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Professional Online IGCSE Science Tutors

All of our high quality online igcse science tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Science tutor Wafaa
PhD, The University of Leeds
1819 hours taught
professional online Science tutor James
Environmental Engineering and Geochemistry, Newcastle University

I have a PhD in Environmental Engineering/Geochemistry and I am passionate about teaching natural sciences to the next generation, and getting people interested in STEM subjects. I have a track record of delivering high quality tuition at competitive prices, and I invite anyone who is self-motivated and interested in excelling in their GCSEs/IGCSEs to get in contact with me if you need any further help with physics and/or chemistry.

** For the academic year 2023-2024 I will be undertaking a teacher training course (PGCE), so unfortunately I will have limited availability **

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1845 hours taught
professional online Science tutor Noel
Chemistry, University of Manchester

Fully Qualified Teacher of GCSE, IGCSE, A level Chemistry, GCSE Physics and Science for 33+ years. Educated at Manchester University and Girton College, Cambridge University. Examiner in GCSE, A level Chemistry and GCSE Physics for 25+ years.

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90 hours taught
professional online Science tutor Rebecca
Chemistry, King's College, University of London

Experienced chemistry tutor and former examiner from the UK. My educational background includes a grammar school education and a 1st Class Honours degree in chemistry from a top Russell Group University.

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1244 hours taught
professional online Science tutor Rama
Biological and medical Sciences , University of Liverpool

Experianced science teacher and tutor.

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professional online Science tutor Josep
Bsc Biomedical Sciences, University of Bradford

Experienced school teacher having taught both Maths and Science at the IGSCE level in an international school.
I absolutely love teaching and will always make it a priority that the lessons are adapted to whatever works for you. Having previous experience with online tutoring, my students have a proven record of achieving the results they are looking for.

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133 hours taught
professional online Science tutor Adem
PhD, Queen Mary
548 hours taught
professional online Science tutor Mark
Biology and Psychology, Keele University

I have the passion, knowledge, commitment and drive to maximise the life chances of students by providing a stimulating, exciting, challenging, respectful and safe environment. I focus on the fine detail to ensure students can excel.

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136 hours taught
professional online Science tutor Shelby
Human Biology with Psychology, University of Hertfordshire

Experienced school science teacher, passionate about students achieving their full potential

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professional online Science tutor Samantha
Sociology - Premedicine, University of Texas at Austin

Qualified secondary Maths and Biology teacher with 15+ years of experience teaching and tutoring. Published academic and educational content writer. Former medical scribe.

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744 hours taught
professional online Science tutor Jan
Geography and Geology - Botany, Biochemistry and Bioenvironmental Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Passionate A-Level & University [both undergraduate & postgraduate)teacher and tutor in Geography, Biology, Environmental, and Earth Sciences, with dynamic, interactive, and creative classes.

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1217 hours taught
professional online Science tutor Jorge
MSc Materials Engineering, KU Leuven

Empathetic, committed and passionate. Over 6000 hours of tutoring experience. Fluent in English, Spanish and French. My approach is mostly based on briefly discussing the theory and then placing the majority of the time of the session on doing exercises. Really looking forward to booking our first session!

MSc in Materials Engineering with a Major in Metals and Ceramics. Minor in 3D printing. Currently conducting research in Molecular Dynamics simulations for the master's thesis

View Full Profile
243 hours taught

Recent Science IGCSE Tutor Class Reviews

Timothee - Diana- Science - IGCSE
14th November 2023
Timothee - Tessa- Science - IGCSE
30th October 2023
no notes. best science teacher
Timothee - Tessa- Science - IGCSE
16th October 2023
Best science teacher I’ve ever had tbh
Timothee - Tessa- Science - IGCSE
21st September 2023
Timothee - Tessa- Science - IGCSE
19th September 2023
there was a lady talking in the background at one moment and it was a bit distracting. other than that he's a great teacher
Alastair - Claire - Science - IGCSE
10th March 2023
Another great lesson, Dylan understands Atomic Physics so much better now! Thank you!
Alastair - Claire - Science - IGCSE
8th March 2023
Very helpful and knowledgeable. Alistair knows the curriculum very well and is able to pick up and teach a lesson even without us giving him any preparation time. Highly recommend!
Tabassum - Bianca- Science - IGCSE
8th May 2022
engaging and good at explaining!
Tabassum - Bianca- Science - IGCSE
9th January 2022
Clear, efficient, and engaging! Would definitely recommend if you're struggling with science.
Tabassum - Bianca- Science - IGCSE
26th December 2021
Easy to follow, and explains very well so you can understand everything thoroughly . Goes at your own pace, and is engaging!


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FAQs for IGCSE Science Tutors on Spires Online Tutors

What Subjects Do Your IGCSE Science Tutors Cover?

Our IGCSE Science tutors cover a broad spectrum of subjects, notably Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. These are essential subjects at the GCSE level. Notably, students in different year groups often require a biology tutor or chemistry tutor specifically when they struggle in these areas. For combined science or just pure science biology, our platform offers tutors with vast experience in subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, and maths. They’ve taught these subjects for several years at various schools and educational stages.

How Can I Find the Best IGCSE Science Tutor for My Child?

Finding the best IGCSE Science tutor for your child’s year group, whether it’s a biology tutor or physics tutor, is streamlined with Spires Online Tutors. By utilizing our platform, you can sift through various tutor profiles, gauging their qualifications, experience in education, and teacher reviews. You can even schedule a trial lesson, ensuring the tutor aligns with your child’s educational requirements. Remember, a good teacher can make a significant difference in a student’s academic journey. It’s key to find the right fit.

Are Your IGCSE Science Tutors Experienced in Exam Preparation?

Absolutely! Whether it’s a maths, biology, or combined science exam, our tutors have an extensive background in exam preparation. They understand the nuances of the IGCSE curriculum, aiding students in developing robust study habits for their year group, practicing exam questions, and refining their techniques for exams. Such experience in education is crucial, especially for subjects like maths or physics where students may find challenges.

Can Your IGCSE Science Tutors Help With Specific Topics or Concepts?

Certainly! Be it complex biology theories, intricate chemistry reactions for combined science, physics equations, or challenging maths problems, our IGCSE Science tutors are adept in all topics encompassed in the IGCSE curriculum. They are equipped to provide personalized lessons, ensuring students grasp even the most challenging concepts at any educational stage.

How Do Online IGCSE Science Tutoring Sessions Work?

Engaging in online IGCSE Science tutoring sessions, be it for combined science biology, chemistry, physics, or even maths, is facilitated through our intuitive virtual classroom. Students and tutors can have one-on-one lessons or even group tuition, leveraging video, audio, and chat functionalities. This format allows tutors to share vital resources, elucidate concepts, and give feedback similarly to a conventional school environment. It’s key to understand how online lessons differ from traditional ones, but rest assured, the quality of education remains top-notch.

Can I Schedule Tutoring Sessions at a Convenient Time for My Child?

Of course! Flexibility is key. Whether you’re seeking a physics, biology, chemistry, maths, or even an English tutor, our teachers can adapt to your scheduling needs. After-school lessons, weekend sessions, or holiday tutoring – we’re here to cater to your child’s timetable. This is particularly useful if your child is in a specific year group that has a packed schedule.

How Do I Monitor My Child’s Progress With Their IGCSE Science Tutor?

With Spires Online Tutors, keeping a tab on your child’s progress, be it in maths, biology, physics, or any other subject, is a breeze. Detailed session reports highlight topics delved into, grades achieved, areas necessitating more attention, and set homework tasks. Direct message communication with the tutor also lets parents discuss the student’s trajectory, academic stage, and any potential concerns.

What if My Child Is Struggling With IGCSE Science? Can Your Tutors Help?

We strive to ensure that every student has a positive learning experience, especially when it comes to biology, chemistry, and physics tutoring. If, for any reason, your child is not satisfied with their IGCSE Science tutor or feels the need for a specialized GCSE science tutor, please reach out to our support team. We will work with you to find a suitable replacement or address any concerns, ensuring that our science tutors meet your child’s unique needs.

Are Your IGCSE Science Tutors Qualified and Vetted?

All our tutors, spanning from English to maths, biology, chemistry, or physics, uphold rigorous standards in education. We ascertain that only the best teachers, who have acquired advanced degrees in their specific fields, coupled with a track record of exceptional tutoring, join our platform.

How Can I Book a Trial Session With an IGCSE Science Tutor?

Initiating a trial session with an IGCSE Science tutor, whether for maths, biology, or another subject, is uncomplicated. Simply navigate our website, peruse available biology tutors, and opt for the one resonating with your needs. Sending a message or scheduling a trial is a mere few clicks away.

Can Your IGCSE Science Tutors Help With Homework and Assignments?

Yes, they can. Whether it’s maths homework, a biology assignment, or a challenging physics problem, our tutors stand ready to guide and explain. They prioritize fostering independent home study, while still offering the essential scaffolding when needed.

What if My Child Needs Additional Resources for IGCSE Science?

Our teachers, spanning from English to maths, biology, and more, have vast resources at their fingertips. Whether it’s for combined science or specific topics, they can suggest extra materials tailored to your child’s needs, ensuring they’re well-equipped for exams and studies at any key stage.

How Do I Pay For IGCSE Science Tutoring Sessions?

Our transparent and straightforward payment system caters to various methods, ensuring convenience for both home tutoring and online sessions. Whether it’s for a maths, biology, or chemistry session, payment is secure and efficient.

What if My Child Is Not Satisfied With Their IGCSE Science Tutor?

We strive to ensure that every student has a positive learning experience with our tutors. If, for any reason, your child is not satisfied with their IGCSE Science tutor, please reach out to our support team. We will work with you to find a suitable replacement or address any concerns.

How Can I Get Started With IGCSE Science Tutoring on Spires Online Tutors?

Getting started with IGCSE Science tutoring on Spires Online Tutors is quick and easy. Whether your child needs help in biology, chemistry, or physics, our platform offers a range of expert tutors. Simply create an account on our website, browse through our available science tutors, including those who focus on physics and chemistry, and book a session with the tutor of your choice. With the right tutor by their side, start your child’s journey to academic success today!

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