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I am an experiences Computer Science Teacher, making the subject so easy for anyone to understand...
Please remember "There are no Bad Students, there are only Bad Teachers", and my students are all Happy and educated through my Delivery process

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Loughborough University - Computer Science - Master of Science

I am an experiences Computer Science Teacher, making the subject so easy for anyone to understand...
Please remember "There are no Bad Students, there are only Bad Teachers", and my students are all Happy and educated through my Delivery process

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About Me

I was born in the United Kingdom but have lived most of my life in Cyprus. I studied in the UK and now, as a 25+ year computer teacher/lecturer/instructor, I am helping people understand complex concepts that they never thought they could comprehend. Over my many years of experience, I have encountered every challenge imaginable and I am confident in my ability to teach anyone regardless of their age or experience level. Trust me and you'll be amazed by how quickly you can learn. Additionally, I am happy to teach in Greek for those who prefer a second language to better understand the material.

Tutor Experience

My tuition style is based on the recognition and understanding that each student has their own way of achieving their highest possible results. I fully recognise that in private tuition, the student doe not have to compromise and can get the best tutor to suit their individual needs. I try to accommodate the very busy and restrictive schedules of both parents and students, including boarding school students and distance universities. My aim is always to try to help the students achieve their targets.

Topic Expertise

IT Skills
• Microsoft Office applications
• Internet / E-mail
• ECDL (European Computer Driving License)
• GCSE & GCE (A Level)
• Programming Languages
• Mobile & Web application Development
• System Analysis
• Designing Systems
• Interactive Computing
• Big Data Analysis
• Azur
• Power Platforms
• Power BI


Andreas Stylianou is a dedicated and knowledgeable educator with over 27 years of experience in teaching and curriculum development in the field of Computer Science. With a Master of Science in Interactive Computing & System Design from Loughborough University of Technology, England, and ongoing pursuit of a PhD in Computer Engineering from Frederick University Cyprus, Andreas brings a wealth of academic expertise to his role.

Throughout his career, Andreas has demonstrated exceptional skills in curriculum planning, adapting lessons to various class sizes and student needs, and establishing productive dialogues with students and parents. He is highly proficient in IT Networking, system analysis, and programming languages such as C#, C++, Java, and Python. Andreas also possesses expertise in mobile and web application development, networking, designing systems, and big data analysis.

As an educator, Andreas is committed to creating a safe and engaging learning environment where students can thrive academically and socially. He has a proven track record of implementing innovative teaching techniques, developing training modules, and improving grade-level performance for both special needs and general population students. Andreas is proficient in using classroom management platforms like Google Classroom and Moodle to enhance the learning experience.

In addition to his teaching roles, Andreas has contributed significantly to curriculum development, program leadership, and educational program implementation. He holds various certifications and memberships, including Cisco CCNAv7 certifications and safeguarding certificates for UK schools.

Andreas's passion for education extends beyond the classroom, as he actively participates in webinars, training courses, and professional development activities. He is a proactive collaborator, promoting and representing institutions both internally and externally.

Background Checks



2023: Candidate PhD Degree Computer Engineering.
1995: Master of Science (Interactive Computing & System Design) from Loughborough University, England
1994: Bachelor of Computer Science from Cyprus College, Cyprus

• Approved Training Instructor of HRDA (ΑΝΑΔ) Cyprus
• Approved Invigilator for the LCCI exams
• Member of the design team of Ledra College, Nicosia for the successful External Evaluation-Accreditation by FOREAS DIPAE of the BA International Relations
• Member of the development team of Unicaf, Larnaca for the successful External Evaluation-Accreditation by UEL of the modules offered under UEL at UNICAF University
• Cisco CCNAv7: Introduction to Networks Certificate in Mar.’21
• Cisco CCNAv7: Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials Certificate in May.’21