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Professional Online A Level Latin Tutors

All of our high quality online a level latin tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Latin tutor Rebecca
Classics, University of Liverpool

Qualified and experienced teacher: I’ve been teaching and tutoring for over ten years. Whether you are hoping for a series of lessons or a one-off to tackle something difficult, we can work towards your goals together.

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382 hours taught
professional online Latin tutor Arianna
Latin with Classics, University of Cambridge

Qualified and experienced teacher of Classics and Latin with a BA and MA from the University of Manchester and a PGCE from the University of Cambridge.

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634 hours taught
professional online Latin tutor Roxana
Classics 1st, University College London

Experienced tutor in Latin, Ancient Greek and Classical Civilisation

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589 hours taught
professional online Latin tutor David
Classics, University of Oxford

I have taught Classics in secondary schools for 16 years (most recently as Head of Classics), and have loved the languages, literature, history and archaeology of Greece and Rome for even longer!

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114 hours taught
professional online Latin tutor Henriette
Classics (1st), University of Oxford; Humboldt Uni Berlin

Experienced tutor in Latin, Ancient Greek and Classical Civilisation

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professional online Latin tutor Harry
Classics, University of Oxford

Enthusiastic and attentive recent graduate with significant experience in tutoring, who has a far-reaching interest in all the humanities, but particularly theatre and classical culture, and who loves to encourage students to expand their knowledge and attain their goals.

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professional online Latin tutor Konrad
Latin with Classics, King's College London, London, United Kingdom

London-based very experienced Classics tutor and well-qualified teacher (PGCE at King's in 2017) specialised in teaching:

- Latin (all levels),
- Ancient Greek (all levels),
- Ancient History (up to A-Level)
- Classical Civilisation.

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professional online Latin tutor Vijaya-Sharita
Classics, University of Reading

I am an experienced teacher and examiner of History, Latin and Classical Civilisation to A Level, having been tutoring since 2007. I have also taught Politics up to A Level. My main strengths are a good understanding of exam requirements and tailoring learning to specific needs.

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13 hours taught
professional online Latin tutor Harry
Classics, University of Oxford

I am a Latin, Ancient Greek and Maths tutor, recently graduated from studying Classics at Trinity College, Oxford. I'm very keen to spend time helping others learn and enjoy Classics and Maths just like I do. I have a range of resources and methods that can work for whatever style of learning suits you best!

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professional online Latin tutor Cecilia
Linguistics, London

I am an enthusiastic and committed teacher with over twenty years experience of teaching in English schools, both at primary and at secondary level. I am currently teaching Latin to students from year 9 to Year 13 and Classical Civilisation in the Sixth Form. My students regularly exceed their target grades and I mentor teacher trainees. I am a mother tongue speaker of Italian and hold a PGCE as well as a masters degree in the teaching of a second language. Over the last ten years I have taught mostly classical subjects, including Latin at all levels and have successfully prepared students for GCSE and A level in Italian, Latin and Classical Civilisation, including Oxbridge candidates. I have also taught adult education classes and have tutored a number of private students, aged 10 to 60! I enjoy the flexibility of online tutoring, which I have found to be very effective in delivering excellent sessions.

View Full Profile
professional online Latin tutor Jenny
PhD, LicDD, University of Wales

Recent Latin A Level Tutor Class Reviews

Rebecca - Deborah- Latin - A Level
6th May 2024
Ruby has again emerged from this tutoring session smiling and relaxed. Her demeanour towards the Latin unseen paper has changed already, in just two sessions. We feel very lucky that we found Rebecca.
Rebecca - Deborah- Latin - A Level
5th May 2024
My daughter had been frustrated and exasperated with herself before this session and came out smiling and relaxed and saying this was exactly what she had been hoping for.
David - Roger- Latin - A Level
25th February 2024
Very helpful in all respects
Rebecca - Michael- Latin - A Level
16th June 2023
My lessons with Rebecca have made a huge difference to my latin grade. Her engaging teacher style has made lessons enjoyable and fun but also are hugely beneficial! I've really enjoy all of our time together, thank you so much!
Konrad - Milos- Latin - A Level
14th January 2022
Great class, very understanding, provided me with just the right level of tutoring for my needs
Kate - Sarah - Latin - A Level
10th September 2020
This was my daughter's first class but she said it was "very very VERY good". Kate has been brilliant with the information in the lead up to starting tuition and we look forward to her continued support and help.
Frederick - shakeela- Latin - A Level
20th April 2018
My son Is so much more confident and really gets on well with tutor . Good comparability and good learning


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FAQs for A-Level Latin Tutors on Spires Online Tutors

What qualifications do your A-Level Latin tutors have?

Our A-Level Latin tutors at Spires Online Tutors are highly qualified and experienced in teaching Latin at the A-Level. They hold advanced degrees in Latin or related fields and have a deep understanding of the subject matter.

How do I choose the right A-Level Latin tutor for my needs?

We understand that finding the right A-Level Latin tutor is crucial for your success. At Spires Online Tutors, we provide detailed tutor profiles that include their qualifications, teaching experience, and areas of expertise. You can also read reviews from previous students to help you make an informed decision.

Can I schedule A-Level Latin tutoring sessions at my convenience?

Absolutely! Our A-Level Latin tutors offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy schedule. Whether you prefer morning, afternoon, or evening sessions, you can easily find a tutor who can meet your availability.

How do online A-Level Latin tutoring sessions work?

Our online A-Level Latin tutoring sessions are conducted through our user-friendly virtual classroom platform. You can interact with your tutor in real-time, share documents, and collaborate on assignments. The platform also allows for video and audio communication, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

What teaching methods do your A-Level Latin tutors use?

Our A-Level Latin tutors employ a variety of teaching methods to cater to different learning styles. They utilize interactive resources, such as online textbooks, videos, and quizzes, to engage students and enhance their understanding of Latin grammar, vocabulary, and literature.

Can your A-Level Latin tutors help with exam preparation?

Absolutely! Our A-Level Latin tutors have extensive experience in preparing students for A-Level exams. They can provide guidance on exam techniques, help you practice past papers, and offer personalized feedback to improve your performance.

How can I track my progress in A-Level Latin tutoring?

We believe in transparency and accountability. Our A-Level Latin tutors provide regular progress reports, highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement. They also set achievable goals and track your progress towards them, ensuring that you stay on track to achieve your desired results.

Are the A-Level Latin tutoring sessions one-on-one?

Yes, all our A-Level Latin tutoring sessions are conducted on a one-on-one basis. This personalized approach allows our tutors to tailor their teaching methods to your specific needs and provide individualized attention.

Can I request a trial session with an A-Level Latin tutor?

Certainly! We offer trial sessions with our A-Level Latin tutors, allowing you to experience their teaching style and determine if they are the right fit for you. This trial session will give you a glimpse into the tutor’s expertise and teaching methods.

How do I pay for A-Level Latin tutoring sessions?

We offer a secure and convenient payment system for our A-Level Latin tutoring sessions. You can easily make payments through our platform using various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and PayPal.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a tutoring session?

We understand that unexpected circumstances may arise. If you need to cancel or reschedule a tutoring session, simply notify your tutor at least 24 hours in advance. They will work with you to find a suitable alternative time.

Can I request additional resources or materials for A-Level Latin tutoring?

Absolutely! Our A-Level Latin tutors are dedicated to your success and can provide additional resources and materials to supplement your learning. They can recommend textbooks, online resources, and practice materials to enhance your understanding of the subject.

How do I provide feedback on my A-Level Latin tutoring experience?

We value your feedback and strive to continuously improve our services. After each tutoring session, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on your experience. We encourage you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and any concerns you may have.

Are there any additional benefits of choosing Spires Online Tutors for A-Level Latin tutoring?

Apart from our highly qualified tutors and flexible scheduling options, Spires Online Tutors offers a supportive learning community. You can connect with other A-Level Latin students, participate in group discussions, and seek advice from experienced tutors.

How do I get started with A-Level Latin tutoring on Spires Online Tutors?

Getting started is easy! Simply visit our website and create an account. Once you have created an account, you can browse through our A-Level Latin tutors, read their profiles, and choose the one that best fits your needs. From there, you can schedule your first tutoring session and embark on your journey to success in A-Level Latin.

At Spires Online Tutors, we are committed to providing you with the best A-Level Latin tutoring experience. Our dedicated tutors, flexible scheduling options, and personalized approach ensure that you receive the support you need to excel in your A-Level Latin studies. Start your journey with us today!

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