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Professional Primary Art Tutors

All of our high quality Primary Art Tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

  • professional online Art tutor STELLA
    Fine Art & Art History, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
    I am a very efficient tutor, always clear and to the point, uplifting and highly knowledgeable in my field.
    755 hours taught
  • professional online Art tutor Ellie
    Ancient and Modern History / MSc Psychology (Conversion), University of Oxford
    Specialist Oxbridge Admissions, A Level and GCSE Tutor with a proven stellar record of producing top grades for iGCSE, GCSE and A-Level

    3041 hours taught
  • professional online Art tutor Paige
    BA hons Acting , Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

  • professional online Art tutor Lucy
    Classics, Art, Oxford
    Experienced school Classics/Art/EPQ/English teacher and former marker. Practising artist. Languages, art and ancient history are my passions and I love to pass these on to my students in inspiring and engaging ways.
    342 hours taught
  • professional online Art tutor Rachel
    Archaeology and History, Medieval History, PGCE Primary Education, University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University
    Experienced, compassionate and patient KS2 teacher with an academic background in History. I love bringing History to life, but also helping students find confidence and joy in learning.
  • professional online Art tutor janet
    Fine Art, Falmouth University
    Experienced Visual Art teacher and IB Visual Arts Examiner. Experience teaching GCSE, A level, IB and Extended Essays.
    I have more than 27 years teaching experience in British and International Schools. For the past two academic years I have taught online due to the pandemic, successfully helping art students of all levels with their courses and portfolios for art college and university.
    66 hours taught
  • professional online Art tutor Sarah
    Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Education, Dublin City University - St Patrick's College
    Qualified Primary School Teacher With 18 Years Experience Teaching Both Irish and British Curriculum
    2 hours taught
  • professional online Art tutor Chris
    Natural Sciences, Cambridge University
    Experienced GCSE tutor and primary teacher.
    I believe teaching is about much more than just learning facts, so I endeavour to nurture the understanding, confidence and independent thinking of every child I teach.

    New to Spires, but an experienced tutor.
  • professional online Art tutor Valeria
    Architecture , UEL
    I am a freelance architectural and spatial designer with a strong background in architecture, fine art, interior and spatial design. I have been tutoring since 2018 and then worked with over twenty students in a wide range of creative disciplines
  • professional online Art tutor Karin
    MA, Open University Netherlands
    I tutored for more than 20 years and love sharing my knowledge and skills to help students to expand their knowledge and skills. As classically trained artist, I also specialised in portraiture and figure painting (life painting and drawing)
  • professional online Art tutor Shannon
    Primary Education (5-11) with Qualified Teacher Status PGCE , Sheffield Hallam University
    Experienced year 4 and year 5 class teacher, I love to pass my knowledge on in fun and engaging ways.

  • professional online Art tutor Gillian
    Primary Education, Canterbury Christ Church University
    Highly experienced Primary School Teacher with over 16 years experience . I am currently studying for a Masters in Special Education and Inclusion. I have a keen passion for teaching Maths and Literacy. I am also a Research Supervisor for students studying for a Masters in Primary Education.


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FAQs for Primary Art Tutors on Spires Online Tutors

What qualifications do your primary art tutors have?

Our primary art tutors on Spires Online Tutors are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field of art education. They hold relevant degrees and certifications in art and have a deep understanding of the primary curriculum.

How do I choose the right primary art tutor for my child?

Choosing the right primary art tutor for your child is crucial. At Spires Online Tutors, we understand this and provide you with the option to browse through our tutor profiles. Each profile includes information about the tutor’s qualifications, experience, teaching style, and reviews from previous students. This allows you to make an informed decision based on your child’s specific needs and preferences.

Can primary art tutors help my child develop their creativity?

Absolutely! Our primary art tutors are passionate about nurturing creativity in young minds. They are skilled in guiding students to explore their artistic abilities, experiment with different mediums, and develop their own unique artistic style. Through personalized lessons, our tutors encourage creativity and help students unleash their full artistic potential.

What teaching methods do your primary art tutors use?

Our primary art tutors employ a variety of teaching methods to cater to different learning styles. They use a combination of visual aids, hands-on activities, and interactive discussions to engage students and make the learning process enjoyable. Our tutors also adapt their teaching methods to suit the individual needs and preferences of each student.

Can primary art tutors help my child improve their technical skills?

Definitely! Our primary art tutors are skilled in teaching various art techniques and helping students improve their technical skills. Whether it’s drawing, painting, sculpting, or any other form of art, our tutors provide step-by-step guidance, constructive feedback, and practice exercises to enhance your child’s technical abilities.

How often should my child have art lessons with a primary art tutor?

The frequency of art lessons with a primary art tutor depends on your child’s goals and availability. Our tutors offer flexible scheduling options, allowing you to choose the frequency that works best for your child. Some students prefer weekly lessons, while others may opt for bi-weekly or monthly sessions. Discuss your child’s needs with the tutor to determine the ideal lesson frequency.

Can primary art tutors help my child prepare for art exams or assessments?

Absolutely! Our primary art tutors are well-versed in the requirements of art exams and assessments. They can provide guidance on developing a strong portfolio, mastering specific techniques, and understanding the assessment criteria. With their expertise, our tutors can help your child prepare effectively and confidently for any art-related exams or assessments.

How do primary art tutors ensure a safe and supportive learning environment?

The safety and well-being of our students are of utmost importance to us. Our primary art tutors undergo a thorough screening process, including background checks, to ensure their suitability for working with children. They are committed to creating a safe and supportive learning environment where students feel comfortable expressing themselves and exploring their creativity.

Can primary art tutors help my child with art history and appreciation?

Yes, our primary art tutors can provide guidance on art history and appreciation. They can introduce your child to famous artists, art movements, and significant artworks, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of art. By exploring different art styles and discussing their historical context, our tutors help students develop a well-rounded artistic knowledge.

How do I schedule art lessons with a primary art tutor?

Scheduling art lessons with a primary art tutor on Spires Online Tutors is simple and convenient. You can browse through our tutor profiles, select a tutor who matches your requirements, and send them a message to discuss your child’s needs and availability. Once you’ve agreed on a schedule, you can book lessons directly through our platform.

Can primary art tutors help my child with specific art projects or assignments?

Absolutely! Our primary art tutors are here to assist your child with any specific art projects or assignments they may have. Whether it’s a school project, a personal artwork, or a portfolio piece, our tutors can provide guidance, feedback, and support throughout the creative process.

How do primary art tutors provide feedback on my child’s progress?

Our primary art tutors provide regular feedback on your child’s progress to ensure continuous improvement. They assess your child’s artwork, provide constructive criticism, and offer suggestions for further development. Our tutors also encourage open communication, allowing students to ask questions and seek clarification on their work.

Can primary art tutors help my child explore different art mediums?

Absolutely! Our primary art tutors are experienced in teaching a wide range of art mediums. They can introduce your child to various mediums such as drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, and more. By exploring different mediums, students can discover their preferences and develop versatile artistic skills.

How do primary art tutors make lessons engaging and interactive?

Our primary art tutors understand the importance of keeping lessons engaging and interactive. They incorporate hands-on activities, visual aids, and interactive discussions to make the learning process enjoyable. Our tutors also encourage students to share their ideas, ask questions, and actively participate in the lessons, fostering a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

Can primary art tutors help my child build confidence in their artistic abilities?

Absolutely! Building confidence in their artistic abilities is one of the key goals of our primary art tutors. They provide a supportive and encouraging environment where students can express themselves freely and take creative risks. Through personalized guidance and positive reinforcement, our tutors help students develop confidence in their artistic skills and embrace their unique artistic voice.

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