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The University of Manchester - Physics - 1st Class with Honours

Physics graduate from the University of Manchester with a study abroad at UC Berkley. Currently pursuing a Doctorate in Climate Science and I tutor maths, physics and programming.

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About Me

I am currently working on my PhD in Climate Science and tutor online in maths, physics and computer science (programming). I have lived and worked abroad in a few countries and even managed to pick up a few languages which has become a hobby of mine. I did my undergraduate and masters degree at the University of Manchester, and spent a year abroad at the University of California, Berkeley.

Tutor Experience

My classes as a tutor can vary depending on the student that I am teaching. I am able to work out the potential of a student quite quickly and pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. Doing so enables me to focus more time on the weaknesses in class, and set suitable homework to test their strengths, maximising useful time spent in the lesson. For longer assignments I can also incorporate the role as a mentor for the student; giving guidance about career paths and future goals, playing sports together and planning other activities together. My interests vary quite a lot and this enables me to relate a lot of ‘real life scenarios’ into my classes, relating them to topics in the mathematics and science syllabus taught in schools. I have given classes of different subjects to students of various abilities and ages, however I feel that the one-to-one sessions are more personal and beneficial for students. Something I am able to teach other than the material in the syllabus is how to learn effectively and manage one’s time accordingly and increase productivity. This is especially useful when approaching times of examinations.

Topic Expertise

I teach to a very high level (A-Level/IB or Uni for some modules): Mathematics, Physics and Computing/Programming.
I can also teach (up to GCSE): Chemistry, Spanish and Portuguese.
I have previous residential tutoring experience, often incorporating the role as a mentor.

General techniques for interview preparation for the natural sciences subjects, admission test preparation. Also available to help with University modules in mathematics, physics and programming / coding related projects. Able to help with Python, MATLAB, C++, etc.

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MPhys, 1st Class with Honours (Masters degree in Physics), The University of Manchester

A-Level Mathamatics - A*
A-Level Further Maths - A*
A-Level Physics - A*
A-Level Chemistry - A


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