Anatomical Sciences BSc Hons

A tutor who thrives in seeing the progress that can be made 1 on 1 with a student by focusing on those key details which are the difference between one grade and the next.

5.0 (984)

865 hours of classes

About me

I used to be a professional rugby player when younger and have continued my love of that sport to become the Londoner with the most appearances in the semi-professional ranks.

Client Reviews

Debbie - Physics

Some initial technical issues but the time with Gareth was as good as always

Josiah - Physics

Good Lesson. Helped with equations and explanations in quite a small amount of time. Very helpful

Josiah - Physics

He was able to explain some of the key things about a topic and also helped me to understand it completely as it would definitely appear in my exam. He also gave me some hard questions and helped me through those and by the end of the session I could complete some questions quite easily.

sarah - Chemistry

Gareth went through my topics at both an A level biology and chemistry standard and gave me very useful exams questions at the end.

Zoe - Science

Great, as always.

Caroline - Chemistry

very helpful and informative lesson, learnt a lot about the areas i struggle the most in.

sarah - Chemistry

Gareth was really helpful by helping me go over content ahead of my course whilst also helping me revise previous topics

Julie - Physical Education

Really helped my son

Zoe - Science


Rohit - Biology

Learned a lot of difficult concepts


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