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I am an enthusiastic tutor with a passion for teaching!

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About me

My passion lies with learning and experiencing new things. I am an experienced researcher in Classics but I also enjoy very much doing research in Aegean Bronze Archaeology and particularly the Mycenaean civilisation. I love learning new languages, ancient and modern and I enjoy reading and writing the most. I also like to play sports, I currently only play football and chess (yes it is a sport!) due to time constraints but till last year I used to do karate and play volleyball as well. Finally I love music, listening and playing, my preference is rock but I listen to practically everything.

Tutor Experience

Hello, my name is George and I hold a PhD in Classics from Durham, where I am currently a Lecturer in Greek Literature. I have many years of experience as a tutor of Classics & Ancient History, Modern Greek and Philosophy. I have worked at the National University of Athens, the University of Durham and have taught at the University of Swansea. Throughout my career I have provided private tuition to high-school and university students as well as adult learners.
I specialise mostly in the teaching of Greek (Ancient and Modern) and Greek Poetry and Prose, which is also the area of my research. When teaching Classics I try to incorporate my research into my lessons thus providing the students not only with the necessary learning materials but also with the tools needed in order to question and evaluate those materials and reach their own understanding and insights regarding the texts/subjects studied. My teaching methods have proved very successful so far as can be confirmed from the many positive evaluations and feedback I have received throughout my teaching career.
If we work together you can be sure that we will achieve your learning aims, whatever they may be.

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