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optimus linguae Latinae magister, toto notus in orbe (best teacher of Latin, known in all the world; modest too!)

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About me

I am educated up to PhD level in Classics, having gained a doctorate from Durham University. My primary focus is on ancient literature (my dissertation was a commentary on Martial Book 12). I am happy to tutor both Latin and Greek literature, and have experience tutoring both languages.

Tutor Experience

I have tutored Latin and Ancient Greek for 5 years now and find it incredibly satisfying, I have also taught Latin at a local high school. My past experience tutoring students of varying abilities and enthusiasm for the languages has really helped to clarify my teaching approach. I really enjoy helping students achieve their goals in these challenging languages and always try to provide interesting set-texts and homework assignments to facilitate understanding of some potentially dry grammatical topics. As a general rule I like to gear each tutorial around a passage of Latin or Greek and use the text as a springboard for questions on grammatical and linguistic constructions as well as translation techniques.

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Keiran is very helpful and very informative

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