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Anatomical Sciences BSc Hons

A tutor who thrives in seeing the progress that can be made 1 on 1 with a student by focusing on those key details which are the difference between one grade and the next.

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Leeds University - Anatomical Sciences - BSc Hons

A tutor who thrives in seeing the progress that can be made 1 on 1 with a student by focusing on those key details which are the difference between one grade and the next.

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About Me

I used to be a professional rugby player when younger and have continued my love of that sport to become the Londoner with the most appearances in the semi-professional ranks.

Tutor Experience

I have been tutoring and teaching for over 15 years, and over half of that has been spent in the position of Head of Science or assistant principal. I believe that I am easy to be around and students feel comfortable when working with me and are confident that they can ask any question, no matter how silly they may perceive it to be. I always try to think of relevant and engaging ways to tackle a topic to enable all abilities to understand.
Having left teaching in September 2018 to spend more time with my baby daughter, I've set up my own business that designs lesson resources for other teachers. This not only means that I have access to hundreds of resources that I share during lessons to back up the learning but also means that I'm aware of the intricacies and key details of all of the specifications, including the International ones

Topic Expertise

As my degree was in Anatomical Sciences, my expertise lays in the human anatomy sections of Biology, including the organs and functions of the organ systems

Client Reviews

really good as always

- Biology

Really good

- Anatomy

Great start to our lessons. Gareth was clear and concise and very knowledgeable. :)

- Biology

Very useful!!

- Biology

Some initial technical issues but the time with Gareth was as good as always

- Physics

Good Lesson. Helped with equations and explanations in quite a small amount of time. Very helpful

- Physics

He was able to explain some of the key things about a topic and also helped me to understand it completely as it would definitely appear in my exam. He also gave me some hard questions and helped me through those and by the end of the session I could complete some questions quite easily.

- Physics

Gareth went through my topics at both an A level biology and chemistry standard and gave me very useful exams questions at the end.

- Chemistry

Great, as always.

- Science

very helpful and informative lesson, learnt a lot about the areas i struggle the most in.

- Chemistry


Ollie - GCSE Maths

As my son travelled through the Summer term of Year 10 and the Autumn term of Year 11, it became clear that Maths was one of his weaker subjects and that maths needed some extra attention and input. Having been through two periods of home learning and school closure due to COVID, I decided that I needed to boost my son’s confidence and skill with maths before his GCSE end of year assessments. Having tried two other maths tutors without huge success, I asked Gareth if he would tutor my son in maths. I wish we had started earlier! In a relatively short amount of time, Gareth really helped my son’s knowledge and understanding of several maths topics and he explained and practised with him in a way that really helped him to understand.
He showed him the benefit of really taking time to slow down, stop, check and reflect on an answer to spot errors. He also showed him the benefit of showing working out in order to gain what could otherwise be missed marks. The main difference was that my son gained so much confidence and started to believe that he was actually good at maths. The one to one sessions and looking at past paper questions really helped and my son approached his GCSE assessment papers with a lot of self-confidence. I would definitely recommend Gareth as a maths tutor.

Ollie - AQA GCSE Biology

When lockdown struck in 2020, I decided that I wanted to ensure that my son was well prepared for his GCSE year as he moved into Year 11. I really liked Gareth’s resume and felt that he would be a good biology
tutor for my son. Gareth helped my son’s knowledge and understanding of the biology topics and definitely made him feel much more confident in the subject. Gareth has a deep knowledge of the subject and
his attention to detail meant that my son became aware of how precise his biology answers needed to be if he were to attain top grades in his assessments. Gareth is always punctual and well organised. He is professional with
a positive attitude and he communicated well with me as a parent so that we
gained maximum benefit from the sessions.
A year on – my son really respects Gareth and can see the progress he has made. If he was continuing with biology for A level –I would not hesitate to book Gareth to support him through it. I would definitely recommend Gareth as a biology tutor.

Taimur - AQA GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Gareth came to our rescue half way through the GCSE course, when my son felt he need some
clarification with the sciences.
Gareth was amiable, approachable and most importantly sincere in his efforts to engage my son
and help him overcome the gaps in his knowledge, as well as give him confidence in taking his
Gareth was super busy, yet he tried his best to fit us in and juggle around my son’s other
academic and extracurricular activities. Gareth got so involved and was really supportive of my
son’s cricket commitments; it was so easy to ask for help if we struggled with arranging lessons
due to these other commitments.
He was focused and dynamic in his teaching method, and always followed up on his lessons.
The thing i appreciated most about Gareth was that after the lessons and even otherwise, he
always updated me about what was happening with my son’s work, if he was improving and what
else he needed to get done. In that way he not only did his teaching job, but he also kept a
concerned mum abreast with how things were proceeding. It was so reassuring to have this open
communication because it allowed me to approach him as well, to share any concerns I had, as
we went along.
Thank you for everything Gareth.

Callum - OCR A-level PE

Achieved A*

I had tutoring with Gareth for a year which was greatly appreciated. At the end of year 12 i was predicted a B by my school. After getting my A-Level results back I was chuffed to receive an A* thanks to all the help from Gareth. Really nice guy who spent lots of time helping me progress and learn in depth things which I could not normally at school!He constantly checked up on my school work and worked through past papers and extra consolidation to prep me for the exams. Definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a tutor. Cant thank him enough

Imogen - AQA Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Achieved 8, 8, 7

Gareth has been my tutor for the last 2 years when I started my GCSE courses. I studied triple science at GCSE, with physics being my weakest of the 3 subjects. Gareth helped me gain knowledge in the more complex topics, cementing my understanding and making me feel far more confident. He answers and explains any questions I have at a level I understand. My grades have consistently improved since my tuition started and I was very happy with my GCSE results. As I start Biology A-level studies , I look forward to continuing to develop my knowledge with Gareth’s tuition

James - OCR A level Biology A

Achieved A

Gareth’s tuition was a vital part of my biology A level and certainly played an important role in me getting the grades necessary to study Veterinary Science at uni. His one on one sessions were always simple to follow whilst still being at the highest level possible for my A level. In addition to this, Gareth was always willing and able to answer any questions I had that weren’t on the specification. He was also flexible in his hours, which I was extremely grateful for, given any delays in getting home from school on time. Overall, his lessons pushed and engaged me and were a tremendous help in my studies.

Sophie - Edexcel A level Biology B

Gareth became my daughter's Biology tutor as she was experiencing significant issues adjusting to the UK education system We had come from the US, and Biology is taught differently, and she was really struggling - she went from an A student in the US, to failing in her A level Biology. Gareth worked diligently with my daughter for 4 months, getting her prepared for her A levels. He was kind, generous with his time, and deeply caring as a person - he would go out of his way to check in on her. My daughter turned her grade around from failing marks to a B! And her teacher thought she had a good chance of getting a A if they had done the actual test this year. Her admission to her first choice university was assured! Gareth is a phenomenal tutor. I cannot recommend him enough.

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