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University of Cambridge - Medicine - BA

I am available to tutor life sciences (GCSE + A-Levels), medical school interviews, medical school admissions test (BMAT, UKCAT) and Oxbridge Interviews and Corporate Finance (Economics, Accounting, Valuation Methods etc)

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About Me

Aside from academia, my main sport is powerlifting in which I'm hoping to achieve the Full Blue this year. This requires immense time management to balance with work, as training sessions can be up to 6x per week depending on my routine. Currently, I am squatting 170kg, benching 110kg and deadlifting 210kg at a bodyweight of 74kg and I also hope to be part of the Cambridge team representing the UK at the World University Powerlifting Finals in summer 2017 in Belarus.
The independent sport of powerlifting contrasts with my team sport of field hockey. In my first year I captained the Robinson College Hockey team and I have also played at Regional level. I organised team trainings, refeering rotas and managed the finances and budget from the Students' Association.
Furthermore, during the holidays, I have undertaken numerous work and voluntary placements. I spent this summer at Deloitte on a 6 week Tax consulting internship, where I was actively Involved in structuring and implementing remuneration strategies and incentive arrangements for clients. I have spent time shadowing consultants in a busy hospital environment and volunteered at a local Adventure Playground for special needs children, both of which were eye opening experiences.
Finally, I like to relax with a good book or playing the guitar, which I have been playing for almost 3 years.

Tutor Experience

Cambridge Medicine, Double 1st, 3rd Year
99.3% average UMS at AS
96% average UMS at A2

Economics/ Finance
CFA Investment Foundations Certificate
Incoming Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Deutsche Bank

I have tutored and interviewed students of a range of abilities and levels. Medical school has taught me to develop and maintain a strong work ethic, with the ability to assimilate and understand vast amounts of new information quickly. Often this material is very scientific and complex and during placements, it was essential to translate this into a form which patients could understand, whilst still respecting their knowledge.
I participated in the Cambridge MedSoc ‘Mentor Scheme’, supporting 1st year students with the course. I had to maintain the high level of science required to pass the exams, whilst making sure they understood what was being taught, using YouTube videos to help visualise conceptually demanding topics and teaching anatomy using a physical skeleton – both different methods from the typical theory-based textbook learning.

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