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About Me

I am an experienced tutor and a fully qualified teacher of Science with QTS (and a Doctorate in Science!). I taught for two years in two local schools and mentored Honours' and Master's students during my PhD. I have been tutoring one-to-one throughout the University years and occasionally after the submission of my PhD thesis. I absolutely love tutoring as it enables me to put all of my time and energy into supporting my students, and tailor my teaching approach to suit their individual needs.

Tutor Experience

I am a fully qualified teacher of Science with experience of AQA and Edexcel exam boards.

I have been tutoring one-to-one throughout the University years and occasionally after the submission of my PhD thesis. I absolutely love tutoring as it enables me to put all of my time and energy into supporting my students, and tailor my teaching approach to suit their individual needs.

My online sessions are taught on Zoom and I can provide support via email between sessions. Also, I am available for marking work students may wish to complete between sessions.

My approach is tailored to identify and suit each student's learning needs. As a qualified teacher I know the common misconceptions that students usually have, I can teach students exam technique and strategies to help them decode the questions and answer them correctly.

Topic Expertise

I completed my PGCE in Secondary Science in 2019 (Chemistry as specialism) and am qualified to teach Biology, Chemistry and Physics at KS3, KS4 and KS5. Previous to this, I attained a 2:1 Honours' degree in Chemistry and a 1st Master's degree in Advanced Chemical Methodologies. In 2012, I applied and successfully started a PhD at the University of Liverpool in collaboration with two research institutes in Singapore, where I spent two years. The four years of PhD not only allowed me to build a strong scientific background while doing experimental and computational research in the area of bio-nanomaterials (which resulted in two publications on peer-reviewed journals: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/acs.langmuir.6b04383 and https://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/acs.bioconjchem.6b00587), but also to have a perspective on the current research panorama.

Client Reviews

Elena has been really helpful during the first session, helping me to understand the topics in greater depth!

- Chemistry

very good :)

- Chemistry

Very good, Elena is very nice and helpful :)

- Chemistry

Brilliant teaching, and I loved her in depth approach!

- Chemistry

My son was very happy with this and apart from finding the Italian accent difficult at times , felt as if the topic was explained well. Elena has been really helpful and efficient.

- Chemistry

Topics were not covered in depth

- Science

My first lesson - I really enjoyed being taught by Elena.

- Chemistry

amazing as usual :)

- Chemistry

Marvellous as ever

- Science

Warm and welcoming as always.

- Science


Good morning Elena, I hope you had a nice summer. I got a B in Coordinate Sciences on the IGCSE exams. - Ludovica CIE IGCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics

hi!! sorry for the late reply but i got an A in chemistry !!! thank you so much for helping me i couldnt have done it without you hehe :) im off to uni soon and i’m very excited ! - Megan Y12 and Y13 A-level Chemistry OCR A

Hi Elena ,Thanks for all your help. Luke was awarded a grade 8 in his chemistry exam. He was delighted and is very grateful for all your support. - Denise (Y11 IGCSE Edexcel Chemistry)

I just wanted to say 'thank you' for being such a great tutor - I really valued our classes - and I'm hoping to do them justice come results day!!! The hard work (combined with your guidance!) got me a B in Chemistry, and overall secured me a place at the University of Liverpool. Shaan (OCR B Y13 A-Level Chemistry)

Hello Elena, I have just gotten my IGCSE results and I am super happy with them: two A*s! Thank you again for your great classes, they helped me so much along the way! :)) - Laurine (Y11 CIE IGCSE)

My daughter is in year 12 and studying AQA chemistry. She found chemistry very challenging however after we met Elena through Spires I can confidently say my daughter’s confidence has grown and more importantly her understanding has greatly improved. She said to me ‘Mummy I wish I had Elena as my chemistry teacher’ . She’s patient and very flexible with her time too. - Sheila

Hi Elena, I would like to thank you for the great tuition you have given Evie. Science was her weakest subject and this was giving her great anxiety, which was also impacting her learning in other subjects as well. Thanks to your tuition Evie now feels comfortable with foundation Science, and it has given her time and confidence to work on other subjects as well. I am not sure if there is a process for stopping classes, but if there is can you please let us know. Once again we would like to offer you our heart felt gratitude and appreciation for all the help you have given Evie. - Tracie (Y10 and Y11 AQA GCSE) Hi Elena, just a short note to say Evie took foundational science and got the top 5/5 she could get. Looking at the grade value she got 23 over what she needed so could have potentially taken a higher paper, but she knew her own mind and I can not argue because it allowed her to get 8s and 7s in all other subjects. A massive thank you goes to you for helping Evie feel comfortable with Science and helping her achieve her great results.

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