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University of Cambridge - Physics - MASt


I am really passionate about teaching maths and science, and can explain difficult concepts in simple ways.

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About me

After finishing my masters degree in physics, I am about to begin a PhD in engineering. Aside from work, I am a keen sportsman and training for modern pentathlon keeps me occupied. I also spend time trying to improve the experience of others in university, via voluntary roles in college student unions and consultative committees.

Tutor Experience

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching family and friends for the last ten years. Having studied physics at university, my enthusiasm for science has only increased further and I am now keen to use the knowledge I have gained to help others. Teaching has enabled me to constantly review these subjects at a level appropriate for GCSE, A-level and the initial parts of an undergraduate degree, and am also experienced at helping with university applications. Most importantly of all, I am really enthusiastic and will put in effort to find the best way to approach a topic such that students are able to successfully tackle and understand tricky concepts.

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