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University of Cambridge - English - BA

I am a supportive and engaging tutor, with experience of teaching students from KS3, GCSE and A-level, to University level.

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About Me

After graduating in 2014, I have complemented my teaching, with playwriting and acting work. Some recent projects include a historical play on the life of Leon Trotsky, a novella and a radio comedy series. I have just returned from acting in a 6 month international tour with Vienna’s English Theatre.

I play Rugby for Wasps FC, play the Clarinet, enjoy singing Opera, enjoy funk music and watching the latest offerings at the West End (as well as the occasional foray into Slovenian Marxist philosophy).

Tutor Experience

I am a tutor of 5 years experience with an excellent academic record. I took 5 AS level examinations and 4 A-levels (receiving A* in English and Drama and Theatre Studies, As in Classical Civilisation and History). I received 8A*s and 2As at GCSE level. I also have personal experience of school entrance exams at 11+ and 6th form level.

I am a good communicator. With my background in the performing arts and recent experience in educational theatre, I am good at engaging students in their subject and the task at hand. I like to encourage students, while pushing them to achieve what they are capable of.

My own research interests are in mid-century American literature, specifically in the 50s and 60s counterculture (as manifested in the work of Allen Ginsberg and Norman Mailer); and the interactions of English and French comic literature, particularly in the work of Geoffrey Chaucer and Lawrence Sterne.