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Certified Professor in Academic Research and Writing

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Manchester Metropolitan University, Central Saint Martins, Istituto Marangoni London & Florence, University of Westminster, Cambridge University - Marketing and Business Management, Academic Research - PhD

Certified Professor in Academic Research and Writing

Recent Students: 27
Total Hours: 2085
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All-time Students: 99
Total Classes: 1457
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Recent Students: 27Total Hours: 2085Last Online:
All-time Students: 99Total Classes: 1457Signed Up:

About Me

🌟 Elevating Academic Excellence Across Disciplines πŸ“š
I'm an experienced tutor in business, marketing, fashion, art and media studies. As a certified university lecturer and academic researcher based in London, I bring a dynamic blend of knowledge and expertise to the table.

πŸ“š My Academic Journey
I have the privilege of teaching at leading universities in the UK and across the EU. I also participate in global conferences and regularly publish in academic journals.

πŸŽ“ Private Tutoring Expertise
In my private tutoring practice, my mission is clear - to empower students to reach their full potential. Whether it's academic writing, skill development, or assignment preparation, I am dedicated to guiding each student toward success. My approach is not just about achieving higher grades; it's about nurturing a deeper understanding of the subject matter and fostering lifelong academic skills.

πŸ’‘ Results That Matter
My students consistently experience significant improvements in their grades, academic skills, and cultivating an in-depth knowledge of their subjects. It's not just about achieving short-term goals; it's about equipping students with the tools they need to excel in their academic pursuits.

Tutor Experience

πŸŽ“ Academic Support Expert with 15+ Years of Experience πŸ“š

πŸ“š Specialties
Dissertation / Thesis / Research: developing research questions, in-depth literature reviews, and robust methodologies. I have experience in supervising and supporting undergraduate, master's, and PhD dissertations.
Essay / Academic Writing: practicing effective writing and structuring.
Assignment Preparation: navigating assignments with confidence and precision.
Personal Statement and University Application Essay: creating compelling narratives for successful admissions.
CV and Cover Letter Preparation: tailoring your professional profile to stand out.

πŸŽ“ Teaching Levels
I cater to a wide spectrum of students, including Undergraduate, Masters, PhD, and MBA students.

πŸ“… First Lesson Agenda
Introductions and Previous Experience -Getting to know each other and understanding your academic history.
Informal Assessment - Identifying your strengths and areas where you can improve.
Reviewing Past Assignments - Evaluating your previous work to pinpoint areas for growth.
Establishing Academic Goals - Defining clear objectives to guide our sessions.
Developing a Structured Learning Plan - Creating a customised roadmap for your success.

🌟 Support Throughout Your Journey
I am committed to guiding you from the initial project brief all the way to the final submission. Expect continuous feedback and encouragement during our lessons.

πŸ” Specialisation in Long-Term Tutoring
Each student is unique, with diverse goals and backgrounds. As such, my lessons are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether it's a short-term assignment or a long-term research project, I'm here to help you achieve your academic aspirations.

Topic Expertise

πŸ“ Academic Writing
Master the skill of writing well-structured, critical and research-based projects.

πŸ“š Dissertations
Receive expert guidance in formulating research questions, conducting literature reviews, and creating rigorous methodologies for your dissertations and thesis.

πŸ“„ Essays
Enhance your essay writing skills, from persuasive arguments to clear and concise expression of ideas, ensuring your work stands out.

πŸ“ˆ Marketing
Navigate the dynamic world of marketing with insights into strategies, consumer behaviour, and effective communication in the digital age.

πŸ“Š Business Management
Gain a comprehensive understanding of business operations, leadership, and strategic decision-making for a academic projects.

πŸ‘— Fashion Degrees
Subjects I help with include fashion business, consumerism, psychology and trend research.

🎨 Contemporary Art
Learn about the world of modern art, from understanding artists and movements to analysing and critiquing contemporary works.

πŸ“‘ Media Communications
Develop proficiency in media theory and practice, mastering effective communication strategies in today's diverse media landscape.

Client Reviews

Outstanding. I highly recommend Alexandra. Not only does she have a good understanding of the research, but she also provides space to think and brainstorm, helping you get unstuck. This was my second session with Alexandra, and it helped me tremendously.

- Business Management

Outstanding session. I highly recommend Alexandra. She has a critical eye for identifying gaps in your research and prepares you effectively to address them.

- Business Management

Working with Alexandra has been a great. She really helps me stay focused and committed to producing my best work while supporting me and guiding me to improve in places I need more work.

- Academic Writing

If there is a guardian angel for academia, Alexandra is that angel!

- Marketing

I strongly recommend her, she clarified my mistakes in my dissertation.

- Dissertations

I have had Alexandra for 2 months and already I am improving my writing and understanding of my subject. She is very patient and is always happy to help me when I am stuck on anything including the smallest things. Furthermore, she gives me direction and notes on what I can do on my assignments to help improve them or read the information that could be useful and a little more direction as I have a learning difficulty. All I can say overall is that I wish I found her sooner!

- Marketing

Alexandra is great!

- Academic Writing

Always making sure that the students has reached the satisfaction of the work and provides every little helps needs

- Accounting

Experienced, engaging, and patient tutor. Alexandra is very thorough and takes careful measures in helping me grasp the concept of my assigned work. The lessons are very useful and I have learned so much in my classes. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in boosting their grades!

- Marketing

explained what I need to and areas I need to improve on which is helpful

- Academic Writing


Liu, Marketing Student BA 2020: Alexandra supported me throughout my studies with developing my dissertation thesis and research methodology. Incredibly knowledgeable and effective tutor.

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Higher Education Academy - Fellowship of HEA
Manchester Metropolitan University - Fellowship of HEA
Westminster Academy - Marketing Management Postgraduate
MSU - Economics and Finance Postgraduate
Istituto Marangoni - Fashion Business Undergraduate
Central Saint Martins - Foundation Art