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Kingston - Biomedical Science - MSc by Research

I am an experienced Maths, English and Science tutor.

About me

I am a Master by Research student at Kingston University London. I am also working as a part time tutor at Explore learning where I have to work closely with my managers and other team members. I am responsible for actively promoting company's membership to a wide range of customers in a very competitive market. I make sure that I leave a long lasting impression on all our service users. I enjoy playing badminton and cooking in my leisure time.

Tutor Experience

I am a professional Maths, English and a Science tutor. Honours graduate in Biomedical science from Kingston University with 1st class degree. Masters by Research in Cancer biology from Kingston university. I have been an Explore learning tutor in London for 3.5 years and enjoy working with children of different age groups. Before working at Explore Learning, I had experience with girl guiding and customer service. I love teaching and always want to see my students do a lot better than they deserve. Helping children to accomplish difficult concepts is the most rewarding aspect of teaching. I love the idea of online tutoring.

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