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Durham University (BA), King's College London (MA) - BA - Combined Honours in Arts and Humanities (English and Philosophy), Durham University; MA - Philosophy, King's College London - BA: 2.1, 69% average mark, 71% in dissertation; MA: Merit; 69% average mark, 73% in dissertation


I studied a Combined Honours in Arts and Humanities degree at Durham University, which comprised modules in the English Literature and Philosophy departments and a dissertation in Philosophy. I focussed on the literature and philosophy of the modern period, with my main courses being on Political Philosophy, 20th Century European Philosophy, Ethics, and 20th Century British and American fiction

My MA was in Philosophy at King's College London, comprising modules in: Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Psychiatry, British Psychoanalysis, Metaphilosophy and the Philosophy of Literature, and a dissertation on the relationship between Independent Group British Psychoanalysis and Ethics, for which I was awarded a distinction (73%)

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About me

I have an BA in Combined Honours in Arts and Humanities (English and Philosophy) from Durham University, and an MA in Philosophy from King's College London. In between my degrees I spent two years in the world of professional tennis playing, studying learning and coaching theory and working as an assistant coach and sports psychologist for a professional player. During this time I worked with some of the world's top tennis coaches, sports psychologists and business coaches, and my subsequent work as a tutor has seen me apply the principles I learnt from these figures to the field of education.

Outside of my tutoring work I am currently doing academic research towards a PhD degree as well as developing fiction writing ideas. I spend my spare time reading, watching films, playing racket sports and watching Tottenham Hotspur play football.

Tutor Experience

I have extensive experience preparing students for the 11+ English, working with them from the ages of 7 upwards to when they take their 11+ exams. I have also taught the Maths and Reasoning components of 11+ preparation. I have also had a lot of experience preparing students for their secondary school interviews alongside the technical academic components of their preparation.

At 13+ level I have taught English, History and RS widely, and developed a template which has proven very effective in helping students develop their understanding of how the comprehension and writing components of English relate to one another. For History, I have developed a model for the essay-writing section which is applicable to both Common Entrance and scholarship papers.

I have also taught English, History and RS at GCSE and A level by adapting the principles and templates that I've developed from working with students at lower ages to higher level work. I've also taught Philosophy at A level, Pre-U and University levels.

Topic Expertise

11+: English, Maths, History, RS, Reasoning

13+: English, History, RS

GCSE: English, History, RS, Philosophy

A-level/Pre-U: English, History, RS, Philosophy

Undergraduate degree: English and Philosophy


"Since working with Henry, there has been a significant improvement in both her performance and enthusiasm levels. He is a subject-matter expert, who carefully aligns his tuition with the specific requirements of the coursework. I've been impressed by his positive approach and energy levels. I have already recommended Henry to other parents and would have no hesitation in doing so again.” - Father of Maia, History A-Level student “Henry has been incredibly helpful over the past three years, acting as both my coach, mentor and psychologist, and I am extremely grateful to currently be working with him. Henry always sees the best in you and helps you to build a plan to achieve your goals. He is very intuitive and a wonderful listener. Most importantly, he has helped guide me to surround myself with people who believe in what I want to achieve with my tennis” - Jonathan Binding, professional tennis player, current number 425 in ATP doubles rankings “Emily (CE student’s mother) has said that you are brilliant and that she is thrilled to have met you. Thank you for your hard work with Johanna so far and she is very excited about continuing to work with you”- Head of tutoring company, September 2019 “We are very happy with Henry, he takes care about Timothee, is very professional and knows the tools given by the school. The lessons are going very well. Timothee is happy and we look forward to consolidating his English.” - Mother of Timothee, 11+ student, October 2019 “Amelia really enjoyed the revision course she went to today - but came home saying that it showed Henry is her best teacher! Thought you'd like to know that.” - Amelia 13+ student’s mother, October 2019 'Wanted to let you know that Fleur did very well in her History mock exams last week. She got 80% - having written her Elizabeth essay - which is fantastic. A lot of this is down to the work she has done with you so wanted to let you know and say thank you. Looking forward to nailing 3 or 4 more essays before Feb!' - Mother of Fleur - 13+ History student, December 2019 "Henry has been great in the last 2 sessions . You could see he cares about his students greatly and is very nurturing in his way of teaching. I look forward to the next sessions to come.” - Mother of Nico, 11+ English student, October 2018 “We like Henry very much and his approach to engage Liv with reading and writing” - Mother of Liv, 11+ English student “The service and Henry’s relationship with Baxter have been very good” - Father of Baxter, 13+ English student “Henry has been very diligent in his approach to preparing Max for his ISEB. Max is responding very positively and we are on track.” - Father of Max, 11+ student, September 2019 'My session was really great! Despite being a relatively short call, I found our discussion far more useful than I have done with multiple long sessions with other tutors. I left the chat with complete clarity on how I could improve my essay.' - University Philosophy student, April 2020

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GCSES: English Language, English Literature, Maths, Biology, History, RS, French, Latin, Greek (All A*)

AS levels: English, History, Theology, Latin (all A)

A levels: English, History, Theology (all A)

Degrees: Undergrad 2.1 (69% average, 71% in dissertation), Masters Merit (69% average, 73% in dissertation)


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