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SOAS and Durham - Social Science, History and Italian - MSc/BA


Experienced History and Italian tutor up to A Level and the social sciences at postgraduate level.

Recent Students: 1 Total Hours: 8 Last Online: 12 Apr 2021
All-time Students: 1 Total Classes: 7 Signed Up: 09 Oct 2020

About me

I've just completed an MSc in Environment, Politics and Development at SOAS, following my BA in History and Italian at Durham. I'm passionate about education and how, when done properly, it can make you see the world around you differently and provide opportunities you never would have thought possible. As well as helping you achieve top grades, I am passionate about helping students see beyond the drudgery of exams, instil a love of learning, critical enquiry and an understanding of where your education can take you. Age 24 my degrees have led me to live in Italy and eSwatini, working for different organisations on work I am passionate about.

Tutor Experience

I have 6 years’ experience totalling an estimated 250 hours of 1:1 and small group teaching to students aged 6 to 60, both online and in person. I have most experience tutoring students in History and Italian at GCSE and A Level, however, I have recently begun university essay troubleshooting for humanity and social science students.

I base my sessions around the philosophy that you bring your academic issues to me and we solve them together. What seems to be the surface issue-the desire to boost a grade- can be symptomatic of a range of learning issues holding the student at a certain attainment level. Over the course of my lessons I like to drill down into these issues and work at a deeper level to resolve issues students often experience across subjects.

I have a good track record: helping students achieve A and A*s in their GCSEs and A Levels in History and Italian, and social science students achieve firsts in their essays. I also have experience working with mature students looking to improve their language skills away from the rigour of exams.

Topic Expertise

University level:

Social sciences: political economy, political ecology, urban studies, the political economy of violence and conflict, gender studies, water and conflict, borders and development (migration studies), post structuralism and epistemology (meta physics)

History: East Africa 1800-1970, especially the Mau Mau rebellion, the history of development in East Africa, British empire 1800-1960, European memory 1918-1980, early modern medicine in Europe

Italian literature/film: Pirandello, Calvino, Pavese, Levi, Pasolini
Italian language improvement


GCSE: Russia 1881-1914, Britain 1890-1918, The First World War 1905-1918, China 1911-1989, Nazi Germany 1918-1945, The USA 1918-1945, Civil Rights in the USA 1945-74, International Relations 1945-75

A Level: The French Revolution 1789-1804, Napoleon 1789-1815, Russia and it's Rulers 1855-1960, Democracies in Change: Britain and the USA in the 20th Century, A World Divided, Superpower relations 1944-1990

A Level texts: il giardino dei Finzi-Contini
A Level/GCSE language improvement to CEFR framework

Price: $45-55/hr

No upfront payments

Only pay as you go

Only teaches online


MSc Environment, Politics and Development, SOAS (2019-2020)
(awaiting final mark, this year's average 78%)

IFSTAL-food systems thinking and soft systems methodologies, Oxford Environmental Change Institute

BA History and Italian (with Erasmus year), University of Durham, upper second class honours (2014-2018)


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