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Final year undergraduate at the University of Oxford, studying Biology, with a passion for science, and recent experience and in-depth knowledge of secondary school exams.

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About me

As an outdoorsy Yorkshireman, I tend to spend a lot of time with nature. This was massively helped by the fact I grew up on a small sheep farm, this also gave me a hands-on early learning of biological processes which I think has been the main cause of my intrinsic enjoyment of the subject. Where I grew up also allowed me to access now my main hobby, mountain biking. I also play rugby, casually for my college, although I used to play more seriously and to a higher level. Overall though, I am a talkative and well-rounded person and will hopefully be able to convey some of my knowledge to my clients.

Tutor Experience

Science, and particularly biology is easily my greatest passion. This genuine enjoyment of the subject will come through in how I tutor. Ideally, some of this will rub off on my client and will make it easier for them to gain lasting knowledge and for them to really achieve their academic potential. Although I ended up choosing to study Biology as my degree, I've always been fascinated by physics, and was successful in the study of this subject throughout A-level. I continue to be interested in the world of physics, and despite no academic obligation, I continue to seek knowledge on the subject. I will also be more than willing and able to tutor on geography. I have recently received an offer to study at Oxford University for a PhD, this will give me more time to concentrate on tutoring.

Topic Expertise

I have recently completed my undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences at the University if Oxford. I have now been offered a place here to also study for a PhD in Plant Sciences. Biology is therefore my main area of expertise. I am however, proficient and experienced in tutoring both physics and geography to A-level.

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