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Dr. Ade

Plasma Physics and Nanofabrication PhD


I am an experienced Physics and Maths tutor with a knack for simplifying complex concepts and diving down rabbit holes of Physics!

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University of York - Plasma Physics and Nanofabrication - PhD

I am an experienced Physics and Maths tutor with a knack for simplifying complex concepts and diving down rabbit holes of Physics!

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About Me

It is cool to be smart, really cool!

I was born in South London, UK. I have a BSc in Physics (University of Bristol), an MSc in Plasma Physics (University of York) and a Ph.D in Plasma Physics & Nanofabrication (The Open University). I am currently working as a Fusion Scientist.

I have complemented my academic strengths by exceling within industry as a scientist, technologist and innovator, as well as teaching both academic and skills to children/young adults during my career as a tutor. My LinkedIn:

I have a passion for technology, teaching and inspiring others and have done so since the beginning of my Ph.D (2014). I worked as a Plasma Simulations expert and Senior Innovation Developer for a capital goods company in the Semiconductor Tech industry. My professional career as a scientist has given me the opportunity to collaborate with companies such as Samsung, LAM and Tokyo Electron. I have even travelled to South Korea/Japan to visit these companies and lecture them on processes within the industry. One of my goals is to inform the younger generation about how rewarding a career in STEM is.

I exercise and I cook food from my motherland (Nigeria) as I find it therapeutic. My other interests are in playing music (drums), travelling and gaming. If I could solve a technological issue right now, it would be the problem of Fusion. An unlimited power source would help preserve the environment, allow our societies to become closer and to focus on more extravagant projects like space travel.

Tutor Experience

I have accumulated over 11,000 hours of teaching since 2014 across Maths, Physics and Chemistry and other subjects such as Python Programming and Data Science.

I currently lecture Physics, Chemistry and Biology at the HND/HNC level to cohorts from various manufacturing/research/biotech companies such as NPL. I work with organizations such as CSR Scientific Training. I do extra work (for passion) as a teacher in two secondary schools in the Bristol area.

I began as a tutor for Talent Engaged Tuition (starting 2014), teaching A-level Maths and Physics across the various exam boards including IB in a one-on-one and class setting. I also taught Chemistry at GCSE and A-Level as a stand in for other tutors - eventually adding it to my regular teaching responsibilities. The classes included KS3, KS4 and GCSE science & maths. I am now training as a centre manager.

I furthered my experience by also working with Titanium Tutors (starting 2015), where I tutored and mentored private students who attended grammar/private schools and therefore required more bespoke approaches to learning.

I also worked with the Brilliant Club (the Scholar's program, starting 2017) where I gave lectures on Physics and research to mixed ability classes in London schools such as Cardinal Pole and The Russell School. These 2 month long lecture series' culminated in end of term essays which I then marked.

I also worked with Leading Lights Education (starting 2020) where I mentored alongside teaching Maths and Physics to vulnerable students during the onset of COVID-19.

My teaching style focuses on understanding the fundamentals, contextualizing the theory and applying it to a range of applications through problem solving technique.

Topic Expertise

Physics (AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC & IB) - GCSE to University
Mathematics (AQA, OCR, Edexcel & IB) - GCSE to A-Level
Chemistry (AQA, OCR, Edexcel) - GCSE to A-Level
Python Programming
Data Science and Modelling

Particular expertise is:
- Plasma Physics
- Fusion & Fission
- Complex Chemistry and Stoichiometry

I also have a great interest in Cosmology

Client Reviews

Paper 2 revision. I now understand the exercises that I found most difficult.

- Physics

We did Paper 2 revision. We went through a past paper and done the exercises I found most difficult which I now understand.

- Physics

Good and informative with difficult concepts

- Physics

Dr.Ade is really thorough with explaining and show steps fro working out a question

- Physics

Goes into really good detail when explaining topics and is very thorough when answering exam-style questions. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs extra support with physics

- Physics

Kimberly finds Ade's classes super helpful and finds she can apply them to her learning.

- Physics


Ade thank you so very much. Francesco seems ok for now but you were fantastic help for him catching up . If we need more help we will certainly call you.

Claudine, Maths Cambridge IGSCE, Italy

You will struggle to find a tutor more passionate, caring and devoted to his students' success than Dr. Ayilaran. He continuously goes the extra mile and does a fantastic job of sharing his knowledge in an accessible way.

Fabio Virgi, Centre Manager of Talent Engaged Tuition, London

Ade taught my son Physics from year 9 all the way to the end of his GCSEs. He came out with straight 9s. Ade also mentored my son and helped us to successfully apply for Dulwich College. The level of passion and concern that Ade had throughout was exceptional and I would always recommend him for tuition and mentoring.

Jane Wu, Knightsbridge London

Ade tutored me during my A-Levels; he helped me with Maths and Further Maths. Ade is a very good tutor: he taught in a kind, easy and understandable way and he took the time to properly go over certain topics I was struggling with. Ade would also, at times, prepare extra questions and go over them too which I found to be very useful.

Christina, North Bristol

Ade was tutoring me during my A-level years of study and he was an amazing tutor. He helped me with maths and further maths. He broke down all the core topics to me and taught me in a way where I would understand it better. He was always organised with all his teaching equipment and would often send me questions to do and if I needed any help with him, he would always respond back within a matter of seconds. I received all A's at the end of my A-levels thanks to Ade.

Marvellous, South Wales

Ade provides an excellent tutoring service . Ade in particular really takes his time to build a really good relationship with his students. He helped my younger brother who was studying towards his A-Level maths get an A. This helped him get into one of the best universities in the country. I would highly recommend him as a tutor. You will not be disappointed.

Yaa Asare, South London

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BSc Physics - University of Bristol
MSc Plasma Physics & Fusion Energy - University of York
Ph.D Plasma Physics & Nanofabrication - The Open University