prepartion before lectures and when presented in the right way to students, it can help engineer their thoughts to make better decisions in academic and professional situations. Optimizing this whole process for the benefit of my students is my goal.

I hold a Master of Science in Finance from EBS University of Business and Law, where I gained expertise in financial modeling, econometrics, and capital markets. Currently, I am pursuing a doctoral degree in Finance and work as a research assistant at the university. With a keen interest in empirical finance and data analysis, I have supervised several research projects and I provide tutorials for investment, decision theory, and statistics courses for Bachelor and Master students.

Tutor Experience

I am currently teaching the subjects Investments for Masters in Finance and Masters in Management students. I am also teaching Decision Theory & Investments for Bachelors in Business students. I also handle the teaching and tutorials for Introduction to Statistics for Bachelors in Business students.

My approach to teaching is quite simple. It's like Chess "Develop minor pieces, Castle the King and start attacking the other King side". My pedagogy is Get the theoritical fundamentals strong which forms the foundation, practice questions to put the theoritical knowledge gained to the test, present business or other case studies relevant to the topic that have happened in real life and finally the discussions of those case studies to enable students to think outside the box which can help them better in real life situations.

Topic Expertise

I am equipped with the skills to deliver effective and engaging tutoring sessions in finance, econometrics, and capital markets.

But I also want to you know how I acquired those skills and knowledge and how I am too still in the process of learning. My main source of knowledge and skills is through my PhD research. I have gained industry experience as a portfolio management intern at Assenagon Asset Management S.A, where I conducted performance attribution and return contribution analysis using regression techniques, evaluated model performance, and developed a risk contribution model for effective portfolio risk management. Additionally, I have experience in analyzing bad loans for car companies, creating portals and apps using BPM tools.

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Educational Qualifications:

PhD Candidate in Finance, EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht, Germany
MSc in Finance, EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht, Germany
B.E.(Hons) Mechanical Engineering, BITS-Pilani, India