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I currently teach for an international school in Panama City, Panama while living in North Carolina. I have also lived in Hull, UK during a semester I spent at the University of Hull as well as living for two years in Chengdu, China. I love traveling, food, coffee, and being outside.

Tutor Experience

I have taught AP subjects online for Five Years and IB subjects for Three. My college concentration was Cold War relations between the US and USSR. In the IB History course I rotate through different World History topics, and I am currently teaching Authoritarian States, Emergence and Development of Democratic States, and the Road to Global War. I have taught both History of the Americas and History of South East Asia for Paper Three. Having taught AP US and World History, I have a lot of experience with using documents for any of the Paper One Topics. I have experience with one on one instruction and am passionate about finding ways to make information make sense to individual students.
I have experience teaching Psychology for the Advanced Placement and am comfortable tutoring most of the studies covered in the IB as I have advised students through the examine session. In Economics, I have taught Micro and Macro Economics in US schools in addition to teaching the IB curriculum for both the M2021 session and the new curriculum.
I have experience teaching SAT Preparatory classes, particularly with a focus on the verbal sections and have helped design. online ACT preparation courses.

Topic Expertise

I have 16 years of experience teaching humanities, five years teaching Advanced Placement courses, including serving as a reader, and three years teaching the IBDP curriculum for Economics, History, and TOK. I am an avid researcher and writer and have presented papers at professional conferences. As a Master's Student, I am constantly working through the writing process and am familiar with both APA and MLA. citation style guidelines. I am also a member of Phi Alpha Theta, the history honors society.


In the middle of the school year, one of our teachers resigned unexpectedly. Mr. McSween was given an extra duty of teaching one of the classes. My daughter (aged 15) is always telling me how impressed she is by Mr. McSween. He inherited a mess; however, within a week, he had reorganized the class, started teaching real content and had added an element of creative, higher learning as well. Within three weeks, my daughter once again says that history is her favorite subject. She enjoys the fact that Mr. McSween doesn’t just focus on the facts of history. Instead, he asks students to see the whys and to make connections to current events. History becomes relevant.

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IB History Certification Spring 2018
IB Economics Certification Spring 2018
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IB Extended Essay Advisor
Advanced Placement Psychology Certification Summer 2015
Advanced Placement World History Certification Summer 2012
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