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About Me

Hi, I'm Oliver.
I'm a 29 year old teacher, with a keen interest in travel and sports. I've been living in Spain, but have recently returned to the UK. In my spare time I like to cycle and especially enjoy playing Rugby.

Tutor Experience

For the last 9 years, I have been teaching online and in a bilingual top 50 school in Spain. There, I gained a wide range of experience in subjects and learning styles. My specialities were in Geography, History, English and Science. My methodology was largely technology based, using a range of online and software based programs to help further the learning of the students. I attained both a Google and Apple educator certificate and worked on developing an eco initiative for the school.

During COVID-19 I gained large levels of experience working through remote classrooms and delivering lessons and creating activities which gave all the usual classroom benefits in a virtual setting.

I have achieved over 12,000 hours of teaching experience, in recent years all my students have exceeded their predicted grades, with the significant majority gaining A/A*, or IB 7.

Topic Expertise

I have working knowledge of all UK curriculums, up to A level/IB, in the subjects I am able to deliver.
I also have deep knowledge of the Spanish curriculum, from Primaria up to Eso.

My speciality is Geography, with my degree being in Physical Geography. I have also covered some human geography units at university level, including some politics and economics. I would therefore be able to cover all IB/A Level geography units.

Having studied History at IB, I would be able to give GCSE level tuition, and IB/A Level in the following topics:
- Move to Global War (German and Italian expansionism (1933-1940))
- History of Europe
- League of Nations
- Peace and Cooperation
- The Cold War
- Spanish Civil War
- Origins and development of authoritarian and single-party states

I have also been teaching up to GCSE equivalent Science and Maths. I am also able to deliver Spanish tuition based on having lived and taught in Spain for 5 years.

Client Reviews

Very insightful lesson, everything was explained clearly. Oliver is an excellent teacher!!

- Geography

Excellent teacher

- Geography

Fantastic teacher. He really cares about his students and puts in a lot of effort into his lessons. I really love learning from him.

- Geography

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