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Professional IGCSE Latin Tutors

All of our high quality IGCSE Latin Tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

  • professional online Latin tutor Harry
    Classics, University of Oxford
    I am a Latin, Ancient Greek and Maths tutor, recently graduated from studying Classics at Trinity College, Oxford. I'm very keen to spend time helping others learn and enjoy Classics and Maths just like I do. I have a range of resources and methods that can work for whatever style of learning suits you best!
  • professional online Latin tutor Lucy
    Classics, Art, Oxford
    Experienced school Classics/Art/EPQ/English teacher and former marker. Practising artist. Languages, art and ancient history are my passions and I love to pass these on to my students in inspiring and engaging ways.
    348 hours taught
  • professional online Latin tutor Roxana
    Classics 1st, University College London
    Experienced tutor in Latin, Ancient Greek and Classical Civilisation

    432 hours taught
  • professional online Latin tutor Serena
    Classics and Ancient History, The University of Manchester
    I have a PhD in Classics and Ancient History and I am a professional tutor in Latin, Ancient Greek, Italian, Ancient History, and Classical Civilisation.
    206 hours taught
  • professional online Latin tutor Konrad
    Latin with Classics, King's College London, London, United Kingdom
    London-based very experienced Classics tutor and well-qualified teacher (PGCE at King's in 2017) specialised in teaching:

    - Latin (all levels),
    - Ancient Greek (all levels),
    - Ancient History (up to A-Level)
    - Classical Civilisation.
  • professional online Latin tutor Rebecca
    Classics, University of Liverpool
    Qualified and experienced teacher: I’ve been teaching and tutoring for over ten years. Whether you are hoping for a series of lessons or a one-off to tackle something difficult, we can work towards your goals together.
    102 hours taught
  • professional online Latin tutor Henriette
    Classics (1st), University of Oxford; Humboldt Uni Berlin
    Experienced tutor in Latin, Ancient Greek and Classical Civilisation
    463 hours taught
  • professional online Latin tutor Arianna
    Latin with Classics, University of Cambridge
    Qualified and experienced teacher of Classics and Latin with a BA and MA from the University of Manchester and a PGCE from the University of Cambridge.
    422 hours taught
  • professional online Latin tutor Cecilia
    Linguistics, London
    I am an enthusiastic and committed teacher with over twenty years experience of teaching in English schools, both at primary and at secondary level. I am currently teaching Latin to students from year 9 to Year 13 and Classical Civilisation in the Sixth Form. My students regularly exceed their target grades and I mentor teacher trainees. I am a mother tongue speaker of Italian and hold a PGCE as well as a masters degree in the teaching of a second language. Over the last ten years I have taught mostly classical subjects, including Latin at all levels and have successfully prepared students for GCSE and A level in Italian, Latin and Classical Civilisation, including Oxbridge candidates. I have also taught adult education classes and have tutored a number of private students, aged 10 to 60! I enjoy the flexibility of online tutoring, which I have found to be very effective in delivering excellent sessions.
  • professional online Latin tutor Emma
    MA (Cantab) – French & Latin; MPhil / PhD (French Studies), University of Cambridge / University College London

  • professional online Latin tutor Harry
    Classics, University of Oxford
    Enthusiastic and attentive recent graduate with significant experience in tutoring, who has a far-reaching interest in all the humanities, but particularly theatre and classical culture, and who loves to encourage students to expand their knowledge and attain their goals.
  • professional online Latin tutor Ross
    English Literature (Hons), Cambridge University
    Highly experienced professional tutor covering a range of subjects, but with a specialism in SAT, ACT, GMAT and GRE.


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FAQs for IGCSE Latin Tutors on Spires Online Tutors

What qualifications do your IGCSE Latin tutors have?

Our IGCSE Latin tutors on Spires Online Tutors are highly qualified and experienced in teaching Latin at the IGCSE level. They hold advanced degrees in Latin or related fields and have a deep understanding of the curriculum and exam requirements.

How do I find the right IGCSE Latin tutor for my child?

Finding the right IGCSE Latin tutor for your child is easy with Spires Online Tutors. Simply browse through our list of qualified tutors, read their profiles, and choose the one that best fits your child’s needs. You can also use our advanced search filters to narrow down the options based on location, availability, and teaching style.

Can I schedule lessons with an IGCSE Latin tutor at a convenient time?

Yes, absolutely! Spires Online Tutors understands that students have busy schedules, so we offer flexible scheduling options. You can discuss the preferred lesson times with your chosen IGCSE Latin tutor and find a mutually convenient schedule that works for both of you.

How do online IGCSE Latin lessons work?

Online IGCSE Latin lessons on Spires Online Tutors are conducted through our user-friendly virtual classroom. Students and tutors can interact in real-time using video, audio, and chat features. The virtual classroom also allows for screen sharing and document collaboration, making it easy for students to receive personalized instruction and feedback.

What teaching methods do your IGCSE Latin tutors use?

Our IGCSE Latin tutors employ a variety of teaching methods to cater to different learning styles. They use interactive resources, engaging exercises, and real-life examples to make the learning experience enjoyable and effective. They also provide personalized feedback and guidance to help students improve their Latin language skills.

Can I track my child’s progress with their IGCSE Latin tutor?

Yes, you can track your child’s progress with their IGCSE Latin tutor on Spires Online Tutors. Our platform allows for easy communication between parents, students, and tutors. You can discuss your child’s goals, monitor their performance, and receive regular updates on their progress.

How can I prepare my child for the IGCSE Latin exam?

Preparing for the IGCSE Latin exam requires a structured approach and consistent practice. Our IGCSE Latin tutors can provide tailored study plans, practice materials, and exam strategies to help your child excel in the exam. They will also focus on strengthening your child’s grammar, vocabulary, translation, and comprehension skills.

Are the IGCSE Latin tutors familiar with the exam format and marking scheme?

Yes, our IGCSE Latin tutors are well-versed in the exam format and marking scheme of the IGCSE Latin exam. They have extensive experience in preparing students for the exam and can guide your child on how to approach different sections, manage time effectively, and maximize their chances of achieving a high score.

Can the IGCSE Latin tutors help with specific topics or areas of difficulty?

Absolutely! Our IGCSE Latin tutors are equipped to help students with specific topics or areas of difficulty. Whether it’s grammar, syntax, translation, or comprehension, our tutors will provide targeted support and guidance to address your child’s individual needs and help them overcome any challenges they may face.

How long does it take to see improvement in my child’s Latin skills?

The rate of improvement in your child’s Latin skills will depend on various factors, including their current level, dedication, and regularity of practice. However, with the guidance and support of our experienced IGCSE Latin tutors, you can expect to see noticeable improvement within a few weeks of consistent learning and practice.

Can the IGCSE Latin tutors help with homework and assignments?

Yes, our IGCSE Latin tutors can assist students with their homework and assignments. They can provide guidance, explain concepts, and help students complete their tasks accurately and efficiently. Our tutors aim to foster independent learning and critical thinking skills in students while providing the necessary support.

What resources and materials will my child need for IGCSE Latin lessons?

For IGCSE Latin lessons, your child will need a reliable internet connection, a computer or tablet with a webcam and microphone, and any textbooks or study materials recommended by their tutor. Our tutors may also provide additional resources and materials to supplement the learning process.

How can I monitor my child’s online learning experience?

Spires Online Tutors provides a transparent and secure online learning environment. Parents can monitor their child’s online learning experience by accessing the virtual classroom, reviewing lesson recordings, and communicating with the tutor. Regular updates and progress reports from the tutor will also keep you informed about your child’s learning journey.

What if my child is not satisfied with their IGCSE Latin tutor?

At Spires Online Tutors, we strive to match students with the most suitable tutors. However, if your child is not satisfied with their IGCSE Latin tutor, we encourage open communication. You can discuss your concerns with the tutor or contact our support team, and we will work towards finding a better fit for your child’s learning needs.

How do I get started with an IGCSE Latin tutor on Spires Online Tutors?

Getting started with an IGCSE Latin tutor on Spires Online Tutors is quick and easy. Simply create an account, browse through our list of qualified tutors, and select the one that best suits your child’s needs. You can then schedule a trial lesson to ensure compatibility before committing to regular lessons. Start your child’s Latin learning journey with us today!

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