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I am an Economics student at Cambridge and can tutor in Economics and Maths as well as provide a good insight into the aplication process

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About me

I have may outside intersets but the two that take up the majority of my time are sports and politics. I watch, play and analyse pretty much every sport from rugby to curling, I enjoy watching both the physical and mental battles that occur in the sporting arena and often try to come up with my own tactics that could be sucessful. This has led me to the field of sports statistics which is probabily my biggest hobby, I spend a large majority of my time either reading articles about sports statistics or inventing some of my own, at the moment I have created statistics for both Cricket and American Football and I am looking to expand into rugby shortly.
I am also highly interested in politics, particularly the dynamics of who gets elected. This has meant that I am very engaged in the current US elections and try to stay as informed as possible on current affairs. I am particularly interested in the game theoretical decisions that are made by both candidates and parties when they decide where to spend their time and money. This also applies in UK politics which is equally as interesting as the electoral process in the UK means that there decisions become more complex.
While these are my two main hobbies I also have many other and would be particularly interested in hearing about the hobbies of people that I teach as I feel that it gets easier to tutor someone as you get to know mo...

Tutor Experience

I have some experience in Tutoring from by time as a sixth form student, where I tutored many of my fellow classmates in Economics and Maths. I am a very dedicated tutor who will be fully invested in the outcome of every person that I teach.
During my time at Cambridge I have specilized in the mathmatical side of economics, this will put me in a good position to provide my students with information that goes beyond their course of study and prepares them well for their further education.
I am also in a ver good position to help with university applications as I have only recently been through the process myself, this means that I am fully aware of all the hoops you need to jump through with your application as well as what is expected f you once you get to interview.
I think for all of these reason I would be able greatly benifit every person that I tutor and that I will be able to help them achieve any goals that they set for themselves.