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University of Cambridge - Chemical Engineering - MEng


I am personable, patient and fluent in the material I am teaching.

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About me

I study chemical engineering but outside of my course the main activity that consumes my time is rowing. I rowed at school and in my first two years at Cambridge have represented the reserve boat (Goldie) in the Boat Race both years. We've had two close races and unfortunately two losses but it's a unique experience being part of the team and has very much defined my university experience.

Tutor Experience

I managed to get into Trinity for Natural Sciences and I think I can teach other people how to ace the science subjects and the application process. I have a very thorough understanding of all the material and growing up with younger siblings I am good at explaining concepts in a clear and logical way. I have experience helping both my siblings and other students work through difficult material and am told that I have an ability to explain things in a way that helps bestow a fundamental understanding of the topic or problem.

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